Friday, 7 February 2020

The Absolute Contempt of The Political Elite.

The contempt of the Political Elite knows no bounds. Here in the UK we had 3 years of the elites trying to overturn the referendum result to leave the EU. Three years in which they used Parliament in league with the speaker of the house John Bercow to try and reverse the Brexit vote.

After seemingly siding with the voting population and enabling article 50. It's almost as if they knew a general election was coming up later in 2017.

However, after enabling article 50 and then saying they would honour the referendum result in the election of 2017, we had attempt after attempt to try and get a second referendum, they tied Parliament up in knots refusing any legislation to leave the EU. Some MPs changed sides or created new parties and basically shat on the voters that put then into Westminster.

We even had non-politicians involving themselves in the political process. Gina Miller used the courts to give MPs a say in the process, which spectacularly backfired on her. She was also involved in the case to prevent the proroguing of Parliament. For 5 extra days. Having won that case, Parliament sat for that extra week and used the time to do sweet F.A. Well worth taxpayers money to defend in court and pay the attendance money to the MPS and Lords.

Parliament for two years was a shambles, brought about by the political elite in the UK refusing to accept the decision of the people. MPs thought they knew better, they thought the people had made the wrong choice.


Of course 2016 had another bombshell popular vote. The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the USA.

And again, the political elites on both sides of the political spectrum in the US were appalled. How could a non-politician be voted into such a position?

Again they thought the people had made the wrong decision. Again they were against the people. Again, they plotted (and continue to plot) to overturn the vote by the people.

Ostensibly led by the Democrats, but not really opposed by the Republican side, there was the initial "Russiagate" investigation. Which came to nothing.

Then when "Russiagate" petered out and no wrongdoing could be found, the Democrats started the impeachment process, with no evidence whatsoever. It was doomed to fail, but  hey, it was worth the Political Suicide of the Democrats. Now the people have seen what desperate measures the political elite will go to in order to overturn popular public decisions. Will the public vote for those politicians in enough numbers next time?

In the UK, ALL the turncoats that changed party or created new parties and shat on their voters in the 2017 election were removed from office. In some cases so badly they lost their deposits. The most famous being Jo Swinson, the Lib-Dem party leader who was very public in saying her party would just ignore the 2016 referendum and just continue to stay in the EU. Wrong move as it turned out.

In the USA, if I was a democrat politician that had been very vocal in trying to overturn the publicly elected President, I would be having sleepless nights. The people might have something to say about your conduct and your attitude to democracy.

Finally the real indicator of the Snooty, stuck-up, condescending attitude of the Political elite was highlighted by Nancy Pelosi's tearing up of Donald Trump's State of the Union speech. A stunt she had planned in advance.

This is a President democratically elected by the people. By tearing up the speech she highlighted her contempt for the democratically elected leader of the US and the office of President. She doesn't care, she just disagrees with the people's choice and nothing else matters. She thinks the people are wrong and she will do everything she can to overturn their decision.

She showed her contempt for the President and the contents of his speech including the praising of those who put their lives on the line in the name of duty, she showed her contempt for the numbers of new jobs created by the President's policies.

She showed her contempt for everything the President stands for and the people that voted for him.

Just like with Brexit, it is not for her, or her fellow politicians to say whether the people of the USA were wrong to vote for Trump or not. It is her job to accept the democratic will of the people and get on with her job. Without contempt or prejudice.

So, 2020 will be interesting. Will the Democrats now accept the will of the people and accept the President is here at least until the next election? Will they try and pull another stunt to remove him from office? Will (as the conspiracy theorists theorise) Donald Trump be assassinated?

Anything is possible in the next 12 months.