Friday, 27 September 2019

The Rise of the Emotional Human.

Just musing as I was this morning on the shitshow in the House of Commons, the Continuing Crapfest that is Politics in the USA, it struck me that the cause of all of this is emotion, or more accurately the triumph of emotion over reason and fact.

I've blogged before how News reporting has morphed over the years to something more akin to TV drama. Because 24 hour news is pretty bloody boring, the networks have to keep you hooked lest you switch to something more interesting like the paint-drying channel.

So the News networks caught on that "having an angle" or adding an element of drama to a news report keeps viewers engaged. Poor Johhny down the well... will he be rescued? That sort of thing.

It quickly spread to more mundane news and of course into the realm of political reporting. Invariably the TV station picks a side and then from then on that side wears a white hat and the opposition wears a black hat. More often than not, the TV stations tend to favour the left, because the Luvvies are more ideologically aligned to the left.

This explains the Tories bad/ Labour good dichotomy in the UK and the "Orange-Man Bad" bias in the US.

Even if the Tories in the UK came out with the most left-leaning policy in their entire history, you can bet that the BBC would report it as bad news. It could be open door for migrants and free cash for everyone, but it's onloy good if the Left do it. If the right do it, there must be a hidden agenda, cheap labour, buying votes, yadda yadda…

The thing is the shitshow in the Commons this week shows how the Politicians on the left have cottoned on to this and have started to exploit it. For instance Labour can be the nastiest, most racist ant-semitic bunch of people in the country, but they have learned to feign horror when the most minimal slight or bad word is sent their way.

Such was the sight in the Commons where even the word "Turkey" as in Jeffery Cox's comment "even these Turkeys won't vote for Christmas" referring to those in Parliament refusing to allow a General Election was taken as offensive.

If that's offensive to Mps, then we need more robust MPs in Parliament. Because if the word Turkey is offensive, God only knows what sort of vapours they'll display if they ever have to debate a subject of substance and offence, like child rape or murder.

This mock drama, the imitation offence has to stop. It adds nothing to the debate and is purely there to close down debate and speech.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

What Now for Parliament?

Yesterday's pantomime in Parliament shows what a farcical decision it was by the judges to de-prorogue it. The remainers got their way, but are they happy of the spectacle before us yesterday? Are they satisfied of the performance of their MPs?

I wouldn't be. I'm pretty bloody disgusted at the whole shower of them. Like cowardly Hyenas sniping at the lion, they brayed and booed, but Boris stood as firm as he could.

Those that went to the Supreme Court spent all that money for this? Are they really happy with the outcome? Surely MPs having been given the time back, should use it wisely and watchers should not have to endure the spectacle we witnessed yesterday.

Quite rightly Boris called them out on their cowardice: Call for a vote of no confidence, agree to an election and lets settle this once and for all....

Now that the turncoat MPs have nailed their colours to the mast it should be easier for the electorate to vote for their preferred option. No hiding behind party manifestoes and the nonsense of having a different opinion (I'm referring to Soubry, Grieve et al). When a party has such a slim majority, then it's incumbent on the members of that party to stand with it, not against it.

Now have a proper, reasoned debate in the run up to the European Council in October, or have an election. One or the other. I DO NOT want to see the sorry shower of cowards braying like Donkeys.

Have the fucking faith in your position and go to the people with it and test your position in an election or shut the fuck up!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

What options are Open to Boris Now?

After the catastrophic legal failure yesterday, Boris has really got to pull something out of the bag as the remainer walls close in on him.

He now has to abide by the Benn act, he cannot trigger a general election and get support, he cannot stop Parliament from sitting and tying his hands further.

He could use the executive powers introduced by Tony Blair, but he will risk another intervention from the Supreme Court as they have now established themselves as the ultimate arbiter of government policy.

I think the only avenue to the PM is to follow the instructions from Parliament: he WILL ask for an Extension and WILL accept any extension given, as ordered by Parliament. BUT he doesn't have to offer anything in return: I expect he will say there will be no further payments to the EU.
The EU may then refuse an extension, or allow gratis open-ended continual membership of the EU while negotiations take place.

It's then up to the EU to decide if the allow us free access to their markets and political machinery.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Back on my blog in September 2016, I posted this rather prescient blog in September of 2016.

I was talking of a Remainer Coup. Especially these paragraphs:

"Which is why we have to be wary against the stitch-up. If the political parties are aligning (or being aligned against their will) to weaken or even reverse Brexit, us, the public need to be on point, on guard and watching what happens over the next few months.

Sadly it seems that the way things are aligning, the Tories will deliberately botch things, UKIP will be weakened and unable to mount a controlling influence and the only true opposition will be a bunch of rabid socialists that no-one will ever consider voting for, thereby eliminating that threat to the destruction of the Brexit ideal."

