Friday, 11 January 2019

Owen Jones: A Litmus Paper for Labour.

I was watching the "This Week" programme last night, right up until Owen Jones had his spot on the programme. Calling working class people that don't follow his Marxist view of the World bigots, racists and right-wing terrorists was enough for me to switch the bloody thing off lest I put a boot through the screen.

Watching Owen Jones spout his nonsense is akin to hearing nails down a blackboard. It's cringy, it's also bollocks.

Sadly, because he has such an effect on me and because I turned the telly off, I missed his spat with Andrew Neil. I think he forgot it wasn't the Owen Jones show, but a political debate programme. You know, a debate is where two parties give opposing viewpoints and leave it up to the viewer to make their minds up.

What a debate isn't is where Owen Jones shouts over the top of the presenter and makes ranty accusations and looks like an immature, privileged, entitled, self-important Marxist twat.

Not that he can help looking like an immature, privileged, entitled, self-important Marxist twat because every time I observe him, that's what he comes over as.

Here's his rant:

On the Guido Fawkes comments section about this I put:

"Owen Jones misses the Point. Again. And Again. And Again. I've come to the view this is not idiocy on his part, but very deliberate.
He calls the working class (the very people his party were created to champion) as thugs and racists and far-right terrorists because they don't share his Marxist-skewed view of the world.
When they get fed up with trolls like him pushing a middle-class champagne socialist pro-everything-but-working-class agenda and start to take him to task, he's suddenly being harassed.
His numerous slurs against the working class shows he's incapable of understanding the true situation and the disenfranchisement of the very people he's supposed to support and the reasons for the rise of bad feeling against class traitors like him.
Owen Jones' viewpoint is I suspect that all "true" working class people are radical Marxists and shouldn't aspire to anything else that working in increasingly non-existent factories and should never aspire to better themselves lest they fall into the clutches of the capitalist Conservatives"

I have a problem with Owen Jones and the people associated with the labour party like him. They despise the true working class, those of us that don't sit in Mancunian hovels and read Marx and Engels and dream of revolution, or live in Liverpool and quote class struggle and talk in terms of oppressed and oppressors, or live in West London and belong to the Labour party because it's trendy, whilst swigging champagne and living in million pound houses.

I have a problem with Union bosses that take money from the working class and set themselves up in London penthouses paid for from Union coffers and pay themselves six figure salaries and dine in the same expensive restaurants as the supposed bourgeoisie.

I have a problem with Labour councils that take advantage of voters who can't vote for anyone other than Labour, that take their position in power for granted and spunk money on irrelevant and unnecessary projects.

I have a problem with a Labour party that champions anything but the working class.

I have a problem with a Labour party that thinks redistribution of wealth is to take money off me in higher tax and redistribute it to people that do not deserve it.

This is the problem I have with the Labour party and their acolytes, who are supposed to look after my interests as a working class person.

Blue-collar White van man with his Saint George flag is a subject of derision by Emily Thornberry, another supposed champion of the working class that in reality absolutely abhors them.

Gillian Duffy, a Labour supporter taking Gordon Brown to task about immigration is a "Bigoted Woman".

Instead Owen Jones and his ilk sit in their privileged positions and promote anything but the working class. They then get upset when the working class take them to task about it. Suddenly the working class are bigots, racists, fascists, alt-right terrorists. Anything but fed-up, pissed-off working class taking them to task about their world view. How DARE the working class take them to task, the ungrateful wretches?

Here's Owen Jones' report on This Week in full:

The Right are violent terrorists and the Left like Antifa aren't?

What a monumental bell-end.

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