Thursday, 25 November 2021

America Use Strategic Fuel Reserves.

Following on from the post about China, I see the US is now dipping into it's strategic fuel reserves in order to lower the price of fuel at the pumps. Reserves that are held for contingencies like war or disasters.

If I was a betting man, I'd put money on China invading Taiwan in the next 28 days. 

Because by using strategic reserves, the US limits its ability to wage war. Maybe by a small amount, but an amount that could be crucial is a shooting war. After all, ships need oil to get to Taiwan, planes need fuel to fly, tanks need fuel to fight....

Curtail that ability by any amount and your adversary will see it as a weakness. 

Weakening an already weak American military thanks to wokeism, vaccine mandates, military malfeasance and general political interference is not a good idea just as your primary adversary gains strategic parity. Plus Christmas and New Year are the ideal times to attack while the USA military stands down for the holidays and lets servicemen away on leave. 

I assume that Mark Milley will be on the phone to China letting them know that " this really, in no substantial way affects our ability to wage war, so don't you guys go invading Taiwan now y'hear?". Of course giving the exact opposite message to the Chinese.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

America: Second Rate Military Power?

 I have been watching with increasing alarm the rise of China's military power. 

From buying arms from Russia, to making copies of Russian arms, to now surpassing Russia and taking on the might of America, given China's record of use of indiscriminate force, it is very concerning.

From not being a threat a decade ago, China has now become the de facto adversary to American forces. They are the military power America needs to beat.

China now have the weapons like stealth aircraft and hypersonic missiles. Now given the quality of Chinese industry, they may not be up to the standards of American arms, but China have the ability to project force in numbers and depth, such that they would very quickly overwhelm Western Forces if it ever came to it.

But the rise of China was entirely predictable given that the whole of the Western World is giving them funds by way of moving their manufacturing bases there. 

What do you thing would happen when massive amounts of global funds are being diverted to a totalitarian regime? And who thought it was a good idea? 

The elites of the world, that's who. The people that make billions from global trade and handily have a nuclear bunker under their mansion. Talk about hedging your bets.

The rest of us are no better, suckered into low price consumer goods bought by low wages so that the elites that employ us shuffling the meagre money round western retail-based economies can keep a semblance of normality, structure and control.

The real money is going East. Either to Russia and the Middle east for energy, or the Far East for consumer goods.

The West is being drained monetarily and you can see that the established institutions, the elite are being propped up by fake money. Money that is made out of thin air and printed. Quite apt considering the "Climate Crisis" is just another way to make money for the Elites out of thin air. 

The West is quite literally a house of sand. Fake money propping up fake industries based on fake science.

Whereas the East is receiving hard currency and building it's economy and military power on firm foundations. 

Despite the West's ingenuity, the East and especially China have spent their way to military equality, because they can afford to. The West's reliance on technology as "Force Multipliers" can only go so far. Eventually the reduction in force projection weakens the amount of force. An adversary that can overwhelm a Force Multiplier only has to overwhelm a smaller number of targets to achieve their objective. We are now at that point with regard to America and China. China have sufficient numbers with sufficient quality to pose a real threat to American forces if it came to a shooting war. 

The only arm of the military where China really lags behind is with submarines. But again with China's espionage efforts and their ability to spend hard currency, it will be less than a decade before they equal American submarines in both capability and quality. 

Trump and Steve Bannon had it partially right: America are not in a war with China, but in a race. Just as with the Space race with Russia, America is in a military an economic race with China. America and the West in General need to understand that they need to claw back some of that currency flowing East. You can't keep printing money. Eventually the house of sand will crumbles and China will become the dominant power.

Of course the elites don't care, they're insulated from the vagaries of the world. They'll just continue to buy influence with whoever is at the top of the tree power-wise.

Don't get me started about the infiltration of Elite Educational and Research institutions by the Chinese, buying information.  They know exactly who to influence and how in order to obtain information useful to their military and industrial complex.

Not only that, but the immense industrial espionage effort by the Chinese to illicitly obtain industrial secrets is something that needs to be stamped out as well. Not just the infiltration of internet-connected computers that is reported on a regular basis, but also the human intelligence. Buying information from workers only to happy to top up their relatively meagre earnings but there's the question of Chinese nationals being employed in high-tech companies after studying at American universities, learning as much as they can about the company (business secrets, employee names, etc) before leaving America to report their findings back to their true leaders in China.

