Monday, 21 September 2020

COVID-19: 2nd Lockdown Imminent

 I've said for the past couple of weeks that a second lockdown is on it's way. Possibly only for 14 days, but this next one provides a bit of a quandary to the Government: how do we do a lockdown but at the same time prevent further economic strain?

The answer is, we can't. Businesses are having a hard time as it is and unfortunately a second lockdown and business closure will kill them off.

It's quite clear now that opening everything up and wearing masks isn't working. The infection rate is rising and the stats show that allowing people to mix in whatever way is providing an ideal spreading ground for the virus.

Now what is it that is causing the spread? We're now three weeks since the schools went back. Is it that causing the rise in cases? I mean, those of us that have had kids know what lovely little germ-spreaders they are. They don't just bring homework back from school. 

Of course the thought that millions of kids could start to mingle and not spread the virus was a fallacy. 

The thought that we could mingle in pubs and cafes with several strangers in close proximity, but can't have more than six people in a room at home is provable stupidity.

In my travels around the country I've seen good businesses doing their best to keep customers safe, but I've also seen cafes and pubs open with absolutely no changes to the way they operate. No screens, no masks, no extra separation, nothing. Only lip service to track and trace as if that's some panacea to the problem. It won't prevent infection, which should be the objective. Not bolting the stable door after the horse has been infected.

Right now, the government's health advisers have been shown to be totally inadequate and not up to the job. Chris Whitty is out of his depth and should be sacked. I said it from day one: he was wrong at the start and he is wrong in his advice to the government now.

I see already that thanks to the stats not showing increases in deaths in line with infection rates, that people are railing against a second lockdown. But we know that deaths may lag behind infection rates by as much as four weeks. So there is a case for locking down immediately.

I'd like to see establishments that don't put proper precautions in place to be closed down. With eating establishments it should be akin to the hygiene rating. Without proper covid countermeasures, you get zero rated and closed until you improve.

The problem with a new lockdown is how you keep the economy going whilst simultaneously attempting to lower infection rates. The answer is you can't. Either the economy takes a dive for a second time, or we learn to somehow live with the virus. 

Whether the Government is strong enough to live with the second option is a moot point. With a huge majority in Parliament it can essentially do whatever it wants, but it really needs to get it's shit together and stick with it.

For my two penn'orth I'd say because the virus hits the oldest and the weakest most, then those with underlying health conditions and those over retirement age should shield at home. The government can then boost any benefits or pension contributions to handle any extra costs involved in having goods delivered rather than collected. Even better if the supermarkets used some of those huge profits and waived the delivery costs for those shielding. That would cost a lot less than stopping the country from working at all. 

Public meeting places such as pubs and clubs subject to tighter restrictions and enforced closures under public health for those who fail to install effective distancing and screens. 

If necessary reduce the retirement age to 60 and pay those over 60 to shield in place. In effect make it a permanent retirement option for those over 60 and stop one of the highest risk age groups having to go to work. Solves the pandemic issue and also the issue of the people cheated out of pensions by raising the retirement age.

Those leaving the workforce can then be replaced by the younger , more covid-resistant age groups. That also solves the issue of unemployment in the young.  That way the economy carries on even if a vaccine cannot be found for the next year or two. 

By doing this the government is only supporting a population between the ages of 60 and the current retirement age. There will be fewer people in that age bracket thanks to old duffers dying off, so fewer numbers to support rather than the whole of the country. It really does make a sort of sense, especially if a properly tested and safe vaccine is some years away. Unless the object is to kill everyone off close to retirement age so they can't claim a pension...

It a pretty Socialist agenda, but by God this is the most Socialist Conservative government we've ever seen. So why not?

Be bold, be radical and help the people for once. Pay for it by raising corporation tax, let those benefitting from a younger and more productive workforce pay for it. You're welcome.

Friday, 18 September 2020

COVID-19: Land of Confusion.

 The Government has announced new extra lockdown measures for the Midlands, North West and parts of Yorkshire.

