Friday, 31 January 2020

Brexit Day.

Well folks, here it is: Brexit day is upon us. As of 11pm tonight, we will no longer be part of the political union of Europe.

So for the next 12 months we should be in regulatory alignment, but politically we will be free.

For this 12 month period, we need to negotiate the sort of Canada++ deal that David Davies was originally working towards before Theresa May and Ollie Robbins threw a spanner in the works at chequers.

Back then I said that if Europe requires regulatory alignment in order for us to trade with them, then there should be an independent standards regulatory body that businesses who wish to trade with Europe sign up to and voluntarily submit to inspections in order to police the standards required to trade with Europe.

So only companies that trade with Europe have to adhere to EU standards for goods and services entering the EU from the UK. It also means that goods and services destined for the EU are guaranteed to comply before they cross the borders, so therefore shouldn't require extensive border checks and if a secure method can be found to transport the goods, no checks should be necessary.

That way businesses that don't need to trade with Europe, don't get saddled with unnecessary beaurocracy.

The regulatory body can either be financed by the companies themselves (as a condition of trading with Europe), or by the UK and EU governments in exchange for tariff-free trade in both directions.

The important thing is the rest of the UK gets on with doing business within our borders and with the rest of the world without EU intervention.

UK fishing grounds need to be for UK fishermen only. If there is no other option, then limited access with small quotas to be granted by licence to a small number of fishermen. Certainly no industrial fish hoovers, no electric stun ships and no Spanish trawlers.

Anyway, as we begin to part ways tonight, I will raise a glass of Russian Vodka. And Coke.

Onwards to a new, independent horizon.