Saturday, 27 November 2010

Whats Really going on at the Cancun Climate Summit.

As our politicians jet off to Cancun in their fuel-guzzling, CO2 spewing jets, arrive at the airport and get ferried to the hotel in their fuel-guzzling, CO2 spewing chaffeur-driven limosines, then enjoy wasting even more fuel and creating even more CO2 unneccessarily by having hot tubs in their hotel rooms, it shouldn't go unremarked what our hypocritical elite are really up to.

What they're really discussing is the redistribution of wealth: that is, the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. Not exactly something you'd associate with climate change: after all, if the problem is too much CO2, you'd think the thing to do would be to stop producing the stuff. But no, our political elite don't think like that. Instead, they cook up a scam called carbon trading, whereby CO2 is traded as a commodity, just like petrol, minerals, etc. Supposedly the countries that are bigger producers of CO2 can offset the CO2 they produce by buying carbon credits. The bad news is that CO2 is traded just like any other commodity, bringing with it artificially inflated prices, allowing the traders to make huge profits at our expense.

So, not only does the price of fuel go up, the price of CO2 to supposedly offset our fuel use also goes up, the end result is higher bills for us, the consumer.

So what the elite is really discussing at Cancun is how to kill off huge numbers of poor people because they can't afford to pay inflated fuel bills while simultaneously milking those still alive for as much money as possible in higher taxes..

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

You're Not a Celebrity, Now Fuck Off!

Yes, its the Gillian McWhatsit saga on ITV.

Look closely at her and her actions. She's a prejudicial woman that hates everything, has every phobia going, gives the impression of having never lived and clings to to trendy ideas like veganism. This woman thinks she has the right to tell you what to do. I strongly suggest that she gets a fucking life before ever daring to show up on TV again bossing people about.

She really belongs in a local council office, probably most suited to social services, where the most loopy decisions are made often based on the personal prejudices of the case social worker, which tear families apart or deny support to those who need it. She'd fit right in.

Of course none of us understand what a woman who seems ill at ease outside a sterile plastic bubble is doing on the show and why she freaks out so much in what is essentially a highly managed bit of undergrowth in the grounds of a five-star hotel. Quite why she agreed to go on the show and what she'd do if she was really dropped into proper wild jungle is anyone's guess.

The consensus of people I've talked to is that although it's great fun watching an aparrently neurotic woman descend deeper into neurosis, she's probably better off out of it so we can get to see the proper celebrities get on with it. A lot like Wagner on the X-Factor.

Are we seeing the death throes of reality TV? My heart hopes so, but my head says in reality all we're seeing is Television descending to the level of the colliseum, its bear-baiting using humans, a rather public inquisition, where the victim's suffering is just a phone call away.