Friday, 25 January 2019

The Future?

Whitehall was in turmoil. The chiefs of staff of the Armed forces, were just returning from having their collective arses kicked due to the failure of the first wave of attacks on what was being called in the media the Army of the People or AOP for short. God, how had it escalated so quickly? This was only the end of day one and they couldn't muster an effective counter-strike.

The First Sea Lord lurked in the background looking smug. This was a land war and he had dodged the wrath of the politicians.

They couldn't understand the lacklustre effort that resulted from the order for the first air strike in history on UK Citizens on UK soil. Aircrew had either disappeared, defected to the other side and landed at AOP controlled airbases in the West, dropped bombs on empty ground or refused on principle to carry out the order and had been arrested. There were precious few aircraft in the RAF anyway, these losses were critical.

The AOP now had a sizeable infantry, by all accounts well equipped and backed by armour. The chiefs were still smarting from the ease at which munitions and armour had been appropriated. What was supposed to be an exercise on Salisbury plain turned out to be a veritable toyshop for the AOP as the snuck onto the plain and appropriated the vehicles and equipment. In some instances the soldiers on exercise had decided to join the AOP, once they found out the exercise majored in urban warfare training. The rumour had been that they were training to be deployed to quell riots in the capital and other major cities where large protests against the government had broken out.

All efforts to take on the AOP had been driven off. It seems they were well-armed and well supplied. The CoDS cursed those soldiers that had opened the armouries and the ammunition stockpiles to AOP sympathisers. A secret network of homeless and disgruntled ex-and-current forces had been established a few months prior to the AOP action and had used sympathetic contacts to gain considerable access to military assets. They had not used digital assets to form the network or communicate, so the existence of the network had caught the authorities by surprise.

The hoards of 4x4s had driven onto the plain in the night loaded up with small-arms ammunition. Once in place there was no contest: the Elitist Army were only equipped with blank training rounds and once the AOP had accrued weapons and loaded them with live rounds.... game over.

The Elite-sympathetic Police had tried their best, but had been swept aside by superior armoured forces, just as they themselves had previously swept protests aside by baton charges. Karma. It was now down to armed forces loyal to Parliament to quash the AOP.

The AOP even had the cheek to set up a "Free-UK" radio station transmitting from AOP-controlled Salisbury claiming that Porton Down chemical warfare establishment had been "secured" so that Elite Forces could not use chemical weapons against the public as it had been doing for the past decades. Such crazy talk from conspiracists just showed what a rabble the AOP were. But how could they be winning?

Currently the AOP were driving West from Basingstoke using the A303 as a main supply artery. The lack of Elite-controlled  air support meant the AOP could resupply unchallenged. If they took the capital it would be all over for the Elites. Some had already smelled the air of revolution and on News of the AOP breakout from the Plain the terminals at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead were crammed full with people. Blackbushe airport had been closed a couple of hours ago due to heavy fighting as the AOP pressed Eastwards. Private jets for the escaping London Elite were now being directed to RAF Northolt along with diplomatic air traffic.

Reports were now coming in of returning fighter-bombers being put out of action after hitting civilian drones being flown on the approach to airbases. Across the table the Chief of the Air Staff shook his head.

The Chief of Defence Staff picked up the telephone. This was the most unpalatable thing he had ever been asked to do. He dialled the number for the EU foreign affairs department. He explained the situation and requested airstrikes from French and German aircraft on AOP forces. He explained the protocol in operation and that EP forces would be lighting IR strobes and the EU forces would be free to fire on non-illuminated forces. in the Basingstoke area.

The secondary targets included any civilian movements. A curfew had been placed that day and any movements by civilians were to be classed as hostile. The EA reinforcements had suffered huge hold-ups as civilians had come out in support of the AOP and had blocked the roads in front of EA forces in an attempt to slow them down.

The Chief of Defence Staff replaced the receiver. He would get a reply eventually, but as it was night time he would not get an answer for at least 12 hours and any EU-led counter strike would take a further 12 to co-ordinate. By then the AOP could be on the outskirts of London, he thought.

Just then the report came in: Blackbushe had fallen and the Elite controlled forces were moving East to set up another stop-line between Sandhurst and Farnborough, however civilian interference was increasing, with impromptu blockades put in their path. Didn't the country realise the Elite were fighting for them? Didn't they understand that staying in the EU was in everyone's best interests?

The next 24 hours were going to be critical....