China, like Russia put a lot of emphasis on HUMINT (Human Intelligence) whereas the West rely more on technology. Technology that our adversaries most likely know about and know how to counter thanks to their HUMINT.

This is not an existential threat. This is a very real threat to life in the West. The deterioration of society in the West is not a natural phenomenon. This is a deliberate strategy to undermine the security of Western Ideology and society, whilst simultaneously stealing military and industrial secrets in order to gain the upper hand. 

And strangely our Political Leaders don't seem to care. But then they are part of the Elite that are insulated from the consequences created by their reluctance to act in the interest of their various Western countries.

Target Fixation.

 I just read this report about a new building insulation material that is waterproof and biodegradable.

Hang on a minute.. biodegradable? Just how long will it take to biodegrade? 5 years? 10 years? 20? 50?

Because I can bet a house will last a lot bloody longer than that.

To me it looks like the boffins were fixated on creating a biodegradable material without thinking if they should create one. Just what would the market be for such a material? 

I can only think temporary structures would be a viable market. Structures that only live a short life and are then torn down again. A bit of a niche market.

But biodegradable insulation for houses? Naaah!

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Liverpool Bombing: Don't Let the Security Services Tell You They Didn't Know.

I did mention on my post about the murder of Sir David Amess MP that I'd heard on the grapevine weeks ago that a terror attack was imminent. I can't for obvious reasons go into why I know that, or how I had that information. 

I do also know that there is a credible threat of a set-piece terror attack involving more than one person. The sort of attack I've been warning against for the best part of a decade. 

I will still attend Christmas Markets this year, but I will be more vigilant than usual as the Mrs browses the stalls. 

Sadly the credible threat that the security services hope to neutralise with the use of armed Police at Christmas Markets will not stop the terrorists. Not unless every market or shopping mall has airport-style security at the entrances. 

A bomber would be happy taking just half a dozen people with him (or her: the threat of a female suicide bomber is very real) and to do that it only takes a split-second. Plod with guns can't react to that. 

So be wary out there people!

This is a public service announcement.

Anyway, now to the point of this post: the security services knew in advance of the threat in Liverpool. They knew very quickly who he was and it's now been revealed that he was purchasing bomb-making equipment as far back as April. 

You can't tell me that a person known to the security services (don't give me the bullshit he wasn't of concern) was allowed to buy bomb-making equipment for the best part of a year. I assume he mustn't have tested his skills because the bomb was thankfully a dud. But still the security services had ample intel and time to do something about it. But they didn't.

So ask yourselves: Why Not?

Monday, 15 November 2021

Terror in Liverpool: Rise of a Hero and Expectations of Bullshit Bingo.

 Okay, here we go again... yet another terror attack, this time in Liverpool, comes just weeks after the stabbing of MP Sir Davis Amess.

First off, lets congratulate the Taxi driver for his presence of forethought. Instead of driving his passenger to his intended target, he drove him to the Hospital. An area with few people around on a Sunday and also the best place to receive first aid should the worst happen. The driver David Perry is a brave and intelligent man.  He should if there is any justice, be awarded the George Medal.

Now the Bullshit Bingo bit. Points will be awarded for the following phrases: "Known to Intelligence Services", "Known to the Police", "Islamist", "Muslim", "Immigrant", "Asylum Seeker", "Refugee".

Apparently the authorities already know the identity of the exploded and charred remains in the back of the taxi. Therefore there's a very good chance for followers of bullshit bingo to score points on the first two phrases above. 

Yet nobody asks the question: If he was known to the security services, how was it he could build a viable bomb? How could he source such items if he was under surveillance?

UPDATE. Less than 24 Hours have passed and the Bullshit Bingo delivers. The bombing suspect is a Muslim (Ding!) Syrian Immigrant (Ding!) Refugee (Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!).  There is a rumour that he had converted to Christianity. I doubt the concept of Taqiyya is understood by the do-gooders that "Enzo"* the virgin-seeker conned.

No word of whether he was known to the security services, but within hours they knew his identity, had raided at least two addresses across Liverpool and had arrested a further three suspects. Bomb-making equipment has been found. Rumour is there were raids in other parts of the UK connected to the bombing.

Luckily his bomb didn't fully detonate. Thankfully not the first time a Muslim Virgin-seeker had failed to make a viable bomb. There's a lot of variables in bomb-making that thankfully the amateurs recruited by extremists haven't quite got a handle on. 

