Thursday, 13 June 2019

The Rise of the Adult Child.

It seems now that the establishment intend for adulthood not to happen.

The population is encouraged to stay the "Enfant Terrible" for life. From early in life, schools are unable or unwilling to allow children to learn life lessons. Instead everyone wins, everyone's viewpoint (however immature) is always valid. Who needs jobs, when the government will supply everything you need? With the Universal Income, everyone can just lie back and let AI take control and manage things.

From cradle to grave, the Establishment is attempting to install itself as the parent. It wants to tell the population what to believe, what to think, how to act and it wants them to conform to those ideas.

It wants to set itself as the arbiter of all things: moral, political, social and more, rather than the public telling the establishment where the boundaries lie.

W're seeing the increasing frequency of accounts being deplatformed on the internet, ostensibly as part of "Agenda 2020", the leftist plan to save the US from a second term of Donald trump as President.

but don't think the bannings will stop if they manipulate the elections and a Democrat wins. Nope, this is not going to stop.

It's not going to just affect those on the right of the political spectrum. ALL dissenting voices will be silenced. It's just that silencing the right is the most important item on the current agenda.

But they will come for the left as well, mark my words.

How ironic that content providers are having to move to platforms in undemocratic countries to continue to speak freely.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Political Police, Now the Courts Follow Suit.

The founding principle of democracy in the UK is that the Police, the Judiciary and the courts are independent of political influence.

Over the past few decades, I as a citizen have seen the politicisation of the Police.

Now it seems the Law and the courts are being increasingly used for political ends. Of course Tony Blair's meddling with the legal process and the courts went really unnoticed. But his was the government that removed the treason laws, and also the concept of double jeopardy, so defendants can be tried ad-infinitum.

For instance the re-trial of Tommy Robinson even after the court of appeal quashed his conviction for contempt. He's now being re-tried on different charges. Obviously the first ones and the kangaroo court that initially convicted him didn't to the job, so it's now down to another court to convict him.
Effectively he's being tried and tried until either his money runs out so he cannot afford legal representation or he just rolls over and walks to jail.

The latest crime against justice is the legal case against Boris Johnson for claims made during the Brexit referendum campaign.

Interestingly no-one has taken the leave side to court for their provably false claims of financial Armageddon immediately after we voted to leave. Nope, just the remain side has the pique and the finance to bring such a legal challenge.

Just as with Gina Miller and her legal challenge, it's all about hamstringing the political process with the power of the courts.

But why are the Remain side using the courts? Sore losers? Spoilt Children? The result of decades of "nobody loses" mentality in schools?

More importantly, who is funding these expensive court cases?

And why aren't more people on the leave side being hauled into court?

Why Now? Why when there is a leadership contest ongoing in the Conservative party? That question I think we know the answer to: to knobble the best Brexiteer candidate.

But... where does it end? Can we sue climate scientists for their false claims on climate change?
After all the climate hasn't warmed anywhere near their imminent disaster forecasts. The earth and humanity are still here despite it being past the deadline for climate catastrophe.

It's stupid. it's silly and it's malicious. The courts are no place for this.

Let's have debate. If you don't like what Boris says, debate him, have a go at debunking his viewpoint.

But don't stifle free speech just because you're a bit peeved and a sore loser.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The End of Altruism?

The theme of my past couple of posts is the ability for money to corrupt. It's quite evident that the age of altruism is almost over. Sure, there are still a few Billionaires that donate to charity to ease their souls, but there is an increasing number of the elite that want to hold onto their money. For whatever reason, be it greed, or competition with others, there seems to be a new relentlessness when it comes to the accumulation of money amongst the 1%

The increase in conspicuous consumption has been well documented on TV, with programmes showing Swarovski-studded supercars, or even rocking horses for the kids, ever more elaborate food choices and so on, rubbing our noses in the greed of the gaudy mega-rich.

I blame the Eighties, with the rise of "Greed is Good" and the Yuppie era.

