Saturday, 7 September 2019

More Paralysis in Parliament.

Ok, it's quite clear as has been shown over the past 3 years that a majority on MPs in Parliament don't want Brexit.

So now they have voted to take no-deal off the table and commanded the Prime Minister to ask the EU for an extension and to accept any length of extension the EU decrees.

This is not Democracy. The people voted to leave and parliament are voting against their wishes.

Normally, the way to resolve a deadlock between the Majority of MPs and the Government of the day is a vote of no confidence. If the Government loses then normally an election is triggered.

But not in this case.

The wreckers in Parliament voting against Brexit know they will lose their seats in an election. Thanks to the fixed term parliament act, enacted by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the government have to ask Parliament to agree to an election. Of course the self-serving MPs won't trigger a process that will end up with them losing their jobs.

So there is stalemate.

Does the Prime minister go cap in hand to the EU as directed? Or does he sit on his hands? Does he face MPs with defiance and say "I won't do it and if you want me gone, vote me out = I dare you!"

Or will some situation, some crisis arise that will postpone Parliament and enable Brexit by default? Will Boris Johnson's plane or car fail to start? Will he catch a cold and pull a sickie?

Time will tell.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The Madness continues.... Parliament at Stalemate Again.

Today Parliament is in stalemate. The government lost the vote to take no-deal off the table. As a result of losing that vote and the loss of a number of MPs due to them having the whip withdrawn, the government now wants to trigger a general election to settle the deadlock.

But labour will not agree and are going to vote against having a general election... the election they have been dreaming of since Theresa May's disastrous election. It's amazing how spineless the labour leadership is at the moment. No conviction at all. Give them the opportunity they want and they run away from it. That's no leadership at all.

So we are at stalemate. There is deadlock. The government cannot proceed without a majority and the MPs are refusing to accept a general election.

So all Boris Johnson has to do is keep returning and asking for a general election and the MPs can keep saying no... until the 1st of November, then we are out of the EU with no deal.

Works for me...

The ball is in your court Jeremy Corbyn....

I do like Boris' tactics. The focus is entirely on those MPs who are trying to hamstring the Government. The public know who exactly is to blame for the lack of progress on Brexit. Given an election, the people know who exactly who not to vote for...

In other news, a court in Scotland has confirmed the Proroguing of Parliament for the Queen's speech is entirely legal. Entirely predictable.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Jeremy Corbyn: Leader of the Revolution - Against the People.

How ironic that someone who has deluded himself into believing he is the champion of the oppressed is actually now leading a revolution against the people and siding with the corporate oppressors.

Instead of following people power and abiding by the decision of 17.4 million ordinary people, he is leading the charge to thwart the result of the people's vote.

We are in such topsy-turvy times when a marxist is actively siding with the globalist corporations, supporting the elites who deny the will of the people, exploit the people and oppress them.

The world is fucked up beyond recognition.

Roll on the election and an opportunity to clear the lot of them out.

Why the hell any sane worker would vote for the Labour party eludes me. Vote Brexit party instead.

Labour are so frit of the Brexit party, they try an label the BP with the moniker "fake Tories". Tough shit guys, the people see right through that.

Monday, 2 September 2019

January 1st 2020

If whatever Brexit shenanigans over the next month extent the Brexit deadline past the first of January, then there will be trouble.

2020 is the time that the secondary parts of the Lisbon treaty kick in, with lots more powers for the EU and  basically after that all nations are locked in, without the ability to exit unilaterally. Which is what the backstop of the withdrawal agreement was only ratifying. No unilateral withdrawal, no article 50. Instead nations will only be able to exit with the acceptance of the majority of nations.

Now I'm not one to spout conspiracies, but I do wonder if the pantomime in Parliament is a smokescreen to get us past that dealing and allow the trap to springs shut. Then our membership of the EU is assured in perpetuity, with no exit possible.