Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton and STEM Excellence in the BAME community

I get that the innocent objective to Black Lives Matter is to promote people of BAME origins into areas where they are under-represented.

I get that Lewis Hamilton supports that.

But I get a whiff of hypocrisy when any organisation starts to say they have to to more to get people of BAME origins into their organisations. Especially F1.

As it's already illegal to discriminate based on race, there must be another reason why BAME people are under-represented in science and technology subjects. What needs to happen is to look at why people of BAME origins are put off such endeavours.

Not what I think these organisations are actually saying, which is to lower the threshold to allow people of BAME origins to take part on an artificial basis.

Formula 1 is about being the best in the world: the best technology, the best materials, the best engineers. I doubt whether Lewis Hamilton would countenance having a race engineer working for him that is there only because of the colour of his skin, that has been placed there to meet some quota and certainly not based on their ability to do the job. He wants to win so he wants the best in the world to be working for him. I'm surprised his fitness instructor is white, given there are so many very well qualified BAME fitness instructors around.  Although she is female, so that's a diversity box ticked I suppose.

Formula 1 is about being the best in the world and that includes the humans taking part. If people of BAME origins have not reached that level for whatever reason (but not outright racism) then that's something for themselves to look at. Where are the great BAME engineers, architects, designers? Where are the parents supporting their children in science, maths and engineering, getting them to knuckle down and gain the qualifications and experience required to excel at STEM subjects?

Why is it that these subjects do not attract the BAME population as much as for instance more physical tasks?

Just as there is a difference between men and women when it comes to technology and the sciences, it shouldn't be classed as racist to say that people of BAME origins are not interested by science and technology either. Maybe for them it's just not that interesting a subject? Maybe the successes they have in  sport compared to white people says a lot about what interests them and what they are good at? There may be the exception to the rule and by all means they should be accepted into the sciences just like any other human being, but maybe there's psychological reasons at play.

Do we cry racism when all the athletes running for Britain are black?

Maybe BAME people are just not interested in science. Is it really shocking or racist to say that? As long as the doors are open to the exception, to the BAME engineer that excels, then that should be enough. The gates are open, the opportunity is there, the playing field is equal when you get there, that's all one can hope for.

By all means outlaw the outright bigotry and racism that closes the doors to those that have the ability and aptitude. But don't cry racism when it might in fact be caused by the home environment and other social issues rather than racism.

Maybe the racism is internal to the BAME community? Maybe the lack of support, social pressures, Attitudes to STEM subjects amongst other things are the things that hold the BAME community back?

After all when you hear a BAME representative say that time is racist, or that science as a discipline is inherently racist (even though science cares not who discovers it) you have to wonder if the community are actually talking themselves out of excellence in STEM subjects.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Why is "Black Lives Matter" not a Racist Statement?

Let's be clear about this from the outset: I am not a racist. I believe in EQUALITY for everyone, regardless of gender, race, skin colour or any other attribute you could pin on a human being.

I believe EVERYONE has worth and it doesn't need stating by anyone that this is a fact. It's also true that no human should stand above any other.

Whether you are Black, white, whether you are male or female, trans, disabled, whether you have mental health issues or whether you don't, everyone has worth in this world.

Furthermore, I will not bend the knee to anyone, nor will I call anyone Sir. I believe we are all equals and no-one is superior, nor inferior to another. Bending the knee is submission: that implies the person you are bending the knee to is superior.

So, the opinion that the statement "White lives matter" is supposedly racist when "Black lives matter" isn't, doesn't compute in my brain.

What the disparity in the media and the rest says to me is that Black lives are superior to white lives, ergo racism.

The BLM movement may suggest that bending the knee is apologising for slavery. Something that was wiped out 200 years ago. Those bending the knee have never owned slaves and the majority of them have not been racist, so why are they banding the knee? What are they apologising for? For being white? Err RACISM! It's as bad as me walking up to a black person and asking them to apologise for their skin colour.

Of course if you mention this, the BLM movement then moves the goalposts and starts to quote White Privilege. What privilege exactly? I don't see much privilege in my life. I've had to work and work hard to get anywhere in life. Being working class doesn't  feel very privileged. I've met overt oppression, especially when working amongst graduates. They seem to think anyone that doesn't have a degree is thick. In the work environment I've experienced prejudice numerous times.

But the purpose of BLM isn't equality, I can see quite plainly it's not. Just as there are white supremacist organisations, BLM is a black supremacist one. Otherwise equality would be the goal. No bending of knees, no apologies for wrongs done centuries ago. Equality does not require the other party to be subjugated.


