Wednesday, 21 October 2009

BNP on Question Time

It looks like the BBC are standing up to the government and allowing the BNP onto question time.

Despite Peter Hain squealing like a stuck pig.

The BBC can't deny the BNP a place on the programme, as other small parties such as UKIP and the Greens have been represented on question time on numerous occasions.

It will be interesting on what questions the BBC select for the panel to answer. I've a feeling that the audience will be overly represented by Labour activists, as a way of controlling the situation.

But it'll be an interesting programme thats for sure.


  1. I've never been aware of any degree of control by Labour activists. I remember them reducing the USA ambassador to near tears after the twin tower atrocity, by continually blaming the USA for it happening.

  2. I've noticed that there's been a tendency to flood the question time audiance with pro-Labour supporters on occasions where its been needed to provide a positive spin.
    At the time of the Iraq war, the Hutton Enquiry and others its been pretty obvious the audience was pro-Labour when the majority of the country was anti.
    It will be interesting if LAbour take this opportunity to have a go at the BNP tonight.