Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Rise of the Working Class

Much has been said about the direction that UKIP is taking in relation to Islam. There is quite a vociferous minority if UKIP members that baulk at the direction Gerard batten is taking the party.

All I can say about it that I welcome the debate, an honest debate about the inability of Islam to integrate within Western society.

So many of those that baulk at the debate have not yet had to contend with iniquities of Islam. They have not seen their areas turned into Muslim enclaves, such that in that area Muslims become the majority. They have not had top put up with it because they can't afford to move. They haven't been able to see Muslim influence increase disproportionately to their minority status, locking the majority out of the political process.

This is why it's so hard to convince the moderate majority of the issues around Islam: they have yet to see it for themselves. The working class are there are the forefront. They are not bigots, or racists. They like I, welcome people into the country who integrate to our culture and value our culture and freedoms. What we don't like are people that set up a community apart from the rest, with their own laws. We have perfectly good and equitable laws here in the UK, there is no need to set yourself apart.

I'm fully behind this new direction for UKIP and welcome the debate that it throws up. Just like the debate around the EU started an open debate and scrutiny of it. Islam needs the same.

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