Friday, 22 July 2011

Banking Boiler Fit to Burst?

So the Eurozone leaders have decided on shovelling yet more money onto the fire within the banking boiler.

Common sense says the best option would be for Greece and all the other bankrupt Euro countries to drop-out, default and devalue. Instead yet more money is being thrown at the problem, a typical unimaginative middle-management response to the situation. Nothing radical that would damage the political project that is the Euro, nothing that would indicate a modicum of common sense leadership.

More money is thrown on the fire, never to be seen again. I said years ago that the global economy is highly overvalued and should never have been allowed to inflate to the extent it has. A slow, controlled deflation is the only option , not the constant stoking of the inflationary fire that continues to ravage our economies.

Ah well, it seems people never learn and our leaders will continue to show their stupidity and throw our hard earned cash at the people who pissed it up the wall in the first place.

I'd say bring the popcorn, take a seat and watch the show, except its hurting me and you while its being played out. This show is interactive: and its hurting everyone.

Does anything NOT give you cancer?

With monotonous regularity the medical scientific world spews up some report or other that says that some foodstuff or lifestyle infinitesimally increases the risk of contracting cancer.

But now we're plumbing news depths: being tall increases your risk of cancer.

We're now getting to the stage that soon we'll be told just being alive increases your risk of cancer; which it does, because dead people don't contract cancer, you need live cells to do the mutation and uncontrolled reproduction.

So, the only sure way to beat cancer is die before you get it. Anything else is just being dealt the shitty end of life's long stick. The best way of beating it is living your life to the full and not listening to the scaremongering busybodies  who would have us live our lives wrapped in cotton wool. Then if you do get dealt a dodgy hand from life's deck of cards, you can at least say you had a bloody good time and didn't waste your time on earth.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A New Trend.... Censorship

I'm usually good at spotting trends. When you hear the same or similar language being spoken from different but related spheres, you can get a feeling that a trend is being formed.

So for instance take my last post about David Cameron saying his inquiry into illegal activity will be widened to include social networking as well as traditional media, the huge effort put into discrediting Rupert Murdoch (a credible alternative information source) then add in the line the BBC are taking as reported by Autonomous Mind.

The future trend seems to indicate the government is planning to control the flow of information in future. Be it news, science, politics or whatever, there will be more control and interference. No alternatives will be tolerated of whatever kind. We're moving from an era of  passive information gathering, to an era of more active and controlled provision of information. We've been moving this way within the atmosphere created by terrorism and our armed interventions for some time. Now those with the master plan feel bold enough to outline their plans in public, albeit in alternative vocabulary. But the words are there, in plain sight if you see them.

Its quite plain that we are not far short moving into an era of outright propaganda. Everything you see and hear will be monitored, sanitised and packaged in order to promote the agenda of those in charge. You will not be permitted to hear alternative views.

Some of the Hack-gate End Game Revealed

David Cameron said today the the public enquiry will be widened to include broadcasters and social media to see if they engaged in illegal activity.

Anyone want to bet that this will be used as a back door way to censor blogs, twitter leaks and other internet based political activity?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Just a thought on The Murdoch Issue....

I just had a thought: Rupert Murdoch's fortunes seem to have nosedived since he started nosing around F1.