Thursday, 19 September 2019

A Chap on tonight's Question Time asked why do so many young people commit suicide....

The reasons are extremely complicated, but a major factor is stress.

Kids from the age of 13 and 14 are put under immense pressure to perform in schools at GCSE level. The academic path of the national curriculum doesn't suit everyone, but the system pushes all kids to perform and anything less than straight A grades is classed as a failure.

Once the pressure of GCSEs is over, then the pressure continues through A-levels and the pressure to get good grades and get into a good university. A proportion of those kids could be better suited to a vocational route, but academia makes such a route as an admission of failure.

After A-levels are done, there is the pressure to get into a good University. Avoiding the stigma of clearing means good grades. Those without goo grades go through clearing with no real support. They have a period of stress and uncertainty and once cleared to university, they have literally zero time to get a decent residence.

Then comes 3 years at university, where still not having left schooling, they are put under another massive burden: financial debt. £9000 a year type debt. For the lucky ones they can get part-time jobs that at least pay the rent and maybe pays for food too.

After 3 years, they emerge from education after almost a decade of stress and burdened with over £20000 of debt. That prospect in itself would drive sane people to suicide.

But then educated and debt-ridden, they emerge into real life. There they find that all the stress, the promises of nirvana and a decent job over the past decade are nothing but empty vessels. After almost a decade of stressing and pressure to perform, they most likely get low-paid jobs in retail. Hardly the fantasy they were sold whilst staying up and cramming for exams. Was it really worth it?

Add to that decade, social media and the pressure to be seen to be living life to the full. Most likely the reality is a sad isolated life away from friends and family while at Uni,

More depression is inflicted as the realisation that they will never own their own home, never have the standard of living their parents had, never have the lifestyle of the dimwits on TOWIE, or never make an easy living like bloggers and vloggers.

Is it no wonder that life seems pointless to quite a number of young adults.

The "Empty-Chairing" of Boris by Luxembourg.

The fiasco of Boris refusing to speak outside on a podium yards away from a baying mob of remainiac protesters and the Luxembourg PM refusing to hold the press conference indoors in an effort to embarrass Boris shows why we should be leaving the EU.

The problem with Xavier Bettel is he is no statesman. A true stateman and leader of a country would have honour and comply with his guest's request to hold the press conference in an alternative location.

Instead Bettel deliberately sought to humiliate Boris. By either making him hold the conference outside against the baying mob, or by empty-chairing him and effectively taking the piss while Boris wasn't there.

But that's the trouble with the EU: while the EU make all the rules and laws of government and a certain political class reign, political pygmies like Bettel can rise to the top.

Macron is of the same mould, in fact the only European premiers who are not of the same Euro-elite class are Germany's Merkel and Hungary's Orban.

The Euro-elite are easily identifiable: self assured, totally committed to the European Project to cult-level brainwash. They cannot fathom why anyone would not want to be under the EU commission's unelected beaurocrats. It's great for the leaders of these smaller countries, The EU bungs money to the country and makes all the rules, so there is very little for the leader of Luxembourg for instance to do other than accept the rules of the EU, keep taking the cash and look like a leader. If the boy does good, he may make it to the gravy-train of the EU commission and be rolling in it for life, just like old Rumpy-Pumpy. Bettel is a puppet leader, much like the puppet leaders of countries tied to bigger regimes.

The Euro-elite are so cultish they view anyone who considers leaving the EU idiots, unable to see "the bigger picture".  Hence the picture of Bettel gesturing to the empty podium by his side while shrugging his shoulders and pulling a face.

No, definitely not a statesman, more a clown playing to the pro-EU media audience.

As Boris Johnson travels Europe, meeting leaders and gauging the willingness for a deal, just like David Cameron and Theresa May before him, he's coming up against the cult of EU. There cannot be any negotiation, there will be no compromise. Because you are better off in the cult than outside it. Dire things will happen should you ever leave the cult.

You will not survive, there will be turmoil, the cult cannot survive without you think of the people you leave behind: they will starve without you; and possibly finally: if you leave we'll kill you new pet dog... who knows the number of threats both direct and inferred and the number of sob stories that Boris has had to hear on his travels.

