Saturday, 5 December 2009

ClimateGate Arrogant Scientists

A link on the excellent Burning our Money flagged up Friday's Newsnight, where a climate scientist called an American sceptic "an asshole". The argument really has come down to that. With that one word, Professor Watson shows how much contempt he feels for man made global warming deniers.

Watch the program for yourself (while you can) and see that Professor Watson from UEA is the sort of arrogant self-serving scientist that will brook no dissent. This is the same sort of attitude that has got the MMGW camp into such a mess: the almost religious belief that they are right and everyone else are wrong. Not only that, but those that disbelieve are idiots or "assholes".

There is very little doubt in my mind that what has happened with man made global warming is that the scientists crossed a big fat red line which marked the boundary between subjectivity and objectivity. By crossing the line into the territory marked subjectivity, the MMGW people have created their own problem. They have purposefully gone about making the science fit the thesis, manipulating data where it diverted from their theoretical model. Even Professor Watson in the newsnight interview, (if you listen carefully) says that the email entries about hiding the decline were to do with tree ring data, that matched their thesis, until a point where it diverted, so they had to fudge the data. In his own words: "they are looking at temperatures over the last thousand years, trying to reconstruct them and they use a particular method; Er, with tree rings and it works well, up until about 1960 and then it goes wrong for reasons which, which.. there are lots of papers on, which we don't need to go into..."

In other word, they use tree ring data whilst it supports their thesis, up until it diverts from their model, for a reason they can't or won't explain, then they discard it, or make up the data to fit their model.

The arrogance with which Professor Watson dismisses this poor science boggles me. If the data doesn't fit the model, then the model is wrong, at that point they have to prove the mechanism by which the divergent data still continues to fit the model, or modify the model. All of which has to stand up to independant scrutiny, not some closed shop cabal of climate disciples.

I didn't believe at first that ClimateGate was such a big deal, but the more that comes out ot the affair, the more I'm convinced that its big and unstoppable. There will be major repercussions in science, climatology, high finance and politics.

Thank you mysterious climategate hacker/whistleblower, wherever you are. You have given the blogosphere global provenence.

The downside is, I fear a global backlash. Be ready for it.

Targeting the Bloggers: BloggerGate?

There has been in the past few months, a worrying trend towards harrassing bloggers. Several have aparrently shut up shop over the past weeks, thanks to the hassle. The highest profile blog being Anna Racoon, who is now keeping her blog alive guest hosting.

The lastest casualty being the ever excellent Subrosa, who I've followed for ages, and who has regularly commented on my blog. Her blog now has restricted access, which is a pity as her pithy observations of the Scottish political climate as well as her more general observations will be missed.

The thing is though, either this person or persons behind this are pretty fucked up in the head and get some perverted joy out of this, or there are more sinister reasons for this open season on blogs. I just hope that there is something more behind this rather than some geeky turd knocking one out because he caused a blog to close, because that'd be a pretty sad story.

To be honest, this latest trend doesn't bother me, as my stats are way below anything that would register on anyone's radar. I'd be a pretty irrelevant scalp. To be honest if you're reading this, you're one of a pretty select group of people. Thank you.

Not that I'd be a scalp, as I'm not the sort that takes the role of victim. When I started blogging, I had a lot to think about. I have enough skeletons in my closet to remake Jason and the Argonauts. However, I'm far from ashamed about my past or my present activities and if anyone wants to make them public in any way, be my guest. They are already public in other fora and it doesn't take a brain surgeon or master hacker to do a google search and make the link.
Anyone that does, will get a huge "who fucking cares?" from me.

Friday, 4 December 2009

ClimateGate: U.N. Enter the Debate

It seems the head of the U.N body responsible for climate studies has made a statement about the leaked UEA emails saying the allegations of data manipulation warrant further investigation.

It seems the story is growing. I just wonder if the Copenhagen Climate Conference will now be a different animal to the one originally planned.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

ClimateGate: Links

A couple of days ago you may have read my climategate ranting about how the Shell Oil company were promoting the carbon credit commidity trading market.

It now appears that there are links between the UEA's Climate Research Unit and Shell.

Now the front is peeled away, there seems to be a very intriguing and quite incestuous relationship all round the Man Made Global Warming community. Whether its getting dodgy science peer-reviewed by a sympathetic scientist, to locking out dissenting points of view from scientific fora and now to funding linked to oil companies who promote commodity markets. Those people duped by the whole scam, those misguided climate camp people that actually thought they were the anti-establishment, must now be wondering who they were protesting for. Were they really just duped into promoting a point of view led by the big commodity traders?

I'm sure there's a lot more to come from this, but the mass media must surely now start to pick up on this. This could be a really, really big story, with reverberations around the globe. Not for the effects of CO2, but for the scale of the scandalous manipulation that has been wrought across the scientific and environmental communities in country after country.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Climate Gate: Time to Take Stock

Ok, its been a while since the release of the emails and data from UEA, so what exactly has happened since?

