Monday, 11 July 2016

Leadsom out, May to be Coronated: Political Elite Coup Progresses

The Political Elite really were shocked about the Brexit vote. So scared are they at having lost the war, they are now in the process of fixing the peace.

Straight away the Conservative side caved and David Cameron resigned, having let his chums who hold the real power down by losing the referendum.

Boris was knifed so that a capable and principled politician wouldn't be able to manage the article 50 negotiations.

Now Leadsom has been put under extreme pressure from the media and personally to allow a Coronation of Theresa May, a Remainer with a pretty shit track record in office doing anything, but a pretty good record of covering her arse and making distracting speeches..

On the Labour side, as the Brexit vote came in, the shadow cabinet must have been told by the same people pulling the strings on the Tory side to stick the knife into Jeremy Corbyn. So they all resigned in an attempt to topple him from power.

Now, I don't like Jeremy Corbyn, I think he's a Trot and a Far-Left leftie of the worst kind, the kind that couldn't organise a student piss up of any merit back when they were young and now would fuck up royally while in office. But I respect he was voted into office by Labour Party members.

Also, I've started to see where he's coming from in attempting to stand firm against the Elite. It's the first time I've seen it in a very long time and it's shown the political coup for what it is: an attempt to take over and usurp the democratic will of the British people.

Even Nigel Farage, possibly the only person with the profile to keep Brexit negotiations honest and on-track to deliver the will of the people has resigned, which seems to be a measure of the pressure being put on political parties and their leaders by their big financial backers, the Elite.

Never before has this happened in British politics, it's unprecedented that so many leaders of so many parties have resigned at the same time, whilst at the same time those that champion the people and put the public first are plotted against.

Yet nothing is said by the media. Which is strange given that it's a BIG story. So, why would they not want you to notice this? Because if you did take notice, like you did with mass immigration forcing labour costs down, you might demand change.

With the biggest political drivers for change out of the picture, what exactly do you think is going to happen?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Question for All UK Police and Armed Forces.

I've said before I see trends others don't see. I see a trend now evolving in the Political classes and I don't like it. I see moves afoot to deny the will of the 17 million people that voted to exit the EU. You can square it any way you like: "the majority of the population didn't vote for Brexit", "People voted Brexit but won't now", "We don't need/want to leave at the moment", "It's not legal to exit unless Parliament vote on  it", or any one of the other excuses.

This is a question to all of those serving in the Police and Armed Forces:

Would you be prepared to disobey your senior ranks to support the democratic will of the people, or will you side with the Politicians and the Bureaucrats against the population?

I ask, because I see the democratic will of the people being undermined by the political class. I see movements being made in grand theatre, to disobey the will of the people.

Under those circumstances, the people will be forced to have their say in a most physical way. Now what would our soldiers and Police do under those circumstances? In the event of mass protest, of deliberate disobedience, would our forces enforce the will of the political class, or will they have the moral conscience to stand aside and support the public?

When the Berlin Wall came down, the Police eventually conceded that the majority of the population wanted democratic freedom and stood aside. The Armed forces did the same, mainly because the majority of them felt the same as the people protesting.

Before it gets to that stage, think about it deeply, search your conscience and decide now. Because when things begin to move, you might not have the time to think deeply and understand what is at stake.