Saturday, 25 March 2017

Westminster Terror Attack.

The thing about the Westminster so-called terror attack isn't that one guy off the radar actually actioned a simple plan (hire a car, buy some knives and run amok in Westminster.

It's the fact that there have been a large number of other plots that have been disrupted. We're never told how many individual plots have been stopped so we can't gauge the level of threat. I have the suspicion that if the public had better knowledge of the true number of plots being investigated and stopped, they would be calling for better protection and more positive action against those under suspicion.

As bad as the attack in Westminster is, in the great scheme of things a man with a car and a knife isn't the worst that can happen.

There are worse things in the Islamic Terrorist's arsenal that can cause more damage: a Mumbai-style co-ordinated attack by several well-armed assailants travelling up the Thames by boat into the heart of London dropping off at multiple points would be devastating, especially if the drop-off points coincided with areas of high concentrations of the public. Attacks at the O2, Excel, the Barbican, train/tube stations and tourist attractions like the London Eye and Westminster would cause untold carnage.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Just Sat Here Waiting....

For some crisis or other to yet again delay the triggering of article 50.

The 29th seems quite close to the end of the Month, it looks very easy for it to be pushed past the end of the month.