Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Duty of Government is not to Care.

I've said it before: Governments of countries have a duty not to care. They have to take level-headed unemotional decisions, some quite abhorrent during their tenure.

puitting soldiers, sailors and airmen in harm's way in times of war for instance. If government cared about them, there never would be war. However, on the flip side, Europe would now be a Nazi super-state and more than likely the United States of America would not exist as it does today.

The fact that the allied governments were prepared to accept huge loss of life in order to protect their way of life ultimately won the war.

The fact that the American government were willing to develop and ultimately use their new atomic weapon with the loss of thousands of Japanese lives not only shortened the war, but saved countless lives on the battlefield.

There seems to be a creeping phenomena that "Government must care" about people and things. The UK government were villified directly after the Grenfell trajedy because they didn't visit the affected familes, leading to accusations that they didn't care.

The same happened in the UK over the migrant crisis, which eventually led (as the Government obsessed about declaring their caring credentials) to wholesale abuse of immigration law as "children" who quite clearly weren't children were bussed into the UK from migrant camps in Calais.

In the USA President Trump is under fire after the revelation that children are being separated from their families at the border with Mexico.

After both of these so-called revelations, I think "so what?"

I. Don't. Care.

And neither should Government.

Crack on and Govern.