Glossing over the high Muslim population in the Midlands and Yorkshire, the restrictions are hitting Merseyside too, but then the Scousers don't go much for being told what to do.

But I notice that some parts of Greater Manchester are going back into lockdown after Augusts extra restrictions were lifted. I didn't know that the extra restrictions were lifted already.

And there's the issue: with all of these different edicts, rules, regulations and restrictions coming out of government, it's hard to know what the score is in parts of the country. England, Wales and Scotland, not a problem. Wales and Scotland talk funny so you know you're somewhere where the rules may be different.

But issuing several on-off-in-out-shake-it-all-about restrictions and relaxations in England is just causing confusion. And people are now saying "fuck it, why bother?" because it's too complicated to keep up.

Instead, lets have a short, sharp shutdown to sort the issue out. 14 days lockdown and let's see how the virus progresses afterwards. The time has come to reset, reboot and make it simple again. Stop spreading the fucking virus!

And why the fuck are we accepting illegal immigrant's from plague-ridden France still? Immediately bussed to hotels in Northern England and the Midlands (those locations sound familiar) and then free to roam the streets immediately, with no 14 days isolation period. Coincidence? I think not!

Let's have it: lockdown and only essential workers exempt. 

And only release lockdown after clear guidelines have been given and pubs, restaurants and cafes only allowed to reopen with proper mitigation measures in place. I've seen too many lax establishments open up with absolutely nothing in the way of mitigation. No screens, no distancing, not even hand sanitiser. Those fuckers need to be jumped on.

And lets stop pretending BLM and Extinction Rebellion are immune. They're not. Large Gatherings and protests should be stopped.

In Southampton the boat show was stopped just hours before it was due to open. What the fuck was it doing opening anyway? Who the fuck thought it was a good idea?

God fucking help us if COVID-19 was something really deadly like Ebola. We'd be royally fucked by now.

Monday, 14 September 2020

COVID-19 - Release from Lockdown Failing

 The cracks in the release from Lockdown are starting to show. The Government has just released figures that show the R or infection rating is above 1 for the first time since lockdown.

It's now quite obvious the policy employed since lockdown has failed. For whatever reason, the infection rating has climbed above 1 and the virus is starting to increase once again.

I urge the government to act now and not fuck about like it did last time. We need lockdown NOW.

Close the schools, close the pubs (the most obvious vector for the virus and not at all necessary to keep open), and limit access to shops again. This time, keep non-essential shops open, but limit access. So at least a significant majority of people can continue to work and keep their jobs.

Schools should become a safe repository for kids while parents are working. Kids stay in fixed classes, no moving around from class to class spreading the virus. 

Beauty salons are not essential and promote close personal contact. They should also be closed. Tough luck ladies, learn to love the grey.

Work should continue as much as possible, with proper social distancing measures in place. Offices should install screens between desks and workers should wear masks where they can.

Movement between households should be stopped. Scrap the rule of six, stop all non-essential meetings between households.

Non-essential travel should also be stopped.

Migrants reaching our shores should be returned under quarantine back to France. They should not be allowed into the country, they should not be bussed to the North and they should not be allowed the freedom to roam the streets.

It should be made clear to the country that they cannot go back to pre-lockdown levels of social interaction. If they continue to act in the irresponsible way they are, then they risk a second lockdown and this time the country may not be able to afford the cushion that was given to them the first time round. Next time will be harder. Unless they start to act responsibly and start to get back to what they were doing during lockdown, then there will be a tougher period of lockdown. Your choice.

And to the Government: for fuck's sake stop changing the rules! No wonder people just do what the fuck they like, because the Government changes the rules every week. Let's have some common sense rules that people can actually see make sense. Stop with the ever changing tag lines.

Right now the government should be saying we should be working to prevent another harder lockdown. We are all in it together and if we don't, the government cannot be as generous as last time and the next time will be harder for a lot of people. It may be harder for YOU.

