Thursday, 25 July 2019

Money, Money, Money..... The Root of All Evil.

Whether it's climate change, mass immigration or the inability to deal with Muslim Rape Gangs, what links all of these is MONEY.

You can spout all you want about ideology and religion and politics, but the pressures from above all that transcend everything. It's money, old money and big corporations, the people that have the ear of politicians and policy-makers that control things. Their only ideology is making more money. These are people that will sell their granny for a profit. They have no principles, no morals. Their goal is to amass ever more wealth.

The monied elite benefit from climate change taxes and rebates when they stick wind turbines on their land. Even if the turbines go out to sea, Queenie gets a bung in the form of a tariff paid to the crown. Also the monied elite will have shares in the big conglomerates building and installing the turbines, so it win-win for them.

If they have interests in the stock market, then most likely they are benefitting from carbon trading. You know the scheme where everyone - including the poor pay a premium on their energy bills as some sort of penance for existing and wanting to be warm in winter which then gets traded on the stock market through huge trading firms which extract a huge premium and share it amongst their elite shareholder friends.

Climate Warming is just a money-making scam with no scientific basis. The only "Science" involved in the Climate change argument are statistics. Scientists can see an increasing level of CO2 in historic warm periods without being able to scientifically prove that CO2 is causing the warming. They cannot pin down the mechanism, the smoking gun. All they can see is the smoke from the barrel and assume that there was a gun.

From seeing an increase in CO2, some bright spark then creates a computer model that assumes that CO2 is the causal factor. With no provable basis. The computer model then spews out a random range of outcomes (the so-called hockey-stick graph) that shows a wide range of "what-if" possibilities if CO2 were the causal factor. From the climate staying the same, to scorched earth, the range goes. Just like the predictions of the track of a hurricane, scientists can only predict a range of tracks the further out you get from where the hurricane is at this precise moment. What Hurricane track modelers do is to use available data an re-input it to make the predictions more accurate.

Climate warming modelers have not done this. The warming of the globe has stayed steady for a decade and has not followed the doomsday scenario predicted by the worst excesses of the hockey-stick graph. But climate modelers have not used this decade of data to find out why their models were so far off. They have not tried to produce more accurate predictions. Only the doomsday predictions get publicity and only they will suffice to get the public to meekly cough up Trillions in penance for using energy.

If climate warming were not a scam, then there would have been far more severe measures taken to reduce CO2, or the money would go directly towards offsetting the affects of global warming. But instead we tax CO2 and it ends up in the pockets of the top 1%. The monied elite, who do not spend it reducing CO2: they use it to buy luxury cars, or private jets or generally produce excessive CO2 emissions. That to me, is the classic indicator of a scam.

It's all about the money...

When it comes to mass immigration, there is a reason and it not about changing Western culture, multiculturalism or any of that ideological claptrap.

We all know that modern Western countries have a more enlightened view on birth control than the religious fanatics. So over the years, Western populations have been declining. With a declining population big corporations lose consumers. But this conflicts with shareholders who demand bigger profits and dividends year on year.

Ah, you say: why don't the corporations set up shop in those countries where the immigrants are before they come here and sell stuff to them there? That's a nice idea, but corporations would be setting up shop on bare earth: they would have to set up infrastructure (most of these countries don't even have roads) and building all of that infrastructure affects profits. Just import the population to the West where there is an already established infrastructure. Plus there's big money top be made trafficking people which is a net profit, as opposed to the losses to be made trying to build up from the arid dust of Africa.

As a quick aside, to indicate the difference between the Western elite's short-term money-grabbing and Eastern long-term thinking is the "Belt and Road" philosophy of the Chinese, where they are investing their profits in creating that very infrastructure in Africa. Winning hearts and minds and political influence, thereby controlling the supply of raw materials from African mines. I predict a clash between the West and the East over African influence in the distant future. Once the Chinese have built the infrastructure, the Western conglomerates will try and move in to make an easy buck. I doubt the Chinese will allow the West to exploit their hard work and money spent without a fight.

Corporations look at the declining Western population and understand that means reduced profits.
So what do they do? Create an atmosphere that permits mass immigration, especially of high-birthrate communities. As long as the immigrants buy products, that’s all good, the balance is restored and profits can continue to rise. They’re not illegals, they’re not Muslims, they’re not extremists…. they’re consumers.

In fact if you change "consumers" for the word "human", then that's almost word for word what the left are saying, or the people in the refugee camps or the jungle in France. Oh, these people are not  illegals, they’re not Muslims, they’re not extremists…. they’re humans.

