Friday, 28 October 2016

Post-Brexit Realignments and Realism.

It's been a while since I posted.

It seems the BBC and other Left-leaning media can't shake themselves from their propagandist view of Brexit. In their mind the outbreak of true democracy is anathema and must be pilloried and put down at every turn.

Every dip, depression and disaster is sub titled "Due to Brexit", whereas every positive, progressive lift is prefixed "despite Brexit"  and tailed with a negative future outlook.

The clearance of the Calais migrant camp is seen as another disaster, rather than the truth that it is long overdue and it's about time the French authorities took on the obligations of the EU and started to process the migrants, rather than give them a springboard to the UK where they cease to be France's problem.

Brexit has forced upon the French and the wider EU the reality that the UK will not tolerate ignorance of the rules of the club. As the EU elite said to us during the referendum debate, you are either all in, or you are all out. The migrants should have been processed by any one of the half dozen EU countries they crossed. The fact that migrants were allowed to stay in Calais almost permanently, until they found safe passage to the UK makes a mockery of that statement. France was able to ignore those rules to suit their own ends.

Now the UK public has forced our politicians to do what they should have done decades ago and forced the extraction of the second largest net contributor to the EU, the shock has been real and the French have had to act to mollify the situation. Lest we use the Calais camp and the millions we've spend strengthening France's border as a bargaining chip.

Today Nissan announced major investment into the UK (yet again, "despite Brexit") and now the BBC and their lefty chums smell conspiracy and demand the government produce the details of any deal that was done with Nissan to keep jobs in Sunderland. Now let's ignore the hypocrisy of the left for a moment decrying something they were crying out for the government to do months ago with the steel industry , i.e. intervene to save a large UK employer (it seems it only suits the left to start squealing when they want us to waste taxpayer's money propping up unprofitable businesses: clearly profitable ones can go fuck themselves).

I'll tell you what deal I think the UK government made. They made the deal that any tariffs applied by the EU to any vehicles imported from the UK, will be directly applied in equal measure to vehicles exported from the EU to the UK. The EU have a lot more to lose then us. We have Rolls Royce, Bentley, Morgan, Lotus, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, JCB amongst others. The EU have Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, VW, Seat, Dacia, Ferrari, Lamborghini and a lot more. They have a higher number of high volume manufacturers than we have. Any tariffs applied (quite rightly) in reciprocal fashion will damage them more than it damages us.

All we have to do to state our case for trading terms with the EU is to simply state that we would apply ANY tariffs the EU wish to impose on ANY goods shipped from the UK will be equally applied to goods coming in the opposite direction.

WTO rules my ass, tariffs will shrink to zero immediately. Think the EU governments would blindly follow the EU commission into committing political suicide? Because if the EU commission tried to make an example of us and applied punitive tariffs on cars made here, we'd just apply the same tariff and then ask VW to ship us cars made in Brazil at lower tariffs, or BMWs from America, Mercedes made in the U.S. too.

The big global companies wouldn't suffer, only the workers in the EU would. And those workers would quite rightly reward the governments that lost them their jobs, with a P45 of their own.

I work for a firm that supplies car parts around the world. Right now, thanks to the drop in the Pound, our exports are booming. Within weeks foreign buyers have cottoned on to the fact that our parts are cheaper than parts in the Euro zone and foreign sales are through the roof. One customer is actually bringing his car over from France to have work done on it. Taking jobs from EU workers we are. Terrible aren't we?