Do you ant to risk your home, your job? If you don't then start to act like responsible adults and keep your distance, stop spreading the virus and stop acting like there's nothing going on. Stay away from pubs if at all possible. The pubs are there as a service, they are not be be abused on drunken orgies like before the virus. If you can't grow up and take some responsibility, then you will lose the privilege and pubs and other services will be shut down again.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Importing Terror

 It seems record numbers of illegal immigrants are reaching the shores of the UK, in the last gasp before the weather turns wintery for good, we've had a rush of so-called "asylum Seekers" arrive on our shores.

So many the Border Farce and RNLI can't keep up. Either that or the people smugglers are getting so proficient at avoiding said authorities (you have to ask, given they get free 4 star hotel rooms why they would do that) that they are actually now getting to the beaches unchecked in increasing numbers.

The night time invasions are increasing too. The anecdotal evidence of weapons being smuggled ashore at night are not so far fetched. People by day, guns by night. It's a lucrative trade. And a deadly one for the people of the UK.

Especially the Gay people of the UK, who have seemingly borne the brunt of another terrorist attack, this time in Birmingham. Same M.O. as the terrorist in Reading. Stab random victims in a predominantly Gay area. Sorry, but two now is not a coincidence.

What fucks me off though is that the sell-out corporate shills in organisations like StoneWall stay silent. If this was a straight-on-Gay fight, they would be up in arms demanding Gay rights and protection from the Police.

But make the killer a Muslim, A Muslim "asylum Seeker" and the fuckers are as silent as anything. 

But that's the left for you: devoid of reason, without a rational clue about fuck all in the real world. Poncey Politics outweigh reality. 

It does make me wonder how far these organisation have to be pushed?  When the Muslim Mullahs take over control of Birmingham and start to close down Gay establishments. will they find their voice? 

Right now, those of us who understand, who have lived in Muslim areas, who understand the majority Muslim view isn't the same as the Muslims you see in the Media.

The people that believe the mouthpeices are in for a big shock the first time they taste Muslim majority rule. Think living in a majority Muslim country won't be bad? Rear up on how quickly Iran changed from the model of a modern Muslim state, to the extremist religious fundamentalist pariah it is today. It changed almost overnight.

Right now, the import of thousands of Muslims poses an existential threat to the modern Western way of life. It's a way of life that has given equality to everyone regardless of race, or gender or sexuality. They have been hard fought for by thousands of people, over hundreds of years. 

The numbers of Muslims coming into the country is a threat to all of that work. Feminism will fall, Gay rights will be abolished. If you can't see that in our future, then you are either na├»ve or stupid. 

Stop looking to the right for the bogeyman, the thereat from the right has been extinguished. 

The threat now comes from the left, the threat to your communities is YOU. YOU are allowing enemies of your community to come into the country unchecked, YOU are allowing them to persecute your communities already, YOU are allowing them to murder people in your community without standing up and highlighting the issue.

And if YOU don't stand up now, YOU will be allowing the Muslims to make the rules and you and your communities will be living lives under threat and all those hard-won rights you so dearly chanted about during the Sixties, the Seventies, the Eighties and the Nineties will evaporate away.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

BLM Self-Abuse: Until the Cyle Is Broken, it Won't Ever Stop.

 BLM and it's supporters make a good fist of blaming virtually everyone else for the woes of the BAME communities in America (and the UK), but really guys, you need to look in the fucking mirror.

It's black communities burning down businesses serving their own communities (making their own communities deprived), it's black activists spouting shit like "time is racist", or "science is racist" when patently it's abount having a massive fucking chip on your shoulder.

Want to get involved in Science? Do the fucking time and education and make yourself worth hiring. 

Want to get involved in law enforcement or law, or justice? Ditto.

Let's not sugar-coat it: you're not going to get it handed to you on a fucking spoon with sugar on top. Do the fucking hard work like everyone else and stop with the false entitlement.

