Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Corbyn Shows his true Allegances at PMQs.

After the Labour party's heaviest defeat in a general election since 1935, what does Jeremy Corbyn do at the latest Prime Minister's Question Time?

Ask for assurance we won't kick the crap out of Iran. Not just one of the three questions he's allowed, but ALL three questions were used up trying to get assurances out of Boris Johnson that we won't do anything to hurt Jeremy's mates in Iran.


Of all the questions he could have asked:

What is the government doing to eradicate zero hours contracts?

Will the Government pledge to take those on minimum wage out of taxation?

What is the government doing to reduce the step from benefits to working, to help those out of work into work?

What is the government doing for those in the "Red Wall" that gave their vote to the Conservatives?

What is the government doing to streamline the transition to the new benefits system?

How is the government helping those wrongly denied benefits by the new system?

Nope, nothing like that. Instead Jeremy Corbyn is pre-occupied attempting to protect what is in effect and Islamic dictatorship in a country thousands of miles away.

THAT's where Jeremy Corbyn's loyalties lie on the 8th of January 2020.

In that is why Labour have lost so badly and will continue to lose general elections in the future.

Until they learn to support the working class and work to improve the plight of those working on low wages and not just those on benefits, until the Labour party step up and start to love the UK, they will continue to lose. I hope.