Friday, 17 April 2009

Home Secretary Jaqui Smith is a Cunt.

Well, I wanted to say a bit more eloquently, Jaqui Smith's position as home secretary is untenable, but then I read Old Holborne's blog here. He has a point.

Jaqui Smith has so far survived the most dramatically damaging revelations of any Home Secretary I've seen in my life. Whether it's snouting at the trough, or implementing oppressive laws, or sticking up for Chief Constables that lost the plot, or allowing ACPO to become the de-facto head of the Police force, or bullying opposition MPs with prison sentences because they release embarrasing information (that doesn't affect national security), she has shown as Home Secretary that neither her nor the Home Office are fit for purpose.

Jaqui Smith's position is untenable. She has to go as she no longer has the respect of the population. Old Holborn thinks she's a cunt, I think she's a cunt and so do several other people. Just how strong does the language have to get before she either does the decent thing and resigns, or gets sacked? She really is a complete and utter useless cunt.


Ian Dale has a post here that Shami Chakrabarti was targetted by the team investigating Damien Green. It tends to show a culture in place at the Police that could only be influenced by political interference, ostensibly from the home office.

Jaqui Smith is fucked. The stories just keep coming. I'll be suprised if she lasts the week.

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  1. Well said.

    A reworking on an old joke.

    Some bloke talking to Jacqui Smith an he says:

    “You know, the day I met you, I thought you were a cunt. And every time we’ve met since I thought you were a cunt. And it can’t just be me, because everyone who’s ever met you thinks you are a cunt, and probably everyone who will ever meet you will think you’re a cunt. In fact, you’ve got to be the second-biggest cunt in the world.”

    Jacqui thinks about this for a while.
    “So... the day you met me you thought I was a cunt?”
    “And every day since you’ve thought I was a . . .”
    “And everyone I’ve ever met thinks I’m a . . .”
    “You got it.”
    “And everyone I will ever meet will think I’m a . . .”
    “So how comes”, she says, triumphantly, “I’m only the second biggest cunt in the world?”

    The first guy looks at her with total contempt "Because you’re a cunt”, he says.


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