Also, when middle class white kids feel a bit guilty about their non-existent white privilege or some other bollocks, then tell them to fuck off and take their patronising whinings elsewhere. When those same white kids start burning down your cities in your name then you need to make a stand and tell them to stop. They are dragging you down, they are getting you tarred with the

Stand on your own two feet for a fucking change. Be responsible. Take responsibility. Respect others. 

Are those white principles? I don't think so. Are you telling me some village elder in some goat-herding village in the middle of Africa doesn't deserve respect? Don't you think he's going to whip seven shades out of you if you don't respect him? Don't the villagers have some sense of responsibility to each other? Don't you think they all RESPECT each other? Think they're exclusively white concepts? You're a fucking idiot.

The black community especially needs to start taking responsibility for the shit state of their community. It's no-one else's but your own. Start being responsible for your community. If kids are running rampant causing crime, then sort the fuckers out. 

In a white working class community feral kids that cause trouble get dealt with. No Police involved. Nobody else required. Community self-help from members of the community that deserve respect.  They get delivered back to their delinquent parents bloodied and with a warning: Don't. Do. It. Again.

Yeah, but that's a white concept, it doesn't concern the black community. Let the kids roam free, no consequences,. no boundaries. See where that's getting you. Fucking idiots.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

False Entitlement: The Problem with BLM, Trans and Other Activist Organisations

 The recurring theme coming out of the BLM movement and their spokespeople is one of institutional racism, or ingrained racism, or some term that defines a hampering of their ability to do the same jobs as white people just because of skin colour.

It's entirely bogus of course. There have been laws against such practices for decades and if a person of colour can prove such a thing has occurred, then they have the full force of the legal profession behind them in seeking redress.

However, it doesn't happen, because well, it doesn't happen.

What BLM and a lot of these new activist organisations seek is False Entitlement. They want things they are not entitled to. Black people don't want equality: they already have that. They want an "easy in" to any job they so chose to select, just because. Brain Surgeon? No problem sir, we'd be glad to accept you and you can just bypass all of that hard work and years of study, just go right ahead and open up Mr Smith's skull and crack on.

That's maybe an extreme example, but it illustrates the type of thinking that BLM and the like have. They don't want equality, they want more. To get that and to "guilt shame" the rest of us, they'll dredge up any number of reasons why they should get preferential treatment. Slavery being the current reason, but others have been systemic racism, or instructional racism. No proof needed, just give me what I think I'm due, because history.

BLM want nice houses, want good jobs, want lots of money. Well, you know what? Go out and fucking EARN them. Stop your kids skipping school, stop your kids stabbing each other, stop gangs, stop petty criminality in your communities.

Drag YOURSELVES out of the cesspit you are in. If your area is a cesspit, then MOVE. YOU have to change the situation YOU find yourself in.

I've done it a couple of times now. I was up North getting paid low wages for what should have been a well paid job in computers. I moved to Oxford to get the salary I deserved and also to get myself and my family out of the cesspit that is Greater Manchester. I didn't claim any form of entitlement to that job, I learned my stuff, put the time in, got the experience and made the move. I did that. I didn't wait for someone to tell me I was entitled to a better job and just hand it to me. I went out and got it.

The downside to doing that was the fact I also faced prejudice, despite my so-called "White Privilege". You be a Northerner with a Northern accent working down South, working in high technology. See, hear and feel the prejudice. "What University did you go to?" was an all too common question. Just as with the colour of people's skin, I was rated by my education or lack of it. Despite years of provable experience.

So don't talk to me about my privilege.  I know pregudice.

And this is what galls me about BLM. They want it all, without putting in the work, they want an easy ride. They want representation in all spheres of life without getting there on merit. If you want more black brain surgeons, make sure your kids to well at school and have a stable home life. Make sure they get educated and go on to attain and get there on Merit. Don't claim entitlement falsely without doing the work. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The Channel Illegal Immigrants - Let's not Sugar Coat it, It's a National Security Crisis.

