Friday, 27 September 2013

AR5: More Patent Propaganda

The AR5 climate report has (sort of) been released. Well the report's conclusions have been released and spread far and wide, but as with anything related to the climate change agenda, the detail will be late coming to the table.

Despite the alarmist propaganda on the news this evening, the UKs weather has not suddenly turned extreme: I'm old enough to remember when it snowed and stayed snowy and cold for weeks. Every winter.

I remember when it rained solid for days and days, I remember winds that brought down brick-built factories.

I'm only 51 and all the above have happened in my lifetime; can the collective memory of the country be so completely erased or manipulated as to think that this wasn't the norm? I guess if the news tells the population its extreme weather they'll believe it.

Earlier this week it was reported that glaciers were melting more rapidly not because of increased CO2, but because of soot from fires making the snow less than white and less able to reflect heat, causing increased melting. Now that to me is a more simple and straightforward mechanism than the fallacy that is the greenhouse effect.

CO2 is a miniscule gas, in miniscule amounts, being a gas, its "weight" in the natural world is negligible, having very little energy in itself and causing very little effect. Water vapour has more weight and has a more drastic effect on climate both local and global. Spray a mist of water over yourself on a sunny day and instantly realise the cooling effect. In the atmosphere water vapour has several times more ability to affect climate than a gas.

Climate is self regulating: Stand on a beach on a sunny day and watch the water vapour rise from the sea. The same thing happens on a global scale, the oceans when heated release billions of tonnes of water vapour into the atmosphere and begin to cool the atmosphere down again. It works, and its far more potent than CO2.

I'm convinced that global warming, climate change or whatever its called this year is a global con hatched by the elite, the king-makers, those that control those in power in order to what they consider "re-balance" the global economy. Way back when they had all the power and the money and we were just serfs. Two world wars wiped out the labour market and just like the black death before it became an equalising force. Serfs could demand more from their masters and the masters had to cough up.

Now we have a global cash-cow with everyone being milked for money: corporations forced to buy carbon credits from brokers who are literally making money from thin air. Its THE most glorious scam ever. Don't buy into it.