Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Continuing Rape of the Poor

It has to be said: the continuing pouring of money into the busted banking system is nothing more than the transfer of wealth from the world's poorest to the world's richest.

The muttering about restarting quantative easing (printing money or that evil of the eighties; increasing the money supply) is really a discussion about pillaging the savings and pensions of the previous working generation and the savings of the current generation.

We are paying through the nose for our generation's massive fiscal mismanagement and our children and grandchildren will be paying for this generation's largesse for decades to come.


Science on the Brink of Shattering News.

It could be possible that the speed of light isn't the absolute limit defined by Einstein.

Scientists at CERN have detected neutrinos apparently moving faster than the speed of light. If their observations are correct, it would shatter current scientific theory.

Of course the observations could be incorrect, but if they are, it would open up a whole new line of theoretical science. For instance, how do the neutrinos travel so fast? Do they travel in a different dimension?

My pet theory is that there's a level of this universe that has yet to be discovered. The universe we know about currently is still full of stuff. Its possible the neutrinos pass through a layer of space (lets call it sub-space) where they can travel unhindered by other matter and therefore can travel faster than light.

However other research in Japan shows that neutrinos travelling between two points change between three types (electron, muon and tau) which could be a result of their travelling between our space and the space they travel faster than light in. Or could be an indicator of their travelling/switching between universes. Who knows, but if the observations are proven, we are set to see an interesting new area of research open up.

What does this mean? Well firstly, this shattering of one of the biggest theories in science shows science is not absolute or "settled": we are continuing to learn and discover new and wonderful things.

Second and more importantly are the practical applications. Forget the fantasists and their time machine rants. If neutrinos could be generated in a way that modulates their production from an electronic signal and a detector could be made to receive that modulated neutrino stream, then we would have a new electronic transmission medium. One that would be able to travel through the earth unimpeded as well as space and would be virtually instantaneous over very long distances. The applications for instantaneous long distance comms are immense. For instance controlling unmanned planetary probes in real-time from Earth without the need for a crew thanks to instantaneous transmission and receipt of signals.

Anyway, it could just be an observational error.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Martin McGuinness a Cert for President?

There's a sense of incredulity in the mainstream media that a self-confessed ex-terrorist would contemplate running for president of a country.

However, I seem to be the only person that thinks he's got more than an even chance of winning.

Currently in the Republic of Ireland there's a pretty strong anti-EU (and to be honest a wider anti-Europe) sentiment. The people of Ireland have come to realise that their politicians are themselves ruled by the unelected elite of the EU commission. Watching scores of beaurocrats stroll into their parliament and dictate terms has stuck in the Irish conciousness.

So, enter stage left a politician that has form successfully fighting against foreign power, even to the point of using violent force. In my eyes he's a cert to win.

The only issue I have win Martin McGuinness is that the years he's already had at the political trough may mean he's already seduced by the largesse of the political arena. He may just fall into line rather than fight.

Only time will tell, but even voting him into power may be the shock the eurocrats need. If Ireland is capable of voting an ex-terrorist into high office as a sign of defiance, there's really no limit to what other shocks they could produce politically.