Primers and detonators are simple stuff. We used to make them in Science Labs at school back in the 70's when that sort of stuff was in science books. But initiating the explosion of the main explosive charge is a bit more involved that stuffing a detonator in a block of plastic explosive like in the movies.

Anyway, bullshit bingo continues. Add phase 2: "Mental Health", "victim", "radicalised", "Duped", "Not a (true) Muslim", "not representative".

Enjoy counting.

* I suspect when asked for a new "Christian" name "Enzo" was the model of Ferrari Mr Al Swealmeen envisioned receiving from Allah along with his virgins in  the afterlife.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The Left's Disturbing Use Of Children.

 Greta Thunberg (when she was a kid) was the most egregious use of a minor by the left, being paraded across the World and made to lambast World leaders over climate change.

What Greta has gone through could be classed as child abuse: indoctrinated about the threat of climate change to the point of hysteria, then paraded across the World, missing her education. Hopefully as an adult she'll realise how she's been abused and sue the pants of everyone involved.

But it doesn't stop there. It seems every left-leaning project HAS to involve children, no matter what it is. It puts children on a pedestal and makes them feel special, exactly the sort of grooming that rape gangs put kids through.

But in showbusiness, which we know is left-leaning, there are countless films or characters in films that are a bit questionable. The most obvious would be "Lolita", but it's still happening today. The latest MCU offering the "Eternals" film has a character that is supposedly hundreds of years old, so with adult sensibilities, but stuck in a teen's body. It's a Paedo's wet dream. It's questionable at best and sickening at worst. 

It's easy to see why the Left have no problem with the rape of children by Muslim grooming gangs, because their ideology aligns. 

A Google search for Paedophiles in Labour Party shows numerous occasions where Labour have courted controversy. From members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) joining Labour, to Labour councillors turning a blind eye to the abuse of Children in care and the rape of children by grooming gangs.

The left support children having medical procedures without parental knowledge. Whether it be birth control or abortions... the left say it's all fine and dandy for minors to go through these adult procedures without parental knowledge if necessary. It shows they are cool with kids having sex. 

The Left raise children to be equal in status as adults. But that's the gateway to child abuse. Because an ideology that puts kids on the same footing as adults has no compunction about treating them like adults in a sexual way. 

I've yet to hear a Leftist say that kids should be kids. Or that parents should have the final say over what happens to their kids. That in itself is telling of the ideology that drives them. The left could argue that parents are oppressing their children by having control over them, but that's just another gateway argument to child abuse.

Over the years I've become convinced that the Leftist Ideology is Evil. In the literal sense. It eschews a Sociopathy that to a normal, balanced person looks deranged. 

The left promotes or hides child abuse, it raises children to the equal status of adults, it changes its opinion on a subject even in mid-sentence, it can argue that black is white, it is racist against a single race whilst simultaneously calling that same race racists without any self-awareness.  It openly assumes support from certain ethnic and racial groups, which in itself is racist.

I would never, ever, vote for a Politician from the left. NEVER, EVER.

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Useful Far Left Idiots: Guided Missiles.

 It never ceases to amaze me how the left have become useful idiots, guided by whoever to do their bidding.

As an example, once someone is is labelled "racist" or "Transphobe" or "Islamist" the left automatically go to work like guided missiles, attacking the victim once they are painted with the assigned label.

Like happy little drones, without thinking, without checking, without realising they are controlled, they go to work with their vile plans. Unthinking, not realising the damage they're doing or the harm they may be causing their victim, without any self-awareness they go to work, without evidence, without scrutiny.

"Someone" has labelled a person as unclean, as heretical, as inhuman, therefore they must be punished by the mob. Worse then punished, they must be destroyed, wholly and completely. 

We see this not just of public figures like Nigel Farage, or YouTube people Like Katie Hopkins, but lower profile people too. 

Employers need to stand up to employees that hold them to ransom. I've never before seen it where a small bunch of employees, no matter how worthy their cause have forced employers to cancel venues, organisations, advertisers, or even employees.

It has to stop. These entitled kids need to be taught that their ideas are fine, but they should be kept to themselves and shouldn't be forced on others.

They are doing their class and their colleagues a disservice. But mindless robots don't care, they just do.

But handy for the elites, the billionaires running the companies, the political parties and the interest groups (funded by billionaires) that steer the drones to their targets.