I love that the far-left (Corbynites in the UK and the squad in the USA) think that they’re so anti-capitalist and leftist, when actually by pushing mass immigration and open borders they’re working for the big corporations.

I used to wonder how governments could continue to import a community and ideology that would effectively wipe them out. Then I came to realise, it’s not governments: it’s those that control and influence governments; the monied elite that are pushing this strategy.

They need an increasing population in order to increase corporate profits and dividends.

It's all about the money...

Now on to grooming gangs and the apparent protection that is afforded the Muslim faith. No other faith gets the same level of protection from policy-makers and Government.

Calling out a faith or religion for evil doings is not racist. But if you criticise the Muslim faith you are instantly branded racist. So why is that? And why is it that Muslim countries can build Mosques here and import their abhorrent extremist brand of Islam into our country unopposed? Why is it the Muslim faith above all has so much protection?

Money. The Gulf States have a pretty large percentage of their oil wealth invested in Western countries. Whether it' in the stock market, ownership of our container ports, investment in our universities or arms sales, some 20% of our economy is Gulf State Oil money.

If that money were to disappear we would be plunged into an overnight recession.

The price we pay for not being plunged into recession is subservience to Islam in our own Christian country. This is where the multicultural ideology has grown, where minority religious and ethnic groups have been given equal or even preferred status in a majority Christian country.

We have a financial gun to our head.

In fact even if you don't believe me, there is more evidence. Traditionally the Jewish community have been the money-lenders and money-makers of the world. They used to get the same protected treatment. But have you noticed how over the past decade the Jewish community and Israel in particular have not got the special status they once had? That's because Muslim money has overtaken Jewish money in the war for control. In Europe certainly, in America not quite as much. Yet. Hence the exodus of Jews from European countries that have a significant minority Muslim population to Israel.

It's all about the money... over and over.

I've just highlighted these three areas where money is talking and having a direct effect on political policy and Western society. Where the monied elites are taking Western Society to the detriment of that very society.

Back in Victorian times there was a more beneficial mindset amongst the elite. They worked to bolster Western society and our religious and societal values. But that has changed dramatically as money and therefore influence has moved away from Western control..

I’m still trying to understand where the new "war on plastic" fits into the money-making strategy. I suspect it’s to do with third-world countries refusing to deal with our trash for peanuts and affecting the bottom line… So back to recyclables. Useless paper straws, stinky terry nappies and mooncups.

The war on plastic has the look and smell of another elitist scam to grab even more money.

Then maybe in 30 year’s time when we have plastic-less solutions there will be a whole new set of consumables to make money off.

But I'm sure there is an elitist money-scam in the offing. It just has that vibe.

I'm not religious, but I know there are quite a few people in the USA that read this blog and there are a lot of religious people in the US. In a Christian context, Jesus warned about the money men in the temple. We still have to be wary of them. The bible does say money is the root of all evil...

So it seems, 2000 years later.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke? Not If you're the one Promoting it.

There is a continuing agenda called "Wokeness" that is being talked about on the internet.

Basically Wokeness is an agenda the promotes certain leftist agendas. Agendas the population at large don't generally care about.

To explain, you'll see more LGBTQ+ characters in films, more strong female characters and a deliberate attempt to subsume typical male roles.

Previously, the entertainment industry has relied on stereotypes: it's a shorthand to allow viewers of films and television to instantly get into a film or programme. You broke those stereotypes at your peril, lest the viewers become confused as to the intentions of the writers. There are several stereotypes, but the most basic and early stereotype was the "White hat good, Black hat bad" stereotype of early westerns.

In fact Black or White hats has become a spoken and written stereotype too, meaning good and bad, as in "Black Hat Hacker".

Anyway, several of the latest TV and movie franchises have moved to this woke narrative, the most disastrous being the last series of Doctor Who, where the franchise breaks the narrative of over half a century and makes the Dr a female character. A female character with as much gravitas as a pop tart.
Viewing figures have steadily declined through previous episodes as the episodes started to push a politically correct and woke narrative to viewers. The last season's viewing figures have almost spelled the end of the series, but the BBC are making another push at ramming their agenda down licence-payer's throats and are making series 13.

Then Star Wars got the woke bug, emasculating the previously heroic character Luke Skywalker. Casting him in the latest films as some bumbling couldn't-car-less coward. Nope: strong female characters are the new Star Wars agenda under Disney.

And so it goes on through several franchises that just have to have a strong female lead and when they are around make the male leads into bumbling fools in order to enhance the female character. As if a female can't share the screen with a male without chopping his knackers off metaphorically.