One of the downsides of the Thatcher era with the prosperity her tenure brought, it also began a selfish mentality, with people hanging on to their money. The mega-rich started to pay less in real terms towards the upkeep of the state. Companies (thanks to EU rules) were able to pay taxes offshore in low-tax countries like Luxembourg and Ireland. rather than contribute to UK coffers.

It's a regime that has to be changed. It's no wonder the elites want to keep us in the EU and saddled with the regime that allows corporations to get away with paying zero tax in the UK.It's a point that hasn't been pressed with those Socialists that want to keep us in the EU: how do we pay for welfare if big corporations have the ability to pay tax outside the UK? Of course they pay employees and employers N.I. but general taxation is poorer by billions thanks to the likes of eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Amazon et al domiciling their head offices in other EU countries and paying corporation tax there.

This ability of the mega-rich to avoid payment of their dues is something that has to be clamped down on seriously. It's very annoying to see the HMRC clamping down on agency workers and the like using the IR35 tax codes to scratch around for crumbs tax-wise when the big corporations get way with not paying billions into the exchequer.

I find the dichotomy of the Socialist push for centralised control by the elitist EU against the ability to control and fund social welfare by becoming more local and accountable very interesting. I says volumes about the Socialist movement in the UK and it's hijacking by red elites. They may talk the socialist talk, but their actions are the very model of an entitled elite.

I'm sure I'll find more and more of this the more I look.

Capitalism's Dark Side? Borderless the Documentary.

Following on from my last post, this neatly dovetails into the "unfettered capitalism is evil" narrative.

Take immigration from Africa to Europe: There's a massive amount of money being handed both legal and illegal businesses on the edge of Europe. Whether it be the illegal people traffickers transporting people North through Africa, or legal NGOs that support migrants in camps or pick them up from the waters of the Mediterranean. The lines between legal charitable companies and illegal people traffickers becomes very blurred. It is certain the legal NGOs would not be required and would not need donations if the illegal trafficking trade didn't exist.

Lauren Southern's documentary on the subject "Borderless" has been taken off YouTube. I do wonder why. Hitting too close to home?

It's currently available on BitChute here: I recommend everyone to watch it.

Watching it, the overwhelming impression I get is that the legal and illegal immigration across Africa and into Europe is massive business. There is a huge amount of money being handed over to illegal traffickers by people who cannot afford it, so desperate are they to get to Europe and the supposed safety of European countries.

By the same token, a massive amount of money is being given to NGOs supporting the migrants in camps on the edge of Europe and also the organisations running rescue ships in the Mediterranean. They may very well be non-profit organisations, but the higher-ups in these charitable businesses earn a very comfortable living from the misery of migrants.

The thing is, without regulation and the enforcement of borders, there is no control over the people who arrive in Europe. There a probably well founded claims that a proportion of the refugees coming into Europe are ISIS fighters.

Surely there are deserving cases, but without strict border control we cannot be sure we are helping those deserving of our charity. Instead the terrorists, the con artists, the criminals, those who know to shout loudest and push the deserving to the back of the queue.

There was a very good report on the BBC news website this weekend about a migrant who decided to wear video glasses and record his trip from central Africa to the North. It's accompanying podcast is here if you want to listen rather than read. The striking thing from his report was the relentless demand for money at every stage of the journey. Money demanded from the people least able to supply it or women were forced to have sex for payment. The poor unfortunates unable to pay were left in the desert to die.

These are grim reports and the salient point is that this miserable "business" could be shut down in a heartbeat if the external border of Europe was not porous and was instead rigorously enforced. But it seems the money involved is too much to ignore for those at the top, those who influence our politicians and leaders. For as always, the money always moves upwards and the amounts involved buy a lot of political influence.

It says volumes as to why the immigration business is still thriving and has not been shut down. It's such a big business earning so much money and the net result of the mass importation of labour on the reduction of wages is so compelling to the political class and their elite buddies. The only people that win are the ones at the top of the money tree. The people that lose are the migrants and the poor of Europe.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Corporations and Capitalism out of Control?

