Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Terrorist Blind Spot Blights Belgium and France

In the aftermath of the terrorist bombings in Brussels, David Cameron has slated Nigel Farage for saying that the attacks are not linked to immigration.

Reeeallly..... I think Mr Cameron stretches credulity somewhat. It's like he has a blind spot to the realities of what is actually happening on the ground around the EU and it's borders.

As I've said before, Europe and Schengen and the whole idea of free movement would be absolutely fine, if the external borders to the area weren't so porous. The fact is that the sheer numbers of people travelling across Europe's external borders has overwhelmed those countries that lie on the fringes of Europe.

The razor wire fences have gone up all too late and are all too easily bypassed as the refugees, asylum seekers and terrorists just walk to the next country along and walk through the border there.

With free movement within Schengen, one would have visions of razor wire, dogs, guard towers, machine gun nests and the rest protecting the external borders. You know, so we can control who is walking across the border and therefore able to be inside that border.

Instead the terrorists are able to move freely and unchecked between the terrorist camps in the Middle East and the city centres of Europe, taking advantage of the massive influx overwhelming the poorer countries on the fringe of Europe.

The interesting thing is why Brussels, why Paris? Could it be they are easier targets than Germany, or is it payback for interventions in Syria and Lybia? Who knows. It could just be they are easier and softer targets than the rest of Europe.

Getting back to the original point, David Cameron is wrong, very wrong. Free movement of people between countries is a fundamental part of the EU project that they will not give up easily, even though the application is very flawed. Just like most things the EU sets up, the theory is fine, but when it comes to application the reality is pretty poor. Just like the Euro project that went ahead against all common sense, agricultural policy that used to create mountains of unused subsidised food, EU immigration and border policy is a shambles that we need to extricate ourselves from.

The only reason there haven't been more atrocities in the UK is that we have good intelligence links to the U.S. and the fact it's harder to cross our border without significant checks.

Until the EU protects it external in a robust manner, then it leaves itself open to attacks of this nature.

Although its not a big leap for a terrorist group to sail a boat over from France, Belgium or Holland, up the Thames and then carry out an RPG attack on the terrace of the House of Commons, or drop of a group of Jihadis with weapons not dissimilar to the Mumbai attacks.