Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Nuclear Fallout, Brown Style

So, once I'd girded my loins to actually listen to what Cuntmeister Brown had to say yesterday, I must say I was impressed.

Impressed that someone in such a high office could fuck up so many things so monumentally in one single speech. Not only that, but the fallout is continuing to rain down and cause mayhem.

On top of the shitheap, we have Brown's "Gulags for Slags" policy, ripped straight from the BNP.
Then today, you get Ed Balls saying how Teachers may be proscribed from BNP membership. So, on the one hand they're lifting BNP policies wholesale, but on the other hand making it illegal for more people to be a BNP member. So what they're really doing is making Labour look more palletable to BNP members and at the same time forcing them using the law towards Labour membership. How fucked up is that?

Peter Hain must be chewing his lip, after all he's the one who catagorically stated he would never share a platform with the BNP. I just wonder how he feels being a member of a party that has lifted a BNP policy wholesale? After all, being aligned with a racist party is just as bad as being in the party isn't it? Isn't that what Labour were saying only weeks ago when Conservative MEPs became members of the ECR grouping in the European Parliament?

Brown's speech was of course overshadowed by the Sun announcing it was backing anyone but the Labour Party. Quite who it's backing is unclear. After all, David Cameron doesn't seem to the the sort of gritty leader needed to stand up to the public sector and the Unions and push through much-needed efficiencies.

A sop to those demanding efficiencies was the lack of compulsion to own ID cards. If they're not compulsory and are not really needed, then why the fuck don't we just abandon the fucking hated things? Why the fuck did we spend money on the fucking things in the first place? While we're on the subject of fucking useless projects, lets get shut of all the mega database projects, that anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows are doomed to hugely expensive failure. Trident, yes lets look at Trident. Thanks to a decade of fucking stupid policies, we can't now afford the ultimate deterrent against foreign attack. Fucking brilliant.

Another breadcrumb thrown our way was the introduction of AV, to make things fairer and hopefully get more people voting. Well whoopdey-do, too fucking late! Labour have had a huge majority in Parliament thanks to our shitty first-past-the-post system and they've done ten tenths of fuck all with it, other than whittle away our freedoms and grow the state into a huge parasitic monster, demanding more in benefit payments than is raised in income tax.

As for House of Lords reform, who fucking believes they'll do anything other than get a load of Labour-backing toadies in? They've been muttering reform for over a decade and apart from tinkering at the edges and inserting placemen, they've done fuck all. So I think its safe to say "so fucking what?" in reply to grim Gordo.

And you know what really, really sticks in my fucking craw? The fact that all of this is supposed to happen AFTER THE FUCKING ELECTION! Yeah fuck you Brown you Cunt. As if I'm going to fall for the old "don't worry it's in the manifesto" trick. Because YOUR PARTY went to court and proved manifestos and election pledges weren't binding, so Fuck you you lying fucking toad.

I have never, never in my life seen such a pathetic fucking sight as the Labour party conference this week. The same old fucking nonsensical polices were churned out, from the usual fucking lunatic suspects. The same old rhetoric and the same old fucking spin, rather than deal with the grim reality. There was nothing of positive note, nothing uplifting. They have not a clue as to how to save the situation. They have a broken Captain behind the wheel and no one has the balls to prise his hands off it.

They really are rearranging the deckchairs as the whole fucking Titanical shambles slips beneath the waves.


  1. Glad you got that off your chest? I'm sure you'll sleep better now.

    Actually Del you've written what many think including me. The man is dangerous though, just how much more legislation will be pushed through before they're consigned to the dustbin I don't know.

  2. You've noticed I'm kind of angry this week eh?

    It's just I see them at thier conference, without a clue and without a hope, desperately doing anything to cling onto power for another 6 months.

    What is the point? Why not just face facts and go now with dignity? But no, they've got to string it out and collect more expenses.

    I think he's more dangerous than many think. I think he's quite capable of manufacturing a situation where the civil contingencies act is enabled and the election is postponed.

    I really think he's delusional enough to think that doing so would be in the best interests of the country.