Or just the basic premise of remaking a film with female leads where the previous film had all-male leads (aka the dismal Ghostbusters remake).

Such is wokeness.

The phrase "Get woke, go broke" has been created by film franchise fans to describe the falling viewing figures created by these agenda-ridden films.

But the penny hasn't dropped amongst film-makers.... yet. And you have to wonder why. I mean, one film or TV series that has dropped a huge slice of fans should be a warning sign to production companies, but instead they continue to churn out politically correct claptrap with nonsensical plotlines that jar with previous narratives.

So, if these agendas, these messages are still being promoted despite the financial losses... why?

Because those a t the top of the tree, the monied elite who bankroll Hollywood and these various film projects want this agenda. They want the emasculation of males, so no strong male leader rises to the fore. They want to create an atmosphere, asocial agenda where being a strong male leader is as toxic to driving without a seatbelt, or smoking in a Restaurant.

They want to curb dissent, they want to disenfranchise leaders, they want homogeneity they want drones, they want sheep they can manipulate.

And all the while this PC crap is being fed to us, they are succeeding in changing public one turkey of a film at a time. The problem is I don't think the money will run out any time soon.

It's unlike me to miss a Star Wars or a Marvel film… I love Sci Fi and fantasy. But they have moved so far away from my life experience, my personal truth that I haven't watched the last half-dozen blockbuster films. They do not interest me. Nor did I watch Dr Who or any BBC drama in the last 5 years or so.

Monday, 22 July 2019

The Rise of Tyranny?

It's interesting to note that the closer we become to Brexit, the more tyrannical the Government appears to be.

There seems to be no end of the clampdowns, the illegal lawsuits and the sheer ability of the elites to try and shut down dissenting views on Brexit and other globalist ideologies.

It's interesting to look at the actions of the establishment rather than the words.

For instance the crackdown on Julian Assange, the crackdown on Tommy Robinson and now the prosecution of James Goddard for supposedly harassing a politician.

The civil service and the Politicians in the UK have caught the European Elitist malaise. They think that they are overlords, rather than public servants. That we have no right to question their authority and that they know best.

This attitude is one that Anna Soubry (the politician James Goddard allegedly harassed) has in bucket loads. Having won an election allied to a party that initiated the Brexit referendum, the party that then went to the polls and was returned with a mandate to leave the EU, Anna Soubry took it upon herself once in power to do an about-turn and work to thwart the Brexit process.

That majority of voters that elected her as their MP seemingly were defrauded. They thought they got a pro-Brexit candidate, but instead go an anti-Brexit one.

Even when she decided to leave the Tories and joint the pro-Remain Change UK party, she stayed as an MP rather than stand on her pro-EU stance. She knows exactly where it would get her: the dole queue.

We now have Richard Hammond, the chancellor saying he will resign if Boris Johnson gets elected Prime minister. So what? Go and be damned: good riddance!

We also have Gina Miller coming back to the fray saying she will make a legal challenge against Boris Johnson to block a no-deal Brexit. Who is she to interfere with the will of the Government? This would be the second time and elitist billionaire has decided to spend some of their vast fortune hamstringing the Government over Brexit.

Never in my life have I seen such behaviour, such outright animosity against the will of the people. We voted to leave the EU and it's up to the government to come up with the goods. Deal or No-Deal.

The latest scare story is we are already in a recession thanks to Brexit. If we're in a recession, then the Euro zone must be in the toilet then, because we're several points better off than they are.

Yeah, let's ally ourselves to the toilet bowl economy of the EU. A brilliant suggestion.

This can only go on for so long before those that voted for Brexit and for freedom start to organise. The Remain side seem to have the money to be able to buy the legal side. But the Brexit side have manpower: the sort of manpower that forms armies and navies. The sort of Anglo-Saxon-swearing sorts that Countless Admirals and Generals have sworn by in times of crisis.

We fought for freedom in the Nineteen Forties. We may have to take arms again, against the tyranny of our own elites.

Updated to add:

If Gina Miller is successful in preventing the Government from Proroguing parliament, then the only other option would be a general election and either a reactionary semi-communist Labour remain government or a Brexit Party government.

If Labour get in Gina Miller might enthuse at a pro-Remain government getting in. I doubt she'd stay around in the country long once the swinging tax hikes for billionaires are brought in. Those of us at the bottom of the financial heap will have to put up with the shitty end of the stick while she swans off into tax exile...

If the Brexit party get in, then oh what glorious Karma!