 The left is making much lightness of the migrants coming across the channel, saying how could we be so heartless as to stop all of these pregnant mothers and families with kids coming across the channel?

All very twee and ever so unthreatening. What's to worry about? These families will assimilate into our culture and before you know it will be model citizens...

Except that I know they won't. I've seen what happens first hand. I've lived through mass immigration. I've seen neighbourhoods become ghettos and for the immigrant communities to close ranks, close doors, close their own borders, even as the left insist we keep ours open.

I lived in a multicultural area. I have said this many times. Back in the 60's on our street you could find Poles, Romanians, Indians, Yugoslavians. Those from the Eastern Bloc displaced when the iron curtain fell were happy to be here. The Indians likewise wanted to be here to make a better world for their kids. They understood the benefits of being here and were grateful.

In the 70's we received a wave of different immigrants. They were unsure why they were here. Sure, they were shopkeepers, they took opportunities. But as more and more came, they became resentful. They installed enclaves and isolated themselves, establishing closed borders. Where the Poles and the Romanians and the Indians had happily shared their culture, their homes and their lives, the immigrants from Pakistan and other parts of the Muslim world thought their religion superior, their way of life better, they refused to integrate, except for a small percentage. Mainly those who had to deal with the world outside the community. Those within the community live isolated lives, insulated from Western values and as they see it Western imprudence. The isolated core that gives rise to the us/them extremist murderers and hides the child rapists. The other communities were pushed out, sometimes forcibly by the new, resentful neighbours.

Those people not intercepted by Border Force and get to the beaches melt away into the countryside. Mobile phone in hand they contact cousins who direct them to the isolated enclaves. There they can live and earn a living without the British authorities ever knowing about their existence. They are off the books, illegal. Driving cars insured in the names of cousins, holding driving licences in other names. Woe betide you meet one on the road.

The people arriving on the beaches are the most organised, the most resourceful, but not quite the most dangerous. That moniker is left for those that make the crossing at night. Those are the people smuggling not only people, but people of fighting age, with an ideology imbued in them. They run up the beaches and into the night to be picked up in vans. Sometimes they carry other things. They carry drugs, or weapons, and pass them to their brothers waiting in the white vans that drive to the coast of an evening.

Going back to the lefties, they say only 5000 have arrived, hardly a threat, hardly a drop in the Ocean, why can 't we accept them with open arms?

Because dear leftie, 805 of those 5000 are of fighting age and male. That's 4000 young men in the country illegally from who knows where.

Let's be hypothetical and assume that a low number, possibly 5 or 10% of those young males are not looking for employment, but are looking to cause mayhem. To use those smuggled weapons?

That's 200 men. Just think what a group of 200 organised men could accomplish. They can recruit, they can organise, they can attack. 

Even if only 10 percent of those men attacked a shopping centre as we have seen in other countries, that's 20 men. They can cover all the exits in a shopping centre and go on a shooting spree. 20 men is plenty enough to cause major carnage, cause more than 20 deaths. The trade off would be worth it for them. There would still be 90 percent of them available to continue and they could recruit more.

We can't keep those 200 men under surveillance.  Not all the time. And we already have more terrorist-grade radicals and extremists than we can keep an eye on. So why would we want to allow more in?

I hope that when the first atrocity occurs that involves an illegal immigrant or a significant number of organised immigrants that the left and the Labour party especially will eat humble pie. I would hope that they won't blame the government when they, the left were the apologists for terrorists.

This is a National Security threat. It threatens every single one of us. I'm not scared of Muslim extremists, I have no irrational fear of Muslims in general. I have had Muslim friends, I have Muslim family. But I have also experienced the extremists, I have knowledge of them and I know how they live, isolated amongst the Muslim community. I know how they manipulate not only their own community, but manipulate outsiders.

If you can't see the threat, then I suggest you have been manipulated buy the very people that despise you, are too trusting and cannot see what is very obvious.