Saturday, 10 October 2009

Gordon Brown's Eye

Yes, Gordo's good eye is as gammy as earlier reports suggested.

The reporting of this means that thanks to the Irish voting yes to, and the Poles ratifying the Lisbon Treaty, Gordon Brown is now surplus to the requirements of Peter Mandelson.... sorry, I mean the Labour party.

Global Warming: Unproven Science and thats a Fact.

Even the BBC are now reporting against the man-made global warming (MMGW) phenomenon.

Its a fact that the science is unproven. Unproven to a degree that would satisfy most that the country should stump up billions we currently do in tax and spend those billions on MMGW projects domestic and foreign.

Its got so farcial that the MMGW lobbyists have swapped the "global warming" tag (because it isn't warming at all) to the more generic "climate change" moniker. Of course, you can't deny climate change as the climate changes all the time naturally.

I just hope this is the start of a national outbreak of common sense with regards to climatology.

"After the next election"

It seems that deperate to cling on to power, Labour are intent on telling lies in order to gain votes at the next election.

We had a raft of new, sensible proposals from the Labour Party conference and since then, we've had a slew of sensible, sane proposals to get the electorate thinking "yeah, that sounds like a plan, I might vote for them...".

But hand on a mo: all of these proposals come with the caveat "after the next election". But Labour is in power NOW, so why don't they implement all of these sensible proposals now? I mean, the Tories aren't in power, so can't implement policies today. But Labour is, so whats holding them back?

Its because they are telling LIES. They are telling massive porkies. Its not like they're ever going to implement these policies, because there won't be any money for them "after the next election". Instead the top priority will be to save money, not spend it.

Ah, you say, but Labour will put those policies in their election manifesto, so they'll have a mandate to implement them and will have to do it as they promised and...

Oh do grow up! Labour were the party that successfully argued in court that election manifestos aren't binding. They don't have to keep any promises they make in a manifesto at all, ever. To be honest, anyone past the age of eight should be able to spot this sort of deception: "it wasn't me, it was them", "I never promised"... you get the picture.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is: after 12 years of downright deviousness, do you really, really trust Labour to keep to their promises? Do you reeeallly? Or do you have that nagging doubt you get when you deal with used car salesmen, where you're sure you're being sold a pup and you know you should really avoid at all costs?

Today I shall be...

Attending the Festival of Fishkeeping, at Mill Rythe Holiday village on Hayling Island.

Keeping tropical fish is another hobby of mine and as I'm now living locally, I can pop in and have a look what the FoF is all about.

Its free to get in and its on today and tomorrow.

One word of warning: time your entry and exit well, there's only one road onto the island and if you get it wrong you'll be stuck in traffic for ages.

Having never been before I can't comment on what will be there, but there looks to be displays on various aspects of fishkeeping, coldwater, tropical and marine.

Friday, 9 October 2009

WTF?? Obama Worldwide Wankfest Continues Unabated

President Obamalamadingdong has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

What the fuck has he done to promote world peace exactly? He still has troops fighting in two countries: hardly the peacemaker then.

Where is his big legacy? Has he disarmed unilaterally? Has he reduced the number of nukes? Did he participate in major peace talks like the Northern Irish Talks? Has he done anything on the Arab/Israeli problem? Well, no, he's done nothing major yet on the world stage to help world peace.

I really don't know the reasons behind this global Obama wankfest, I really just don't get it at all.

Is there some secret file in the Vatican that marks him out as the son of God? Have the Illuminati cast their runes and pronounced him their first global president?

What the fuck is going on? Can anyone explain?

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vote for anyone but a political party.

I'm now convinced that at the next election, there is no party that I would readily give my vote to.

Labour's record over the past 12 years stands on its own merit as one of the most disasterous periods in the UKs history, setting up a miserable legacy that will spread into the future for decades.

The Lib-Dems have no answer and no backbone either. They haven't yet delivered a credible national policy.

Now to the Conservatives and all you can say for them is they look shiny and new, but the policies they espouse don't fill me with any sort of will to vote for them, more a wishy-washy apathy owards them, which really defines their policies: wishy-washy. No confidence, no drive, nothing at all that will carry the nation with them in order to sort this country out.