The Elites love money. They can't get enough. But are they reaching a tipping point: are they demanding too much?

Like I said in my previous post, there are too many people now demanding their billions. Old Money: the Devil needs to do the deal. It's damage limitation, it's maximisation of profits, it's good for business.

A population engaged in active resistance is not what the old money wants. It's interesting how ideas on the left and the right are slowly coming together.

Forget the faux-left, the Antifa types, they do not represent the true left. Antifa are actually ironically fascists, working for global corporations attempting to shut down dissenting opinions.

This is where capitalism and the big corporations are making a bid for world domination and the little people the poor sods at the bottom of the pile are feeling it. They can see the agendas at play in politics and big corporations are a crock of shit (at least for them). That Antifa are not anti-fascist, but instead corporate enforcers. That the environmental lobby is a tool of big business. That politics in the West has been bought and paid for. That the massive influx of immigrants is to bolster profits by creating a bigger audience to sell to. Even Islamic clerics use Smartphones and wear Rolexes... not very 7th century...

It's interesting how the true left are apart from the upper-middle-class leftie types that are included in Antifa. Then true left don't include the upper-middle-class college lecturer types that can spout effectively communistic principles whilst actually furthering the corporate agenda. The true left doesn't belong to Trade Unions with penthouse-dwelling leaders.

The true left (not the upper-middle-class enviro-lefties in the pocket of the elites) understand the corrupting influence of power and money. They see Trade Unionists eating  at the same tables as elites, they see the removal of benefits, they see the co-opting of the green agenda to promote corporate agendas. They understand where the money ends up. Certainly not distributed amongst the poor, that's for sure.

The true left go further and state that the corporatist enviro-bollocks is nothing more than an elitist grab for money and the permission to open up access to wealth and resources. And it's a compelling argument against the backdrop of the upward movement of money to the elites and the environmental damage done by so-called green fuels and vehicle systems.

Global warming is nothing less than a smokescreen that permits pollution of the environment by lithium extraction. Lithium for the batteries fitted to those supposedly environment-friendly electric vehicles. Or Cobalt and rare earth metals for the motors. All extracted from the Earth at great cost to the local environment. But I suppose global CO2 trumps pollution of local water sources or animal-killing toxic lagoons.

Global warming permits the appropriation of a significant amount of land that was former rain forest, to grow crops which become ethanol added to "green" fuels. Sustainability is the permissive word that allows the hack, slash and burn, but I'd rather sustain the rain forest rather than it being slashed and burned to accommodate farms and plantations. There's and argument to be had about bio-ethanol and the rain forest that preceded the farms was a better absorber of CO2. But rain forest doesn't make money: farms and plantations do.

The green agenda is now all about maximising profit: Hilly moorland that can't grow crops nor sustain animals and unproductive seabed suddenly makes a profit thanks to the installation of wind farms effectively industrialising the previously unindustriable, rain forest becomes a farm and earns money. It's about maximising the money production from every single inch of the globe's surface.

And then there's always underground. New Technology allows fracking to release previously unattainable fossil fuel resources.

The more you peer into the issues surrounding the environmental movement and their transition from protest movements to global corporates themselves, the more you understand the real reason for the relentless green push.  It's capitalism, corporatism and the relentless, unfettered push for profit gone absolutely mad.

Are we waking up to this now? Is the push back starting? The Euro elections today will hopefully be an indicator that the elites in Parliament have themselves gone too far. A warning shot across the bows before the next general election.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Boeing 737 Max 8 Fiasco Broadens

Being an ex-coder (yes, I learned to code and made a living out of it..) and also having worked for American companies I can sympathise somewhat with the issue of the Boeing 737 Max 8 and the issue of the MCAS software. I can also see how the issues surrounding the 737 Max 8 coding are pertinent to software systems in other vehicles, including cars.

First off, I pray that no one person messed up coding the MCAS system software and it was all written to specification. God help the person or persons on the MCAS team if they didn't code to spec.

