Thursday, 19 September 2019

A Chap on tonight's Question Time asked why do so many young people commit suicide....

The reasons are extremely complicated, but a major factor is stress.

Kids from the age of 13 and 14 are put under immense pressure to perform in schools at GCSE level. The academic path of the national curriculum doesn't suit everyone, but the system pushes all kids to perform and anything less than straight A grades is classed as a failure.

Once the pressure of GCSEs is over, then the pressure continues through A-levels and the pressure to get good grades and get into a good university. A proportion of those kids could be better suited to a vocational route, but academia makes such a route as an admission of failure.

After A-levels are done, there is the pressure to get into a good University. Avoiding the stigma of clearing means good grades. Those without goo grades go through clearing with no real support. They have a period of stress and uncertainty and once cleared to university, they have literally zero time to get a decent residence.

Then comes 3 years at university, where still not having left schooling, they are put under another massive burden: financial debt. £9000 a year type debt. For the lucky ones they can get part-time jobs that at least pay the rent and maybe pays for food too.

After 3 years, they emerge from education after almost a decade of stress and burdened with over £20000 of debt. That prospect in itself would drive sane people to suicide.

But then educated and debt-ridden, they emerge into real life. There they find that all the stress, the promises of nirvana and a decent job over the past decade are nothing but empty vessels. After almost a decade of stressing and pressure to perform, they most likely get low-paid jobs in retail. Hardly the fantasy they were sold whilst staying up and cramming for exams. Was it really worth it?

Add to that decade, social media and the pressure to be seen to be living life to the full. Most likely the reality is a sad isolated life away from friends and family while at Uni,

More depression is inflicted as the realisation that they will never own their own home, never have the standard of living their parents had, never have the lifestyle of the dimwits on TOWIE, or never make an easy living like bloggers and vloggers.

Is it no wonder that life seems pointless to quite a number of young adults.

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