As we get closer to the 31st of October the hysteria will only get worse. The EU needs our contributions to the cult. We need to push through and ignore it. Let them wail... but let us be wary also.

If I were Boris, I would have our Army on standby and in a state of readiness, our Navy should be patrolling the channel and the North Sea. For what you may ask? Well, for anything.

At the very least the Army can be used to sort out any traffic issues on this side of the channel. Our Engineer corps can quite easily flatten a piece of land and tarmac it ready for trucks to park on, they can also set up temporary food supplies to the truckers waiting there. The Army are good in a crisis.

The Navy can shepherd those French, Spanish and Dutch fishermen that don't believe in the Brexit fairy and stroll into our waters back to their side of the ditch.

At the very worst, the Army can take on any European paratroopers falling out of European transport aircraft. The Navy can provide an anti-airctraft blockade. After all, don't underestimate the power of a cult to go to extremes to keep you in it.....

Oh and Boris, if Merkel comes to visit, keep the dog indoors in case her limo runs over it. "Accidents" can happen...Ja?

Monday, 16 September 2019

I'm not one for conspiracies......but.....

Okay, so Oil and Gas slump to a pretty low level. Now then, what can the powers at be do to bump the price up a bit... yep, attack Saudi oil fields.

I'm not that well up on Iranian drone capability, but I'm sure there's something a bit too clinical, a bit too accurate about the attack on the Saudi installations. For Iran, anyway.

The one stand-out picture is a picture of three spherical pressure vessels, with all 3 of then with an identical hole.

Now then, strike me a bit surprised as I thought the Iranians didn't have command and control of drones beyond visual range. Not having the satellite communications network capability of the Americans, the best they can do is send off a drone or cruise missile and hope for the best.

Certainly, the missile won't have the pinpoint accuracy we've come to expect of the American systems. Only the Americans have access to the very accurate GPS co-ordinates that provide their weapons with centimetric accuracy over distance. It's actually a strategic resource, limited by design to the US or it's allies, or those using it's own weapons systems. Us mere mortals with our civilian GPS devices get the dumbed-down access with less accuracy. Even though civilian GPS is ok for broad general guidance like autonomous drones and the like, it's still not-weapons-grade accuracy.

The sort of accuracy shown in the pictures coming out of Saudi show a degree of accuracy only available to first-world systems, like those provided by the US, Europe or Russia. If the weapons were provided directly by Russia to attack a US ally... things get very serious indeed. Korea or Cuba level serious.

So, in the middle of a long-term slump in oil prices, we get the most accurate mother of attacks on Saudi oil installations...

Colour me sceptical.

Friday, 13 September 2019

The Case Against a Second Referendum.... simply that if the public vote to leave again, the MPs will simply ignore it again. Or worse still conspire against it. Again. They are only hoping for a different outcome (remain). But then can we not have the excuse that it's now tied 1-1 for Leave and Remain, so now we go for a tie-breaker referendum? Of course not, as soon as they win, then everything clams shut again.

There has to be an election. Let each MP stand on a truthful pro or anti Brexit stance. No hiding behind party lines this time. Each MP must state where exactly they stand on Brexit on an individual basis.

We had the liars last time get in on a false premise and then swap parties, vote against their own party and effectively work in opposition to the stand that got them into power.

Clear house and start again, hopefully with a bucketful more integrity than the current shower.

Class War 2: Democracy for the Rich Only.

It seems that democracy is under a very real threat.

The Scottish court result is just one of a number of lawsuits brought by monied litigants against the Government.

Were the Government has failed in their legal duty and a judicial review is called and examines the evidence, then that's a fair use of the litigant's money.

But to use a court in a different legal system (in this case Scottish) with different rules just to return a spiteful judgement, is to me reprehensible. If you're hurt by losing, fuck off and cry into your lemonade (stay away from beer, you're not grown up enough top handle it).

But what we're seeing is a massive assault on democracy.

I'd be minded to allow Parliament it's objections to the government's position, if MPs had stayed in their original positions from the last election. But a significant number of MPs have taken a more fluid attitude to their accountability to voters. The majority that sat on a pro-Brexit ticket have defected to other parties or set up as independents, without triggering a local election and getting a mandate from their electorate on that new position. Instead they jumped ship, changed sides or parties (in some cases several times) willy-nilly and then claim a democratic mandate and accuse the government of suspending democracy… incredulous.

