Monday, 12 September 2016

I, Deplorable

I rarely comment on U.S. politics. But the latest comments by Hilary Clinton resonate over this side of the pond too.

Her latest statements decrying half of Trump supporters as a "basket of Deplorables" shows utter contempt for the very people that may or may not vote her into office.

It's a clear example of the disconnect between the political elite and the public and their contempt for us.

It's the same as Emily Thornberry's comments about white van men, or Gordon Brown's "Bigoted Woman" comments.

It's why the leave campaign won the referendum. The public saw the EU as a totally political project, with politician's using it as a gravy train, earning millions in the European commision. "Jobs for the lads (or lasses)", a layer of plutocrats earning six figure salaries, lording it over the citizens of Europe unelected, unaccountable and unfettered.

The British public rightly declared this unacceptable.

It's okay to be an unelected person in charge of minor issues like trade, as in the Common Market of old, but once the same entity starts to dabble in lawmaking, taxation and politics, then the British people demand accountability. With no accountability written into any of the treaties forced upon us by the political elite, we decide to rightly call an end to it.

That disconnect, that "we know best" attitude, the setting themselves above the masses, is THE biggest indicator that they are setting themselves up for a fall. Because once the masses wake up and realise this they will give the elite a bloody nose.

I'm not sure that Trump is the true non-establishment figure he purports to be, I mean, he is part of the moneyed elite if he isn't part of the political elite. But if he successfully channels the anti-establishment feeling in politics in America he will win.