Friday, 28 October 2011


It seems the EU's answer to the Euro crisis, is more EU; more regulation. more interference, more oversight, more control... of those countries that the prime movers in the EU (okay, Germany) see as responsible for the Euro crisis.

A financial coup in all but name, Euro-zone countries will be required to produce their fiscal plans to the EU for oversight and approval. Failure to comply with agreed austerity plans will not be tolerated.

Rather than jackbooted stormtroopers, the countries of the Eurozone will be occupied  and overseen by financial EU beaurocrats.The EU superstate is another notch closer.

Now the Europhiles here in the UK are squeaking that we will be left behind: this closed financial shop, this snug club will shut us out and leave us in the cold. Their rosy tinted glasses show them the Eurozone running away with rampant growth.... Pie in the sky stuff when you see the depth and breadth of the problems the Euro is suffering.

The point is coming where we will be better off out of the EU. Either we are in it and in it completely, part of the EU superstate, or we are out of it. David Cameron and William Hague's idea that we can be in Europe but not ruled by Europe won't wash. In or out, that will be the bold, stark choice.

Its quite obvious that being out of the EU is the better choice. We can still trade with the EU bloc, there is no reason we can't continue or relationship on a trading basis. If the EU placed barriers in our way, the the WTO would soon apply sanctions. We are after all as the political elite keep telling us, part of a global trading network.

There would be many benefits to being outside the EU: we would regain control of our fisheries, we would not be beholden to propping up the Euro by back door so-called " financial stability" mechanisms. We would be able to regain control of our labour market and would be freed of much unnecessary EU red tape.

The pros do outweigh the cons, much more than they did back in 1975 when the public were last granted a referendum on the EU. There is much to commend our removal from EU control. But only those outside the EU-bribed political elite can see it.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Catalyst

There is currently a great level of discontent with government and the political elite in this country, greater than even the Thatcher Years.

People I wouldn't have imagined criticising the government are now openly saying things must change.

All it needs is a catalyst, an act, or a person to bring the disparate rays of apathy and resentment into a focussed beam of dissent and positive action.

It will happen, the catalyst will come and I will be watching out for it. It will be one of my happiest days.