Monday, 28 November 2016

Castro Death Output Provides Political Bellweather for BBC output Bias.

If ever there was a bellweather for the BBC's political leanings, it has to be the reporting of the death of Fidel Castro.

A huge section on the web page, with a picture of Castro taking up almost half the page.

Not content with eulogizing a dictator, they had several "experts" and others from the looney left on the news channel tripping over themselves to express how big a socialist icon he was.

I think Castro was a bit more radical than socialist, but when you're as far left as the BBC and their Kensington Kremlinista champagne socialists, a few summary executions, the impoverishment of a nation and almost causing a nuclear war just fade into the background I guess.

I'm working class, come from "up North" and I'm still not as lefty as these idiots. It's great when you have enough independent wealth to afford to be a trot, or someone else is paying for it like the Unions or Local Councils. But those of us true working class people know what deluded morons they all are.

Something really needs to be done to bring the BBC back to providing balanced reporting.

Mind you it would be nice if they would stop trying to make every bit of news into a drama and actually report factual news. Rather than have a trail of bleeding heart stories, or some gormless bystander doing the reporter's job for them, or having "are you affected by this news? Please email....." messages.

Am I getting old? Is it just me that's sick and tired of the lack of actual facts in the news?