Wednesday, 23 January 2019


It's never really spoken about because it's a sort of established but unspoken rule that there is a compact between the Elites and the lower classes generally that goes something like this:

We the lower classes will not rise up and slaughter you if you do not take advantage of your privileged position (after all there are more of us than there are of you, so it's very easy for us to take control if we feel the need).  There have been numerous instances throughout history in the UK and abroad where these occasional "realignments" have taken place.

When the elite get a bit too cosy and start to exploit their position, then the people get a bit miffed and give them a slap. The fact that it may take hundreds or thousands of deaths as it did in the English Civil War and the French Revolution sort of understates the word "slap", but you get the jist...

We vote people into Parliament from across the spectrum that look after our interests but they will not demand too much from either the workers or the elites and will not give unfair advantage to either party. Fairness and equity for all.

That's how it's supposed to work. But currently it isn't. The Brexit debates in Parliament and the subsequent shenanigans regarding various attempts to subvert the referendum result are testimony to that fact that the compact between ordinary people and the Elite has broken down.

The people voted to remove the UK from the EU. We were told prior to the vote that a leave vote would entail the removal of the UK from the EU, the customs union, the single market and the ECJ.
The current deal and the debates about revoking article 50, or extending it etc. do not reflect what we were told would happen after a leave vote.

It would seem the elite in Parliament are getting a bit too cosy, a bit to complacent and a bit too sure of them selves. They tell us we didn't know what we were voting for (but told us exactly what we were voting for prior to the referendum), that lave voters have died off in the following two years and now there is a majority for remain (which is immaterial: the vote was cast in 2016, not today), they say we are bigots and fascists in order to dispute our legitimacy (with no evidence), they constantly feed us an anti-Brexit diet through the media (via the BBC, Newspapers, etc.) and finally they are removing dissenting voices from alternative media platforms on the internet (like with Sargon, Tommy Robinson, James Goddard etc.).

They are trying every trick in the book to overturn the will of the people in direct conflict with the established compact. They are on very thin ice....

The yellow vest protests in France are but one example of the breaking of the unspoken compact. That the yellow jackets have catalysed protests across the world should be a wake up call to the globalists that we the people are not ready to surrender to a globalist government, which by definition has to be authoritarian in order to complete it's goal. The people are stirring and once unleashed.....

Brexit: Options.

Lets have a look at the various options spinning around newsrooms currently.

We know Theresa May's post chequers capitulation is a dead duck. Despite unilateral assurances she can tweak the deal, there are no such assurances from Europe, who will ultimately have to agree any changes legally before they can be debated and agreed by Parliament. To all intents and purposes, it's dead unless the EU machine miraculously caves in.

Soo, on to the Norway option: As dead a Duck as Tessie may's one. Norway was ruled out over 2 years ago during the referendum debate. Norway does have a level of autonomy, especially regarding fishing rights, but in all other aspects they accede to the EU. On trade they accept all EU regulations but have no ability to change the rules. They also have to accept the rule of the ECJ and free movement of people. Dead. In. The. Water.

Vorwarts! to the next option, David Davies' Canada +++ option. Taking the choicest bits of already negotiated trade deals from third countries that have already agreed deals with the EU. Still an option as we are totally free from the EU, but have a ready-made deal in place as we already conform with EU standards in every aspect. Free trade, but no free movement of people. The ECJ only comes into play during trade disputes and does not interfere with day-to-day lawmaking. We are outside the EU tariff scheme and are free to make deals with the world.
I can only think that Tessie will bring this back out of the cupboard as a "plan b" but this time say that it is her own idea, rather than the work of David Davies and his negotiating team. Afraid of DD getting the limelight for the deal was she? Makes you wonder.

The only downside being that pesky border between Northern and Southern Ireland.
Guido reports today that in private the Republic of Ireland are talking of having border checks between them and the EU in order to dispense with the border in Ireland. This is a pragmatic view and one that should suit the people of Ireland on both sides of the border.

The trade between the UK and Ireland continues and the people of Southern Ireland, being the enterprising people they are will no doubt take advantage of the cheaper goods from the UK available outside the EU tariff scheme.

What's not to like about it? Southern Ireland gets the best of both worlds, receiving the grants from the EU for development and the "benefits" of the Euro and being part of a big club, but at the same time being able to dip a toe into the world outside the EU. Trade between the UK and Ireland continue and animal transport continues seamlessly: those lovely Irish racehorses can still come and run at out tracks and we can still trade meat products across the border. But maybe with a little less horsemeat this time eh chaps?