Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've decided that I feel so apathetic towards politics because the whole thing is so fucking warped and corrupt.

So, fuck 'em. Fuck all politicians, local and national. Fuck their staff, the lobbyists and all the self-interest groups that influence government, excluding those that really matter on policy: us, the people.

That BBC F1 Coverage Again....

Well, ignoring the rights and wrongs of actually holding the Bahrain Grand Prix in the first place, I'd just like to congratulate the BBC on royally buggering up coverage of yet another race.

Not only are the highlights of the race not actual highlights, instead its just an edited mish-mash of clips, with none of the real action covered. Randomly editing huge chunks of the race with no regard to the action happening during it are not "edited highlights". End of. Doing things as they are currently is total crap.

The next gripe is the F1 forum, which for the past couple of seasons has been the most insightful and delightful to watch parts of BBCs F1 coverage. From embarrassed presenters being offered alcoholic drinks live on air, to them being thrown in Red Bull's swimming pool, its great. However, on "highlights" weekends, the BBC seems locked out of running the forum directly after the race has been run. Instead we get the forum in (usually) the dead of night, when all the pits are packed up and being shipped out and the teams are eating their supper. The Bahrain GP was no exception, but meeting up with ex-BBC-now-Sky presenter Martin Brundle and his sarcastic comments re the late timing of the forum just highlight the poor quality of the BBC coverage.

As it is, for the non-live races, the BBC seriously need to raise their game.