I'm not a flyer, I'm a sailor. But in sailing, everything is duplicated or triplicated in order to add safety. Even when the threat is only getting wet (albeit miles from land) you still make sure that you have at least two means of propulsion. The auxiliary engine may be smaller and get you there slower, but it gets you there, rather than being stuck. You always take bungs with you just in case a hull fitting breaks or leaks. There's always a backup. When the risk is dropping out of the sky at hundreds of miles an hour and there's a greater risk of death, then the redundancy should go up.

Having been in many technical spec meetings, I can well imagine a scenario where the MCAS system input and output were specified without full knowledge of how it would affect the aircraft as a whole. For instance it's now known that if MCAS increases stab trim to maximum, it makes it virtually impossible to adjust the trim manually if you follow the "runaway stabiliser trim" procedure in the cockpit, due to air pressure pushing on the stabiliser. That makes it virtually impossible to return the stabiliser trim to a safe position once MCAS had done it's thing.

I've had very heated meetings where I've had to assertively point out the implications on software changes both in delivery times, cost and including changes to other parts of the software system affected by this single, apparently insignificant software change (nothing, including time, is free).
It didn't win me friends in management at the time, only when the system actually worked as promised, within timescales. But the testament to my skills is that a number of the systems I wrote worked from day one without issues and are still running virtually unchanged decades later. Pretty rare in software circles. But that's where understanding the system as a whole and outlining the issues correctly and coming up with a deliverable plan helps. After all you can code a basic system to run initially. The bells and whistles can always be added later as long as you write the code expecting them.

Now with Boeing, comes the revelation that their 737 Max 8 simulator cannot replicate the cockpit conditions when the MCAS is activated. It seems that the manual stab trim wheels in the simulator nowhere near replicate the forces required to manually move the stabiliser. It seems yet again to be an issue with software.

Thankfully being a simulator issue this time it's not fatal.

But it does underline the issue that software engineers need to appreciate the systems they are working on AS A WHOLE. Especially when (but not exclusively) interfacing with and commanding physical systems. You cannot commit a software system in isolation from the rest of the system, it cannot just be plonked on top of existing systems either, without reference to pre-existing systems, both software, hardware and the existing man-machine interface.

The same goes for autonomous vehicles being developed right now. We've already seen issues with the control systems that are supposed to avoid crashes. It becomes a very salient point, given that we are putting our lives in the hands of these systems both in the air and on the ground.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Jeremy Kyle Fiasco...

It seems some bloke decided he'd had enough of life and ended it, not long after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show.

No-one will ever know the guy's motives for ending his life, but I assume his having appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show, things were not particularly rosy in his life. It could have actually been one of dozens of other reasons why he decided enough was enough.

But this is hardly a defence of Jeremy Kyle, far from it.

This sort of "navel-gazing" TV is the sort of lowest-common-denominator, cheap to make trash TV that really didn't deserve airtime. All the Jeremy Kyle show actually did was to allow the middle class to look down their noses at the lower classes.

Not one of the guests on the show could muster a full set of teeth, was one snide comment I heard. Without understanding that there are people in this country that cannot access decent dental services, because dentistry split from the "free at the point of provision" NHS decades ago.

Even NHS supported dental treatment is not cheap. Many people cannot afford the payments required even for NHS supported dental work. And I'm not blaming dentists, because the payments the NHS make for dental work is nowhere near the actual cost to a dentist.

So, many working class people have bad teeth. There's a reason for that and it serves the middle class better to understand the reasons, rather than make snide comments.

It also serves them better to understand what it is to be at the bottom of the income pile.

The guests on the Jeremy Kyle show reflected the problems that beset the UK. Poor education and schools, lack of moral guidance, dysfunctional families, lack of respect, drugs, lack of aspiration, the list goes on.

In a society where greed is rewarded, where the name of the game is to avoid taxes, and the only game in town is ever-increasing wealth, the supply of Jeremy Kyle guests is limitless.

In a society that cares about it's citizens and offers opportunity, there would be no guests for the Kyle show audience to gawk and laugh at....