Thursday, 28 November 2019

Beware False Brexit Idols...

It seems Labour are shit scared of the Leave-voting (previous) Labour supporters switching to the Brexit party, so they are now making more definite noises about Brexit policy and what Labour would do.

Let's be clear: a vote for Labour is a vote to remain. Just like a Lib-Dem vote. Maybe Labour aren't as clear on the subject, but let ME be clear:

Labour haven't taken Remain off the table, so it remains a viable option in any future referendum. Also, if they get into power, would negotiate a new, supposedly better deal and then the majority of Labour MPs would campaign during a second referendum campaign against the deal that they themselves negotiated, because they feel the UK would be better within the EU. As nonsensical as that seems.

What Labour's policy is, is a back-door attempt to remain.

The Lib-Dems, are quite clear that they would revoke article 50 without a referendum, instead relying on the mandate of the general election win to reverse the referendum result of 2016.

Labour instead would have a people's vote or second referendum, with options to remain and any number of leave options. Thereby splitting the leave vote and artificially generating a remain result.

Instead what we should be hearing from ANY party offering a second referendum is to offer a referendum on leave only. The LEAVE/REMAIN issue was settled in 2016: we voted to leave.

So now the issue should progress and move on: we voted leave, so what leave option do we prefer?  Do we like any deal that the government negotiates with the EU, or do we reject the deal and go for a clean break and sever ties with Europe immediately?

Instead of taking no-deal off the table, MPs should have taken remain off the table. The fact that all the actions of MPs over the past 3 years was exactly the opposite, tells you volumes on where the majority of Previous MPs stood. They all want to be tied to Europe and will negotiate the worst deal in order to make being in Europe appear better than being outside.