Monday, 9 December 2013

What's Up With Education.

There was a bit of a debate on education last week and why the UK has slipped down the global table.

Its easy to see the reason: decades of Political dogma have hamstrung the education system to virtual paralysis. Teachers are not allowed to teach with any element of flair. As with all walks of life these days there is too much control and measuring and not enough actual doing of the task. In this case education. The same malaise has stricken the NHS where meeting targets is promoted above actual results.

Kids are taught to pass tests and not educated. There is a difference.

Teachers are supposed to teach all kids across the spectum, regardless of their ability.

Schools are required to take all comers, regardless of ability, regardless of disruptive behaviour, basically without any regard to the job in hand.

Education needs to get back to basics and an element of common sense needs to be involved.

First off, what was the problem with streaming? Some people may have a hang-up about failing the 11-plus but I never did. I still got to run my own company and work as a highly-paid contractor and manager without the supposed privilege of Grammar School. Sure the Secondary Modern I went to was grossly underfunded, but I was still educated by a highly motivated team of teachers. I maintain to this day that primary school was the biggest influence on whether I succeeded or not.

Teachers need to be motivated. They need to be in their comfort zones in order to teach enthusiastically and its the enthusiasm that rubs off on kids.

So scrap this one-size-fits -all dogma. Lets bring back streaming. Lets have the bright kids taught by teachers that enjoy teaching bright kids. Those that thrive and enjoy the challenging kids should stay in their comfort zones too. Why not have specialists? Or is the word Special-ist too elite-ist for the lefties?

Its time the dogma was put down. Education should be above all of that.