Thursday, 18 April 2019

Notre Dame

Sad to see the Cathedral go up in flames. I saw it when I was in Paris the year before last.

Cathedrals like that leave me a bit "Meh"; I can take them or leave them. But it's amazing to think the amount of graft that was put into making such a huge and imposing building all those centuries ago with just basic tools.

There must have been a city of skilled workers working to build that thing.

I'm more interested in industrial architecture, especially the Victorian type, the sort of buildings that did something and had purpose.

But you'd expect nothing less of a Manchester lad...

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Straight to Video

Just rrying this out.

I'm looking to move to the video medium. Any comments?

Friday, 12 April 2019

The 2020 Trap.

Way back in 2017 when we were debating whether Thresa May would invoke article 50, there was a deadline that was quite firmly fixed in the Brexiteer consciousness: 2020.

In fact when the Lisbon Treaty was signed by Gordon Brown way back when, there was a realisation that it would lead to a federation of EU states and that 2020 was the crucial year when everything changes and the ability to leave the EU peacefully

In 2020 there is a major change with the relationship between the EU and it's nation states. Large amounts of government suddenly comes under EU control.

There was a bit a debate about whether invoking article 50 would be delayed such that the 2-year negotiation period would take us into 2020 and by default the steel trap of the Lisbon Treaty would spring shut and we would be denied the ability to leave forever.

This latest delay until December looks perilously close to the 2020 deadline.

I just wonder if this is a deliberate tactic: if we don't leave, then by default we stay indefinitely if we stay over the 2020 deadline.

Either way, Theresa may should resign. She's failed to get concessions from the EU on the Irish border issue. She has failed to deliver an agreement on Brexit that the House of Commons can agree on. When they rejected her deal, she failed to deliver a no-deal Brexit. She has failed to deliver a Brexit on time. Having got an extension past the March deadline, she has failed to deliver Brexit by the extended deadline. Is there any expectation she can deliver Brexit by December?

I thought not.

It beggars belief that she has agreed a deal with the EU. It is insoluble and immovable. It is agreed. It cannot be changed, yet here she is, presenting it to Parliament so far 4 times and every time it gets rejected. She has to be deranged. Otherwise how do you explain presenting the same thing to Parliament time after time and expecting a different result?

The deal will not change between now and December. The change that will come is political. Given enough prevarication we will trip over the Lisbon treaty deadline and be locked in for good.

I said way back in 2016 that the Brexit vote would suffer some shifty dealings, but for it all to be so blatant... fuck me!

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

General Election

In this article in the online Spectator, Robert Peston says a General Election isn't possible.

Here's where he's wrong.

Theresa May is hamstrung by the rifts in her own party. She won't resign and the party cannot remove her for months because they shot their bolt in the last challenge. There is an impasse in the Tory party that cannot be fixed easily.

A general election will allow the local constituency parties to have their say and give May a mandate to plough ahead as before or to resign.

On the Labour side, they would be happy for a general election because they think they can win. So they would be quite happy vote to amend the fixed term parliament act and trigger an election. No idea what their prospects are considering the resurgence of UKIP with Northern voters. The majority leave constituencies may at last ditch the slavish allegiances of generations to Labour and actually vote for a pro-Brexit party. At least for this one election. And especially now faux-Tory Nigel Farage has left the party.

The SNP would be happy to go along and even if they lose a few seats, they will be returned with a big majority on a pro-EU ticket. I don't see any other parties toppling them.

The DUP would be happy because their principled stance over Brexit hasn't harmed their prospects.

I don't think there is anyone in Parliament that would vote against a general election, other than the TIGgers and Tories that have gone against their constituency parties. i.e. the people on shaky ground and at risk of a UKIP resurgence.

We still have a week or so before it becomes impossible to slip the general election into the local elections in May.

Never say never.


My gut instinct as I said yesterday was for a general election in May, so the issue of Brexit can be somewhat settled.

Basically the MPs can't decide and have no mandate, so call the election and get the voters to obliterate the true Brexiteers like UKIP. Tory and Labour get voted back in with a mandate to persue May's deal and Bob's your uncle, everything falls into place and the UK get locked into the EU machine, without the pesky politics.