Well, a review has been comissioned to investigate the leak. Its a pity theres so far no investigation to review the methods used at UEA CRU, but it may come in time. The one glimmer is that Phil Jones, one of the senior figures in the emails and director of the CRU has stepped down while the investigation takes place. Maybe wiser heads can prevail there while he's away and procedures put into place to ensure proper scientific processes are put in place. We've had a few mentions on U.S. TV shows, but nothing much over here.

As for the wider world, what else has happened? Well, it seems every new day since the leak has had a new climate factoid released, or a celebrity spouting climate bollocks, or something in the news to keep the warmist agenda firmly in the minds of the public. Not much has been heard in the mainstream media of the leak, or the opposing view.

Whats my take on things? Well, I'm sure by now you'll know that I'm firmly in the "Man Made Global Warming is bollocks" camp. This is an explaination why:

The real drivers in the weather aren't gases, but the sun and water vapour. Gases have a minimal impact on weather. Sure, the sun can heat up the air and it takes on a brownian motion, giving rise to thermals, but air without water vapour isn't a terrifically energetic medium. However, add water vapour into the mix and you can get some of THE most violent weather systems, because all the water vapour adds mass to the air. It also reacts with the heat from the sun in a more volatile way than a gas on its own. Physical and thermal weather effects are magnified several times by the presence of water vapour. Clouds cool the atmosphere, cloud dynamics move hot and cold atmosphere around, water in the form of snow at the poles reflects light, clouds distribute moisture and drop it on Cumbria, causing floods. Water in the oceans can store heat and CO2, it can move heat around the globe. Water is cool stuff and on a quantum level is pretty fascinating.

Now you can see that the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere has risen in recent years and consequently our weather patterns have changed, at the fringes becoming more energetic and wetter, which accounts for some of the unprecedented weather events we've seen in the past decade. Anyone who has flown through a storm cloud will testify to the power of water vapour.

Do I think that man made CO2 is to blame? No.

Do you want to know why? Its because also in this past decade, the Sun has also undergone unprecedented events. The Sun is by far the most powerful driver of weather on this planet and the amount of energy it imparts into our atmosphere is several magnitudes higher than anything man made CO2 can achieve. I'm quite sure that Solar weather is driectly linked to Terrestrial weather. In fact CERN have a project called CLOUD, which is trying to replicate what happens when energetic particles from the Sun interact with our upper atmosphere. Our knowledge about how the world works grows every day and I'm sure we will get a better understanding one day.

The Sun has a normal 11 year sunspot cycle. Except this last cycle has been different in a number of ways and the new cycle has been late in coming, in fact its been delayed for just over 2 years. Which correspondingly in my rough mental estimate, is the sort of time we've been having pretty serious floods around the country. To me, its a pretty established fact that the Sun is the main energetic driver of this planet in all sorts of ways and for scientists to start spouting on a minimal increase in CO2 caused by man is going to cause global doom is to be frank, quite arrogant.

This is just a natural cycle and all that we as humans can do is adapt to it. Just like our forefathers did back in the Ice Age and back in the Medieval Warm Period. In the Ice Age, humans adapted and lived in the snow and ice. In the Medieval Warm Period, Vikings exploited Greenland for farming.

I'm no climatologist, no scientist, all I can go on is my empirical data. But those that know me know when I have a hunch, when I see a system or process in action, I'm pretty much on the money when it comes to diagnosis.

Five years on from now I'm pretty sure things will get back to normal and we'll be debating what all this panic was all about.

Finally, for anyone wanting me to provide proof for my theory, tough, I'm not going to release it. My raw data was lost years ago (my memory is limited to only remembering significant events like snow in June and drought in 1976, or hurricane winds in 1979 and 1987), anyhow it stays mine and ( to paraphrase the MMGW scientists) I won't share it with anyone. Won't, Won't, Won't.

The Problems of Brownfield Housing.

So-called "Brownfield" sites for housing have for many years been touted as one of the ways we can tackle the shortage of housing in the UK.

However, here is a report which gives a lesson as to why brownfield housing has to be sited with care, as not all brownfield sites are suitable for housing.

There's a reason why railways tend to be lined by non-residential properties and the noise they can cause is one of them. As a kid I well remember in the summer months with the windows open, listening to the engine noise of the trains and the squeal of the wheels coming from the railway sidings half a mile away. I know how noisy railways can be. I also get goosebumps just remembering the whistling noise from the turbos of the diesel engines. As nostalgic I reckon as someone harking back to the days of steam.

Anyway I digress.

