Thursday, 14 October 2010

Well Done Chile

A hearty congratulations to everyone involved in the rescue of the 33 miners at the San Jose mine.

Its been a marvellous example of engineering and team spirit.

I've also been impressed by the sense of community in Chile, the shouts of "Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le" in Chile demonstrating their national pride, unity and support.

I'm not sure we'd see the same over here. We have very little in the engineering sector to shout about any more, I doubt if we could attempt the same rescue without someone doing several risk assessments, making sure the capsule was several times more complex than necesary, making the hole to be drilled larger, taking more time and money and eventually ending up with the bean counters who would probably say it was more cost-effective to pay compensation to relatives rather than rescue the trapped miners. Not to mention shouting En-Ga-Land over here marks you as a racist thug rather than someone exhibiting pride in their country.

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