Sunday, 18 March 2012

Formula 1 Fans Comprehensively Shit on By the BBC.

As a fan of formula 1, I was concerned by the BBC selling off half its coverage to Sky. However, after the excellent coverage last season, I reserved judgement.

But today has really shown how much the BBC management have cut what was one of their flagship sporting events. All I can say is the coverage is now shit.

All I can say is the BBC had better reap some bloody good rewards for the move to the regions. I'd hate to think that the recent reduction in coverage and programming quality alongside the loss of some famous staff members (not only in F1 but elsewhere) is at the expense of some dogmatic socio-political decision  to try and create jobs in the regions.


Seems that the BBC may be going anti-car. Looks like Top Gear has had a budget haircut too, seeing as the current series has already lapsed into episodes reviewing the last series, after only a handful of new episodes.

If I wanted to watch Top Gear repeats BBC, I'd go and watch Dave.