We were back then, in the phoney war, just after the decision to Exit the EU and the media were going full swing into promoting every remainer march, tweet or meeting.

In it I said to be wary of the coup the establishment , the people of the elite that have the ear of government were plotting.

I never thought it would be this messy or take this long, but finally the elite I think, have got their way.

The judgement by the Supreme Court lays before us the mechanism of tyranny: the judges are supreme. and therefore sovereign. And there's us thinking it was us the people, or the democratically elected government, or even maybe Parliament as a whole that was sovereign. It could have even been the Queen herself. But no, it is 11 unelected judges that have sat in judgement on a democratically elected government. Judges sitting at the behest of millionaires and billionaires that have decided what government is and isn't able to do on our behalf.

Above Government, above Parliament, above even the Queen, the Supreme Court has established itself. It has established itself as the arbiter of government policy. It can second guess what any particular government was thinking when it made a judgement and enacted policy and if necessary quash that policy. It can now cancel any government policy the rich requires cancelling.

The judges have allowed the rich to overthrow the poor.

Just as climate change allows the transfer of money from the poor in energy tariffs to the rich who are trading in Carbon Credits on the Stock exchange.

Just as the Gordon Brown Government bailed out the richest in the country: the bankers. To the tune of Billions of pounds they propped up the banks owned by the rich.

Make no mistake, this the rich saying "stuff you" to the poor. There will be no Brexit worthy of the name. Parliament will keep this Zombie government in power just long enough to get their way and overturn the will of the people in 2016.

Hopefully the time will come where we are allowed our voice and we can elect a new government and Parliament. All I ask is you think very carefully who you vote for, who you think really has the interests of the people at heart, the person who truly has democracy as their priority.

As we did on the 23rd of June 2016, the ordinary people of the UK need to stand up and be counted.

We need to vote and vote as one voice. All 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU need to vote once again. When we vote we will remember who it was that killed our vote.

We will not stand for this.

If Democracy is Dead, do Voters have a Legitimate Recourse to Violence?

Okay, so today the Courts overruled a democratically elected government on a point of law that was previously assumed not to be justiciable.

The Supreme Court has now ruled that they are above a democratically elected Government, they are above even the Monarch and  can rule that a government's motives have to be considered when proroguing Parliament. They have also ruled that the Monarch's decision to Prorogue Parliament is unlawful, because the motive for the advice she was given was in their eyes unlawful.

By extension this could also be applied to legislation. For instance if a government brought forth legislation that someone with enough money disagreed with, they could if they had enough money and time, run the Government's policy decision through the courts, to the Supreme Court and overrule the government.

So, democracy itself ceases if a Democratically elected Government can be overruled by the Supreme Court. We now have the law.

Democracy is the thing that allowed the UK to change in a peaceful manner for 1200 years. Maybe we've only had truly representative one-person-one-vote democracy for less than 100 years, but we still had accountability even way back at the beginning.

The Supreme court has no such accountability. If it now has, by dint of the law it has passed, primacy over the Government and the Monarch, then by extraction they should be voted in to office and also out of office by the people to keep them accountable.

So, given that democracy as we understood it to be, is actually not available and democracy is de-legitimised, does that mean the means by which we settled arguments before (violence) now re-legitimised?

I don't know. These are interesting constitutional questions. The one thing that does come out of this is that there is a lot of constitutional change that needs to happen so that this does not happen again.

Personally I think the Supreme court have overstepped their remit by overruling the Government and the Monarch.

In effect the Supreme Court have now given themselves the power to scrutinise and overrule any piece of legislation that goes before the Queen, irrespective of whether it is arrived at by a democratically elected Government. They have the power to rule on it's legitimacy, rather than the legitimacy being given to the rule of government by democratic mandate.

There is much do to repair the injustices of the past 3 years.

Firstly either the FTPA needs to be heavily modified or abolished. MPs moving from Government to opposition or vice versa should automatically trigger a by-election.

If a government loses a working majority in Parliament it should automatically trigger a general election. No zombie governments should ever be held in place by opposition MPs.

The Supreme Court should also be abolished and the Law Lords reinstated so they have the ability to scrutinise legislation as it is being made. No legislating after the fact.

There is so much more to be thrashed out...

Monday, 23 September 2019

The Insanity of the Authoritarian Left (One of God only knows how many examples)

Apparently they want to create the crime of "Ecocide" and ban eating meat, like they banned smoking.

The report is here

Don't think it's pie in the sky, these people really do think that it's a crime to be eating meat. They're authoritarian enough to ban it, just like they taxed sugar. You dirty little meat eaters, how dare you oppress farm animals and have them murdered.


I've invented a new term for this at least. It's enforced Vegancy.