Thursday, 11 July 2019

True Journalism is Dead.

Today a Certain Mr Yaxley-Lennon attends court for sentencing regarding his conviction for contempt of court.

Much has been said about the twisting of the defendant's words and the blindness to the law society's own written advice elsewhere, so I won't ramble on about that.

But it's a damning sight to see the ranks of the press outside the Old Bailey awaiting the sentence, press that should be investigating and highlighting the huge number of rape gangs that are at work across the UK.

If the press can conveniently ignore the 1400 victims in Rotherham alone, can they really ignore the convictions in Rochdale, Oldham, Newcastle, Oxford, Telford, Canterbury, Bristol, Aylesbury, Peterborough and more?

Can they ignore the several upcoming court cases?

The real scandal, the juicy news that reporters should be going after is the blanket reporting ban on the numerous cases across numerous towns and cities across the UK. How can the judiciary arbitrarily ban ALL reporting across SEVERAL court cases?

I understand the judiciary's line that if the huge number of cases came to prominence, it would pervade the public's consciousness and would start to prejudice juries against any Muslim man brought before the courts.

But the Police's own intelligence suggests there are hundreds more gangs in play right now.

Hansard (the UK Parliament's own publication) states that there could be grooming gangs in at least 73 other towns and cities across the UK, but that "data is incomplete". 

Just when will the UK press wake up and realise this story is HUGE? When will they come to terms with the fact that thousands of young girls have been and continue to be raped by these gangs? When will the press report this? When will the authorities be shamed into acting to positively stop this activity, rather than covering it up? Why are they not shining a light on this and making sure that young girls don't fall into the same traps? Is the female youth of today so worthless that nobody cares whether they are pimped and raped at a young age?

Just where are the feminists on this issue? Why are they not up in arms? The Muslim community is a shining example of a Patriarchal system: men have sway over women and the culture and attitudes of the Males in that community are the sort that feminists should be screaming from the rooftops to oppose. But silence.

Where are our Government on this issue? You can see from the Hansard report above that they are aware? But where is the publicity? Where is the viewable positive action in combatting the issue?

Currently there are several new court cases in the pipeline regarding grooming gang underage rape in Rotherham. There are a number of ongoing investigations that will lead to further new court cases. That's just in Rotherham alone.

Then there are also a number of further investigations around the country regarding those 73 towns and cities. Those are the ones that are known and there is data for.

It's quite possible given the known data and extrapolating out, that there will be a grooming gang in every town and every city that has a Muslim Male population. Without positive action in investigating the issue and collecting data and intelligence on the issue we can only surmise. But what we can say is there is no evidence to the contrary.

THAT's the scale of the issue that the press, the pro-female activists, Parliament, the judiciary, the establishment don't want YOU to hear about.

Now if journalists won't ask the question, ask yourself why that should be...….