As far as I can see, we have a democratically elected government attempting to enact a democratically voted for decision by the people is under attack from wealthy litigants and rebellious undemocratic MPs.

The only way to solve this is a general election: let those that switched sides stand on their new found principles and see if their new position garners enough support to go back to Parliament and fight for their new position.

I personally doubt many, if any of those MPS would be returned in an election, hence their cowardly refusal to grant the government leave to hold one.

So where do we go from here? No idea other than the Boris non-payment/no-deal scenario when he meets the EU negotiating team.

Other than that, the only solution would be for MPs to start dying in mysterious or not-so-mysterious circumstances, so local bye-elections can be triggered and new hopefully pro-Brexit candidates elected to Parliament to replace the rebels.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Prorogation is deemed unlawful in Scotland

Not sure how it affects the British Parliament in Westminster, but a Scottish court has declared the prorogation of Parliament unlawful.

They say that are convinced the prorogation was for the "improper purpose of stymying Parliament".

Completely ignoring the fact that Prorogation happens every year at conference time anyway and the extension to allow the Queen's speech is a mere four days. I bet her Madg' isn't impressed one of her courts is playing fast and loose with the constitution, the government's intent and context.

But then again, Scottish courts have a habit of ignoring context and making up the intentions of defendants. Re: Count Dankula.

Interesting: does that mean all the Scottish MPs can return to Parliament to sit and twiddle their thumbs while the English MPs stay away as commanded by the Queen?

This really is the mother of all constitutional fuckups.

So really, what this all says is: you can vote for anyone you want, but if someone has the money to pay the court costs, they can stymy any government voted into power and even worse reverse the democratically voted intention of the population.


I want the details of where I can find a bunch of guys that know how to operate challenger tanks and where the ammo is stored. They also need to know where the small arms are and their ammo. I want a people's army. No fucking about, I want heavy armour and I want a properly equipped Army.

We may need to go to war with these cunts. A proper, fighting war....

Indeed we need tanks on the Westminster lawn.

Democracy only works with the consent of the losers. They have refused to consent. It seems now is the time to enforce democracy.

No Deal....

So, a question I have is: how does Boris get out of the corner Parliament have painted him into.

Now that he's being forced to ask the EU for an extension and additionally forced by Parliament to accept any extension to article 50 - no matter how long, just how does Boris exit the EU on October the 31st?

Does he do all they command, get an extension and then trigger an immediate election, so he can revoke any extension by Christmas?

Does he sit on his hands, refuse to ask for an extension and face prosecution?

Does he go to Brussels, mumble to himself he'd rather like an extension but no-one hears him and he comes back with a clear conscience?

Does he ask for the extension, then fail to complete the necessary paperwork in time thus automatically exiting on the 31st?

Does he ask for the extension but  say there will be no more payments to the EU after the 31st?  Under those circumstances do the EU call his bluff and agree an extension or refuse?

It's quite obvious Boris' government think October 31st is the deadline. There's a huge, expensive ad campaign on TV and radio going on at the moment. The 31st of October is the end, it's the finishing line... be prepared.

Like for the businesses that are involved with trading with the EU, they need to take heed. For the vast majority of businesses it will be carry on as usual.

I'll have to have a look at the repeal of the European Communities Act, to see when that kicks in. If that's on the 31st, then Boris doesn't have any legitimacy in the EU after that date anyway, as EU law is not valid in the UK and we have no obligations to the EU either. EU law fails to be prime and we revert back to good ol' UK law.

If that kicks in on the 31st, we don't pay any money to the EU, so the EU are bound not to extend beyond the 31st and all our MEPs get kicked out of the EU Parliament.

I suspect if Boris goes to the EU, asks for an extension and doesn't give anything back in return, the EU will tell him to sod off. But he's fulfilled the remit of the Bill Parliament have forced upon him. The Bill only compels him to ask for an extension and then accept any extension the EU propose. It doesn't compel him to give anything in return. If Boris and the EU fail to agree anything by the deadline, then exit is triggered.

Not the best way to exit, to negotiate past the deadline and  default out, but I think that's what Boris is relying on.