Friday, 18 October 2019

Trans "Rights": The Male Takeover of the Female Space.

Right, I think it's time I addressed this timebomb of an issue. Lets see what sort of a hornets nest is going to be generated by this.

Back when I was heavily involved in the fetish scene (going to clubs etc.) something struck me about the male-to-female spectrum.

They always kept a male mindset whilst attempting to be female. Even the most convincing (as the personal ads always say) of cd or trans people always have that male "tell".

I'm talking not only about cross-dressers, but also full on trans people who have gone through a full transition including hormones.

In the case of the CD/trans submissives, the "tell" would be a not very submissive attitude. An example would be a very insistent attitude "dominate me now!" or "why won't you dominate me, I'm very convincing as a female?" which kind of mirrors the attitude we are seeing now in the wider Trans community.

Except now the cries are "Why can't I compete against women?" or "why won't you treat me exactly like a woman?" or "Why can't I be a woman even when I have a beard and/or a penis?".

From the trans side, all very legitimate requests, but they fail to consider the genetic female side of the argument. The trans side immediately becomes defensive and aggressive when you even try and bring up the question of what happens to the genetic females.

The "Trans Rights" movement has taken the very aggressive (and typically male) standpoint that it's their right to be treated exactly the same as genetic females, exactly as if they had been born female to start with. Which of course is not the case. Being born male confers with it some "issues" that the Trans community cannot merely sweep aside with ideology.

Ignoring the mere cosmetic differences like genitalia and the like, being born male gifts the owner of the male body a hormonal package that brings with it a different body structure.

It can be said that some women can end up with male-like physiques and can perform at a male level in sports, for instance the Williams Sisters and Semenya Caster. But they are the top 1% of females, and more likely in the top fraction of a percent. Of all the women competing in any sport, can you name any other women apart from those three that have male-like physiques? So that's three women, out of the thousands that compete in sports that have male-type physiques. That is the beacon that says they are not the average female competitor. They are at the extreme end of the female physique and it's quite easy for a male to look at that physique and think that that is the norm. After all, that's their life experience: most blokes are like that aren't they? Yes they are, but most women aren't.

And that "most" qualifier is where the contention appears in the question of trans females competing against "Cis" or genetic females.

An average male or previously male competitor has a performance advantage over an average female competitor, because most males have a performance advantage over most females. It's not a social thing, it's a physical thing. It cannot be erased by ideology.

The big question now is how the sporting organisations address the issue.

But the sporting community isn't the only contentious issue with trans rights. There's also the bathroom issue.

In the wider community, my personal opinion is that as long as trans "rights" don't impinge on the female experience, then fair play. But, when it comes to swinging dicks in the female bathroom or changing room, then that's not a right, it's more of a creepy sexual assault. Don't forget in your Trans Rights zealousness that females also have a right not to have a penis present in an exclusively female space. Or are you as a trans rights activist doing that typical male thing of ignoring female rights?

The typical female approach to the issue would be to come up with a compromise, for instance allowing those that have fully transitioned to entre the female space.

You want the right to freely enter a female bathroom or changing room? Then fully transition to a female. Then you have some sort of claim to use female facilities. That would be the common sense solution to the issue and probably one that most women would agree to.

But no, the extreme trans rights activists say that a bloke can be Bill one day and Brenda the next, without doing anything physical. Well, tough, you want rights, you have to work for it: nothing in this life is free, everyone (except it seems the trans rights movement) knows that. Go through transition and then get your rights as a female. Just don't try and compete with them in sports.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Without a Hint of Irony....

The SNP in Parliament yesterday tabled an urgent question asking members to condemn the jailing of the Catalan politicians who held an illegal (in Spanish law) referendum and tried to abide by the democratic result.

The same SNP who went to court and continue to fight in Parliament against the democratic result of a legal referendum in the UK.

Now what words would you use to describe such an action? Irony probably isn't correct. Hypocrisy maybe?