Friday, 15 February 2019

Out and Stay Out...

So, it appears that a teenage girl who went out to Syria to join ISIS wants to come back to the UK to have a child.

Under no circumstances should she be allowed back into the country without first feeling the full force of the law.

Of course the do-gooders want to welcome her back with open arms, a house, benefits and the whole shebang. No consequences whatsoever.

She has aligned herself with an organisation that has claimed responsibility for killing people in this country. She has effectively aligned herself with enemies of the UK.

She can come back by all means, but she gets arrested at whichever port or airport she arrives, in, remains remanded in custody until such time as her court case can be heard. Then I would hope she is prosecuted for membership of a proscribed organisation and spends time in jail.

It's interesting to note that a guy that went out to fight against ISIS was arrested on his return to the country and is currently in jail in the UK.

So no double standards there at all. She gets banged up, job done.

It's also interesting to note that Muslims are saying she's only a kid, she didn't know what she was doing. Which from a Muslim point of view is total bollocks. According to Sharia law, at 15 that girl was an adult, old enough to marry an ISIS fighter and have his children.

Any woman that has reached menstruation is an adult under Sharia law. It's the same argument that Muslim rapists use to try and prove that the children they were raping were consenting adults and justify their actions.

In a Muslim country, she's an adult. End of. She should deal with the consequences of her actions.

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