Here's an extreme example of why I don't like BLM and why I think their outlook is wrong. Ignore the Marxist anti-capitalist bullshit they spout and just concentrate on the race thing for a minute.

Let's flip things. Imagine that a white supremacist organisation (let's say the KKK) demanded that black people kneel in subjugation for all of their past wrongs. Or even if they didn't demand it, imagine if a part of society just decided the thing to do: kneel in subjugation entirely because of your skin colour apologising for something hundreds of years in the past even though your ancestors never benefitted from it.
I can't begin to describe how wrong that is and how wrong it is for ANY organisation or part of society to expect another part of society to kneel in subjugation. We are EQUALS and must always be treated as such.

If EQUALITY is not enough for you, then I feel sorry for you. You will never get what you want, because there is one man here that will never kneel, will never bend the knee and will never submit to another person.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The Pussification of the Police and the Power of the "R" Word.

Well, it looks like the Police is fully committed to Political Russification. Except my cat has sharper teeth than the PC Police ever will.

So far we've seen the decades-long refusal to act over Religious Asian grooming gangs lest the Police be called racist.

The same thing is happening with the violent protesters causing criminal damage on the various protests across the country.

Thankfully the idiot that pissed on the Police memorial in Westminster has rightfully been prosecuted. I assume that was a step to far eh? Pissing on a fellow Police officer's memorial stone?

But what about the rest of us that are just as horrified watching statues lobbed into harbours, decapitated or defaced? Why can't we have the satisfaction on seeing those responsible apprehended and prosecuted.

No satisfaction for us. Instead the Police kneel in subjugation. Such is the power of a single adjective word beginning with R.

The statue in Bristol was a listed monument, damage to which can carry a 10-year prison sentence. So lets smack down those very identifiable students that did the deed. Let the Police ruin their lives and make an example of them.

Why is it those of us of a lower class have to fear our daily interactions with the Police, but a middle-class mob of students and hangers-on don't? Why do they get to act with impunity? Is it because we can't afford to sue? Are we denied justice, fairness and respect because we are poor? It seems that way.

No, it's Racism, or the risk of being called racist, that's what. The word that has paralysed the Police for decades in towns and cities across the country. The word that has allowed the rape of thousands of young girls. Children not even teenagers co-opted into drug addiction, rape and prostitution.

Think if the children... it seems only when it suits.

Think of law and order, only when it suits.

Justice....only when it suits.

Go after the anti-racist mob and you are therefore a racist apparently. Even if they broke the law, doing it in the name of anti- racism or anti-fascism appears to be a get out of jail free card.

Racism. It's always been a very powerful word. No it seems it has to power to grant you immunity from the law.

Friday, 12 June 2020

BLM: Middle-Class White People Destroy Afro-Caribbean Heritage.

So with all of this disruption and destruction of statues, of anything linked to slavery (might as well nuke Bristol, Liverpool and London then), is it me, but all I'm seeing is a bunch of privileged middle-class white students destroying images, icons and other things that are important to Afro-Caribbean heritage.

For instance those few African or Caribbean heritage people that can trace their roots back to being slaves (if you can't move on after 2 centuries and four or more generations), should be able to look at a statue of a slave-trader and say "that's part of our heritage, we were enslaved but we beat slavery and moved on.."

But thanks to those white kids erasing everything with slave connotations, where will people of slave heritage actually be able to see their heritage?

It's almost as if the people were erasing anything of Scottish heritage in England, or anything of Welsh heritage.

If the people that were worst affected by this were doing the pulling down of statues, or asking for them to be removed, then I can understand it. But the people loudest and proudest at the protests are the most white, the most privileged, university graduates.

Maybe we need to lump these people in with Holocaust deniers: the people that would deny, or erase swathes of history from the landscape for ideological reasons.

We need tose icons, those landmarks, that history. Not only to show where we were back then, but to show how far we have come, to give those people directly affected some history, some sense of where they have come from.

COVID-19: Viral Load.

There is increasing evidence coming out of research that the amount of viral load you get of COVID-19 affects how badly you are affected by the virus.

So for instance a minimal passing contact with an infected person may only allow the minimum of viral particles to enter your system. Or possibly touching a surface with already weakened virus on it.
In this instance you may only suffer mild effects of the virus. There isn't enough viral load to overwhelm your immune system.

However, if you are exposed to a large dose of viral particles for an extended period, then there is a higher chance you will be affected severely by the virus.

So, the watchword is stay alert: make sure you keep your distance from people, make sure any contact is fleeting and wear a decent mask.

Avoid sitting in close proximity to people outside your close family group for extended periods of time, especially indoors.

When indoors in stores, keep your distance and make any close proximity fleeting.

Common sense really.

