Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Obamas killing of Osama

Well, the 21st century's biggest bogeyman is dead. Already conspiracy theorists are hard at work in the net and in the media, picking holes in the accounts and evidence presented today.

The question not being asked by the media and not being asked by much of the online community is why now? With all the money and resources available to the west, why has it taken 10 years to pin him down and take him out. Surely we should have found him earlier? Is seems that the whereabouts of Osama has been known for a few months and everything in politics has meaning. So why now? What's the significance?

Has Bin Laden outlived his usefulness as a bogeyman?

Who or what will be the next bogeymen we will be presented with? Is the resurgence of Russia set to repeat old emnities, or is the unstoppable rise of China set to create a new target for western animosity?

Is there a need for a bogeyman to scare us with any more, has the military/industrial complex now got the public so tightly controlled there's no need for one?

As always with great news events, there is more to this than meets the eye.

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