Something in the back of my head, the department of dirty tricks bit that always likes to pop up at these sort of moments, says "what if there were some sort of catastrophe?" "How easy it would be to suspend the Brexit process".

The slight resurgence of the "IRA" (I've yet to be convinced they are the real IRA and not some make-believe version) sending letter bombs to incoherent targets sends warning messages to my dirty tricks gland.

A resurgence of real IRA bomb-making with a successful device planted like in the old days in the centre of Canary Wharf, or Whitehall would serve a number of masters.

First the catastrophe itself could be  a legitimate reason for suspending Brexit.

Second the "message" that revitalised IRA sends about the Irish border issue can be used to great advantage by our politicians to weaken Brexit or to stop it completely.

I have a vision of the puppet maters that trained some young spotty youth how to make bombs slapping him on the back of his head. "We spent all that time and effort showing you how to make a bomb and all you do is send some envelopes to airports? Is that it??" (slap on back of head)  "Do better and bigger next time. Here's the number of a truck hire company that don't ask questions and here's the number of a bulk fertiliser supplier, now get cracking. I want all the windows in Canary Wharf put in by the end of March!"

Now then, just ask yourself... are our Politicians desperate enough to be let off the hook that they would plan such a scheme?

You betcha!

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

General Election.

In 6 weeks time.

That is all.

I'm off to see if I can get in on the action as a UKIP representative.

I predict a further extension of Article 50 until the end of may and a general election.

Six weeks then gives you two weeks to implement to outcome of the general election. I suspect the main parties assume they will be returned and can then get on with overturning Brexit, which will take approximately two weeks of legislation.

The main parties assume that they will be returned by voters and can just implement the revocation of article 50 and keep us in the EU.

It's up to us the population to not voted for the main parties, to show our disgust. Instead we need to focus on an alternative. And bloody vote for it in huge numbers!

UPDATE: Actually it's just under 6 weeks as the general election will be slipped in with the local election in May. The polling stations and the staff have already been booked, so it should be easy to slip in the general election as well relatively quickly.

Monday, 25 March 2019

The Extremists Have Won.

No doubt in my mind now, the extremist Muslims have won.

Just look at how New Zealand reacts to the Christchurch shootings. National calls to prayer, headscarves being worn by non-Muslims... appeasement is the order of the day.


Oil, Money and Power.

Why would the Christian Prime Minister of New Zealand wear a headscarf when she's not a Muslim? She's signalling her sincere apology to those that care about these things.

She's signalling to the Gulf States "we're sorry, keep shipping the oil".

She's signalling to the Muslim extremists" don't start a fight here, we're really nice and that shooter guy was really Australian so nothing to do with us".

She's signalling the surrender of New Zealand to extremists.

Look at how in the UK the Muslim is a protected class of individual. Being Muslim trumps being Gay. It trumps feminism. It's always going to be the Gold medal winner in the victimhood Olympics.

Why are Muslims allowed to protest against including gay couples in school education? They're protected.

Why are Muslims able to force their wives to wear the Burka against their will? They're protected.

Why are Muslims allowed to segregate male and female in direct conflict with our equality laws? They're protected.

Why are Muslims allowed to carry out mass rapes of children without instant response? They're protected.

Why are Muslims allowed to call for the death of apostates in direct conflict with out hate speech laws? They're protected.

They are protected by the Billions of pounds of Saudi and Gulf State money that circulates in our economy.

They're protected by the Billions of pounds done in arms deals between us and the Gulf States.

They're protected to ensure the supply of oil.

They. Are. Protected.

Until people realise that and the reasons for the special protection of Muslims, there is no way to counter the privilege of Muslims over others, including the non-Muslim majority.

Until we realise the true reason, we cannot formulate a plan to bring equality back to the country. For Gays, for Women, for Apostates and yes, true equality for Muslims alongside other religions.

We have to bring back true equality, otherwise the extremists have won and we have lost.