The point is, planners seem not to take into account the impact of the local environment including noise and other factors when approving brownfield and other sites, like housing developments on flood plains. Its about time they did, despite the pressure to create new housing, there should also be pressure to arrive at housing that is fit for people to live in.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Britain Bankrupt in 2010

I've been saying it for nearly 2 years now, that 2010 will be a historic year. So many things come together in this one year that it can't be anything other than a massively significant milestone in the history of our nation.

Now comes the pretty solid news that our financial situation will become dire next year.

As I've said before, if you thought this was a recession, think again, we've been on the lip of the biggest crash this country has ever seen. The only thing propping up the house of cards economy is a tissue-paper foundation propped up by quantative easing. It WILL collapse next year and the effects will be catastrophic. The principal architects of this disaster, the Labour government will try and prop things up until the election so that the Conservatives can be blamed for the austere decade(s) we face and our children and grandchildren will inherit. Never mind climate bollocks, righting this scorched-earth economic policy wrought by Labour is our biggest challenge for the future. A policy whos architects should be tried as the criminals they are.

When is your Land and Property not yours?

When its accessible to the public, thats when.

If this legal ruling has any meaning, then untaxed or ininsured cars on drives could be siezed and crushed.

Nowhere is free from this overwhelming burden of beaurocracy any more, not even your own land and property is yours in truth.

Superlorry vs the Police

No, not a new lorry-shaped superhero devoted to righting Police injustice, but a new twin trailer lorry developed by Denby Transport. Designed to carry light-but-bulky loads up to the legal weight limit of 38 tons.

The Police as usual in situations where they are unsure if its legal or not, decided to treat it as illegal and stopped it from going on the roads.

Hopefully now a test case will ensue to see who is right in law and whether the 25m long lorry can carry goods on the road. I do love it when private entrepreneurs take on the government. They rarely win, but its nice to see someone with the balls to have a go and push things along.

I love the specious argument from the Campaign for Better Transport loon spouting at the end of the report: "So we get 25m lorries that can carry 44 tons, then they'll carry 60 tons, do we then end up with 50m lorries carrying 100 tons?" No this is one lorry, designed to go up to the current legal maximum weight limit. Knob.

A Minute of Silence

Pray if you will, in joining me in a minutes silence, to mourn the passing of democracy in Europe.

The lights begin to go out from this minute forth, unless good men step forth and save us. By this time next year, I predict we will have witnessed many previously unforseen events.

The answer to war is not tyranny. Europe will not be saved by this totalitarianism. It is mortally weakened, against all foes, foreign and domestic.

Good Night and God Speed.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

More CO2 Bollocks

So, the science that was settled, isn't actually settled since the UEA leak.

Then it was CO2 will acidify the Oceans and dissolve the corals or knacker fishes sense of smell.

They really are trying desperately hard to give us umpteen reasons that all the expensive enviro-tax-and-spend policies should remain in place, with less and less evidence and credibility.

Now Paul McCartney says missing out on eating one meat-based meal will solve our CO2 problems. Or something.

Aparrently our gluttonous appetite for meat will double the amount of CO2 meat-producing agriculture emits. Hmm, any hard scienctific facts behind that Paul, or have you perfected talking out of your arse? Or you just peddling this meat-free Monday nonsense to promote a certain soya-based meat substitute? How much CO2 does that soya-based processed crap produce eh?

He was talking to those Biofuel Bunny Burning sponsors at the EU, who I suspect will eventually decide there are too many proles outside the hallowed halls of the EU commission, then true to form for European Totalitarians, march us off to the camps and burn us all for biofuel. Of course I have no proof thats going to happen, but then neither do McCarntney and his fucking man made CO2 global warming enviro-fascist friends.

Copenhagen Climate Conference Part 1 (of many I suspect)

Just off the top of my head: one of the big things at Copenhagen is getting many countries to agree to swap and trade carbon credits, known just as "Carbon Trading".

Now is it just me, or does this sound like yet another commodity that the financial markets of this world would end up trading in?

Is man made global warming just another scam backed by the financial markets to generate money literally out of fresh air?


Hmm, that'll be a yes then. Looky who's pushing for an unrestricted market, one of the oil companies. Well, well.

More from the FT: "Carbon Trading could be a $2000 Billion market in pretty short order"

Its all about money and power. Nothing changes.

So, the story is: Scientists conjure up climate warming model, ecologists hype up the scare story, then politicians and business jump on the bandwagon after seeing opportunities to raise tax and generate profits from nothing.

I hope people won't be disappointed when nothing changes after the release of the UEA CRU data. As I've said, this is way to big an issue now to turn round immediately. A small chip has been taken out of the cornerstone of the MMGW edifice, but we have to chip away a hell of a lot more to reverse and eventually topple the scam that is Man Made Global Warming. Sorry to be cynical folks, but the money men have billions invested in this, its not going to go away THAT easily, despite how much of an injustice is being done in the name of the climate.