Thursday, 20 September 2018

Jack's Shit - Quelle Suprise

All over  the news the other day are the reports that Tesco is entering the bargain supermarket sector to compete with the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Great, I don't have a problem with that, the more the merrier in the sector because I bloody love Aldi and Lidl. Their food is good (as long as you pick the right things) in the main and the special buys can sometimes bring useful bargains. I equipped my boat with a decent Fire Extinguisher and a Fire blanket at a fraction of the price I'd have paid at a chandlers.

So yeah, I love the discounters.

Where I have issue with the Tesco approach is well, the approach.

With Aldi and Lidl, they have got their act together and when you visit those establishmants you don't get a cut-price feel. The tills are smart and modern, as is the shelving. The products on display do not have a cut-price look to them. The whole experience exudes quality.

Cue Tesco: My first gripe is the logo: it looks like some cheap effort from the 70's to rival KwikSave or SuperSavers. Bloody appalling and unappealing.

Remember Tesco "smart-price"? Yep, the instantly recognisable logo that marked you out as a cheapskate or on benefits. Hence it died a death.

The same applies to Jack's. Everything is in the same bloody dreary chalky red and blue. Maybe it'll appeal to someone with OCD but the appeal of the German discounters is that there looks to be variety on the shelf just like the big boys. You don't feel like you should be wearing a denim boiler suit in some chalk-blue Gaol walking through rows and rows of Jack's products.

The cleverness of the Germans is to not plaster the store with their own logos, but to invent brands and packaging that look like the premium product, but are just different enough to satisfy the lawyers. Just look at the biscuits for instance. Brilliant and clever, because it does not condemn the customer to rows of cut-price misery, but instead instills that air of variety.

Even the walls in Jack's are painted in the low-rent magnolia that anyone that rents a house will instantly recognise. Bloody depressing. As opposed to the clean, modern whites and greys in Lidl, or the modern brown/grey tones in Aldi.

The modern, uplifting  shopping experience in Aldi and Lidl could not be further from the monotonous, mediocre misery of Jack's.

My prediction is that Jack's will die a death just like Smart Price and all those other ideas that mark you out as a cheapskate.

Until the big boys recognise the essential appeal of the German discounters they will be doomed to fail on the cut-price sector. We want cut prices, but don't want to feel bad about it or be punished for it.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Common Purpose in the USA.

It seems that the Marxist Common Purpose organisation that influences large numbers of people in authority across the UK has made it across the pond to America.

Just idly Googling I see the Common Purpose Project was started under the Obama administration. At first you may think it has nothing to do with the insideous UK Common Purpose Marxist organisation, until you see that Julia Middleton (The founder of Common Purpose in the UK) has been to the USA and spoken to the American Common Purpose Project about "Authentic Leadership" whatever that is.

I suspect it's more of the "leading beyond Authority" bullshit that UK CP espouses.

If I was an American, I would be looking very closely at the CPP organisation. The issues that it causes over in the Uk are many-fold and I would hate for the upper echelons of American organisations to fall under it's influence.

In the UK we have Police enforcing diversity rather than tackle the problems caused by it. It's as if they turn a blind eye to the problems caused by it. They concentrate on hurty words on the internet rather than crimes that cause actual hurt like stabbings. It's ludicrous, but that's Common Purpose Mantra for you.

The UK Military are so under the thrall of it that they consider equality before actually doing the stuff they should be like fighting. We now have advertisements on TV showing an Army patrol stopping top allow a Muslim member of their group time to pray..... it's all about diversity and inclusivity rather than the job that particular organisation was supposed to do.

"Leading beyond Authority" describes this. Bollocks to the job you were employed to do, lead beyond authority and make sure your organisation is diverse, caring, enriching and inclusive rather than do the job you are paid to do.

A true leader would not be swayed by thes organisation. Only those who are not leaders and want to be a part of the herd and subscribe to the groupthink would come to the fore under the Commmon Purpose regime. And we see it time and time again where useless, spineless unleaders fuck up and carry on unhindered. There's always some excuse, like health & safety, diversity, equality,

This is a warning for people in the USA. In the UK we already have Common Purpose drones in place across senior positions in media, politics, industry, commerce, security services, emergency services and the military. For us it's probably too late to root out these people and end the influence of common purpose. Anyone that tries would have the full force of the elite and their drones aimed at discrediting them.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Misappropriation of Police Time

This report on the BBC News Website made me roll my eyes in a WTF! sort of way.

Some kids (as kids do) decided it was a good idea to put a moped wheel against a playground roundabout and then sit on the roundabout as the moped drove it ever faster.

Yes, the old "make the roundabout go faster until I throw up" idea, as kids tend to request, time and time again. This time with a bit on engineuity thrown in. (Love the Pun).

But, of course some kid decided that he would sit with his head to the outside. Even at eleven I knew that centrifugal force would throw the blood to my head and it would be a bad idea. Sitting in the middle, being spun really fast and getting dizzy was always the best and safest bet.

But no, small kid willingly sits on roundabout, gets spun really fast and ends up unconcious with swollen eyes.

So now the Police get involved, smelling some sort of prosecution, for the sake of prosecuting. I mean, the kid went on the roundabout volutarily so no assault, the moped rider wasn't breaking any traffic laws...

But no, the Police get involved, using up all that precious and scarce (as they keep telling us) budget.

In the report we have a Chief Inspector commenting on the case... it's gone all the way up to Chief Inspector level.... some kids fucking about with a scooter! I'd like to know how it got up to that sort of salary level and how much time he spent on the case...

He said the kid was "recovering well under the circumstances".....yes, as kids do normally.

He also said the kids involved had been the target of trolls who had sent abusive messages online. Aha! I assume this is why plod really got involved: cyber-crime!

But really, a bunch of dickheads that pull a stupid stunt deserve to be called dickheads... to their face or online, it doesn't matter.