Monday, 4 November 2019

Election 2019: Pro-Brexit Options not so clear.

Gina Miller, the woman that loves so much to use money to influence our politics, has set up a website so that remainers can strengthen their vote by tactically voting.

Really, that in essence means voting for the Lib-Dems as they are the only party with a clear policy to revoke article 50 and keep us in the EU.

Labour are so unclear on any subject, you can have two senior shadow cabinet ministers on two separate channels giving two separate policy statements. I've heard about having your cake and eat it, or being everything to everybody, but Labour are just so bloody ridiculous on anything.

So, the remain option is clear: ditch Labour and vote Lib-Dem. At least for this election. And many traditionally Labour voters usually don't have a problem handing their vote to the lib-dems because they're not the Tories. And at the moment those sort of voters will not vote for a Corbyn/Momentum-led Labour party anyway.

The Pro-Brexit option for voting is not so clear.

In Labour heartlands, I would assume that the clear winner in the pro-Brexit stakes will be The Brexit Party. Most people will vote for them as it's still not voting for the Tories. BUT the Brexit Party need to put up some credible working-class candidates. Anyone that looks and talks like a Tory will get slated and at best people will just abstain from voting. If they put up someone who has lived a working class life and talks from the same life experiences will attract votes.

In Tory-held areas, the issue becomes very unclear. A vote for The Brexit Party weakens the Tory vote, which in theory could allow a Lib-Dem victory in marginal TBP/Tory seats.

One thing is clear: the 17.4 million voters who cast their vote for Brexit back in 2016 need to get themselves on the voting register and VOTE!

The pro-Brexit candidates, whether TBP or Tory need an overwhelming majority of voters supporting them to get the pro-Brexit parties into Parliament and get Brexit done.

The thing not to do is bitch and moan and say you're not going to vote again because your referendum vote hasn't been taken seriously.

All I'd say to that mentality is: You have to hit a nail more than once to drive it home.

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