The World is Burning, So Long Western Society.

Well, it looks like Western Society has reached that stage in it's evolution where the new generation despise it.

It has given them the comfort and privilege afforded by modern society, but they want to tear it all down. An attitude that can only be afforded by those that grow up in a society that allows such luxuries as the ability to criticise.

I'm sure it will be replaced by some Nirvanic utopia...NOT.

Western society has worked well for hundreds of years now. It has evolved from the cut-throat times where everyone had to have a weapon, to now outlawing them. It has evolved from trading in slaves to understanding that all should have equal rights, it brought world-wide trade, peace, stability for almost a century, after the power struggles of the early 20th Century.

Now the new generation want to tear it all down. They want..... what exactly?? Certainly not equality: the trend for kneeling for BLM is not a vision of equality, it's a symbol of subjugation. Just like referring to people as "Sir" or "Madam" (which I will never do), it is a symbol of inequality, not equality.

Right now I see a momentous power struggle ahead. Not wars, like days of yore when entire countries went head-to-head for power, but of communities. This will be a world-wide civil war, as ideologies and communities across the world struggle to become the dominant power.

Whilst we're on the subject: in America, it seems there's a call to defund the Police, or to remove them entirely from radical leftist-run cities. They say they can use the money in other ways to support the community. In effect pay people not to commit crime. Good luck with that one, when people say fuck you, I can earn more by committing crime than you can supply and I won't get caught because there's no-one to stop me.

Personally I think it's yet another attempt to discredit Donald Trump. The cities disband the Police, there's chaos. When there is no local law enforcement, the only thing the federal government can do to support those people asking for protection would be to send in the Army, to declare martial law.

At that moment the left would say "Aha! Trump is a fascist, he's declared martial law!" whilst totally ignoring the fact the left had engineered the situation that required martial law to be enforced.


Tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Soros Model: How Mass Protests make Millions.

Okay, here's the guide on how I believe George Soros has changed the game regarding stock market exploitation.

Hopefully once you read this, you'll understand why over the past 10 years we have witnessed more activism and larger and more forceful and effective protests in the West.

First off, lets look at natural fluctuations in the stock market. Those natural fluctuations are exploited by everyone and it takes a very keen person to jump on those fluctuations and make any money. But there are people that do it.

But it takes billions of dollars to make a big profit. Sure, there are organisations that can spread the money around so they eventually make a profit, but it's a long-term game and the risks are high. And there's only a very few organisations and even fewer individuals who have the cash to be able to make the spread and profit from it.

But what if you could influence the market and set your ducks in a row in order to profit before you instigate that influence? You could make sure your funds are in the right place and with the right nudge you can make sure things go your way and maximise profits.

If you can influence the market and you have prior knowledge all you need to do if you invest Billions is to make a a 0.1% change in certain stocks and you make millions. Fairly risk-free. No insider trading laws breached. All the influence comes from outside. Even if you fund the organisations causing the chaos, making the moves, you only provide the funds, they work independently (Yeah, right, even when you "donate" several hundred thousand) and you have no influence.

And that's where I think the game has changed. It's moved from spreading funds to make profits on natural fluctuations, with the minimal profits and maximal risk that comes from that, to actively creating the fluctuations and making sure your funds are in place before you create the disruption in order to minimise risk and maximise profit.

It's like insider trading, but instead using outside forces to create stock market fluctuations. Deniable, almost untraceable (and even if it is traced, with no direct connection deniability rules).

So, let us do a mental exercise. You are a billionaire, with enough money to spread over the stock market and make money. You have so much money you can actually influence the stock market by moving funds. But that's a pretty obvious mechanism and people are quite quickly going to keep a sharp eye on where your funds are being placed.

Eventually the risks go up, the profits go down as everyone piles on to your gravy train.

So, you come up with an alternative. You set your funds up in a way that maximises profit and minimises risk if the stock market moves in a certain direction. All you have to do is cause it to move in that direction once the funds are in place. As you are the first in

Then, you use outside agencies to create the circumstances that causes the stock market instability and it moves in the direction you want and you make maximum profit with minimum risk.

Enter a certain Mr Soros, who I personally believe to be using the various agencies he funds like Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter to cause the instability he requires.

Right now we are experiencing a time where the instability will only get worse unless the government steps in and quashes it.

We cannot have individuals stirring up protests and riots and flouting the rule of law and generating instability just to create profit. Whether they do it directly, or by the use of agents provocateur, influencing the economy and government policy by mob rule needs to be outlawed.

The government needs to investigate these organisations like extinction rebellion and black lives matter. How they are funded, where the funds come from, how those funds are being used and how the leaders of those organisations are being influenced.