Thursday, 13 June 2019

The Rise of the Adult Child.

It seems now that the establishment intend for adulthood not to happen.

The population is encouraged to stay the "Enfant Terrible" for life. From early in life, schools are unable or unwilling to allow children to learn life lessons. Instead everyone wins, everyone's viewpoint (however immature) is always valid. Who needs jobs, when the government will supply everything you need? With the Universal Income, everyone can just lie back and let AI take control and manage things.

From cradle to grave, the Establishment is attempting to install itself as the parent. It wants to tell the population what to believe, what to think, how to act and it wants them to conform to those ideas.

It wants to set itself as the arbiter of all things: moral, political, social and more, rather than the public telling the establishment where the boundaries lie.

W're seeing the increasing frequency of accounts being deplatformed on the internet, ostensibly as part of "Agenda 2020", the leftist plan to save the US from a second term of Donald trump as President.

but don't think the bannings will stop if they manipulate the elections and a Democrat wins. Nope, this is not going to stop.

It's not going to just affect those on the right of the political spectrum. ALL dissenting voices will be silenced. It's just that silencing the right is the most important item on the current agenda.

But they will come for the left as well, mark my words.

How ironic that content providers are having to move to platforms in undemocratic countries to continue to speak freely.