The minor parties: well, they don't count, unless they form some extreme anti-everyone-already-in-Parliament alliance.

Maybe this is the legacy of the EU, that subconciously we know that our Parliament is irrelevant; that the majority of our laws are determined from abroad and that our political and judicial overlords don't sit in Westminster, but Brussels and Strasbourg.

The time really has come to cast a century of conditioning aside and avoid party politics altogether by voting for totally independant MPs. If you want to vote for an independant but still cling sheep-like to herd mentality, then vote for your local Jury Team candidate if you have one. But please, for the Love of God, avoid voting for the party political machines that only have the interests of big business and financial corporations at heart.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Nu Labour do the Unthinkable

So, Alastair Darling has done the unthinkable for Nu Labour and will announce a public sector pay freeze.

But only for senior public sector and civil service officials, so not quite the comprehensive public sector savings needed, but its a start.

Local Government Needs Sorting Out

Okay, are you sitting comfortably? I'll now thell you a story about how fucked up local government is.

Right. I moved to Havant in Hampshire last November. It took three months to get my daughter into a school. The two closest schools wouldn't take her, because the nearest one in Havant 1 mile away was full and the nearest one in Portsmouth (we were 100 yards from the Portsmouth Border) less than a mile away wouldn't take her because we were in Havant and therfore under Havant Town Council.

So, we eventually found we were in a catchment area for a school over the other side of Havant, over 3 miles away! We duly applied for her to attend the school and she was accepted. She started school in February. Yes, thats nearly 3 months out of school in year 10!

Because there is so much distance between our house and the school, we luckily qualify for a bus pass for the daughter. The bus pass is applied for and subsequently supplied by Hampshire County Council (NOT you'll note Havant Town Council).

Fast forward to July this year and we find our landlady is selling the house we were renting. We found this out not by a formal letter, but by the landlady showing the people round the house! She originally told us they were prospective new landlords, but landlords don't envisage where their 3-piece suite is going, nor think about knocking chimeys about....

So, we hunted for a house again. Now here's the catch. With me being unemployed, the number of landlords that will take us is limited. In the past we've seen houses we've liked, only to be rejected because I'm out of work. So, we find a house 2 miles away over the border in Portsmouth where the landlord is happy to take us. We move in.

Now, the daughter is getting a bus pass from Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth is in Hampshire, so there shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong! We inform the transport committee of our move as you are required to do. Today they phoned up demanding the bus pass be returned immediately and say I have to apply to Portsmouth City Council transport committee for a bus pass. But Portsmouth is in Hampshire, so why duplicate the same function for Portsmout? Why pay two lots of people to do effectively the same job? I assume the same goes for other cities that have declared themselves "unitary authorities", so I assume there are several groups within Hampshire doing the same job as Hampshire County Council's.

It gets worse of course: Portsmouth City Council have different criteria to Hampshire County Council and it looks like my daughter won't be going to her school much longer. The policy is not to move year 11s because they are in the middle of GCSE studies, but only if you get jobseekers allowance (I don't as I've been unemployed over 6 months), Income Support (we don't because the wife works), or Working Tax Credits (we do get them, but have been given a benefit of £0... yes thats zero pounds. Thats what the paperwork said: not you're not entitled, just you're entitled to nothing.), so I'm not sure if we qualify or not. Probably not.

So, I've just had an interesting conversation with the lady at Portsmouth saying we can't afford to pay to send my daughter to school, whereupon she said if we do that, we'd be prosecuted. Fine says I, bring it on, because if I can't fathom how this fucking stupid system works or why it works the way it does, then lets waste some council tax money and employ lawyers to argue the toss over it in a magistrates court.

It never ceases to amaze me how the stupid cretins in government think that all of this is somehow saving money. We have layers upon layers of people in government duplicating jobs for no reason at all, other than what appears to be a public sector job creation scheme.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

They Think They're Above the Law

Seems that Harriet Harman is the latest member of the political elite that think the laws they make only apply to us and not them.

I'll be so glad when the arrogant fuckers in government get their arses kicked at the next election.