Friday, 15 June 2018

Muslim Child Grooming: A fightback?

In the past couple of weeks, just in Portsmouth we have had a couple of reports which hopefully shows that the Police are finally shining a light on the issue of Muslim child sex grooming gangs.

In the report here It's reported that up to 30 victims are at risk in Portsmouth. I'd hazard a guess it could be substantially more.

In this report, the local council have imposed perfectly reasonable restrictions on a Kebab shop that no unaccompanied minors shoudl be present in the shop. I'm not sure how ordering them to train staff in preventing sexual exploitation would go down, it's against their religion. Literally. The Koran mentions the taking of non-Muslim sex slaves.

One thing I do know is this sort of thing is happening in every town and every city. This is not the random acts of a few miscreants, this is a cultural thing. Sure some non-Muslims may get dragged into the gangs, but the gangs are predoninantly Muslim, plus you don't hear of Christian or Jewish child sex grooming gangs in every town and city of the country. But then I don't remember the Torah or the Bible ever mentioning that taking women of a different religion as sex slaves is acceptable.

The judicial system may put d-notices and injunctions in place to hide these cases, but the cat is now out of the bag. In part thanks to Tommy Robinson who highlighted it a decade or so ago, well before the media got on board and forced the Police and local authorities into action. His reward? Yet another prison sentence for highlighting yet another grooming gang court case.

At least now the Police cannot turn a blind eye. The information is out in the public domain and in Portsmouth at least, I'm thankful the the Police are aware of the issue and local authorities are imposing restrictions where necessary.

It's long overdue, but finally public awareness is starting to  make a difference.