Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gordon No-Mates

Seems the Sainted Obama didn't want the curse of Gordo to afflict him.

Even when Gordon's flunkies said pretty please.....

Then they go and try and big things up:

"A spokesman said the men had had a "wide-ranging discussion following last night's climate change dinner".

It has emerged this was a few minutes of conversation in a kitchen at the United Nations."

HaHaHaHa, just the tonic I need to start the day.


Nick Robinson has the story as well on his blog, but tries to redeem things in the last paragraph: "It is thought likely that in response to these headlines, the White House will now move publicly to reassure the British about the continuing strength of the special relationship."

Don't hold your breath. Britain has shown what an unreliable ally it is in Iraq and now Afghanistan. We no longer compete as equals on the world stage where it counts: in means. Words count for very little when you have no resources to back them up with. The old saying "Talk softly and carry a big stick" has been turned on its head by Labour. Instead they insist on "Shouting loudly whilst offering empty promises". Thats why the so called "special relationship" is no more than an illusion in the eyes of the media these days.

To be serious for a minute, this story is an indication of how Britain is being sidelined by the other major powers of the world. Over a decade of Labour rule has bankrupted us and left us impotent on the world stage. We have been shuffled off to the wings to joint the ranks of bit players.

What Labour have done to this country is nothing short of criminal.


I see Shaun Woodward gives the PM a backhanded compliment here

So the PM has talked to President Obama more than 5 times and less than 10. Someone should tell him that shouting "I love you! You're my idol! Please be my friend!" across a room isn't a conversation....

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