Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The ever silent majority

I do wonder what it takes these days to get the public incensed enough to take action.

New Labour came to power, destroyed centuries-old liberties, fragmented the United Kingdom, pandered to the EU's every whim, pissed taxpayer's cash away like never before, fucked up the education system with endless tweaking, politicised the Police, allowed unfettered immigration,  kept millions on long-term benefits, condemned a huge swathe of the country to poverty, jerrymandered votes by pumping vast sums of money into primarily Labour-voting areas, corrupted Parliament with cash for peerages and an unfettered gravy train of expenses and allowances, taxed our pensions condeming us to a lifetime of work or death before retirement, ruined public services by installing targets and therefore neccessitating huge numbers of administrators to administrate adherence to and measurement of those targets, entered into illegal wars with unprepared and underfunded forces, reduced financial regulation causing in part a huge global banking failure and then spent billions propping up those same reckless banks, along with countless other assaults on the body public.

Throughout all that time, the majority of people were silent, safe in some slumber, mesmerised by a manipulated media, unwilling to act to end the worst government in the history of the country. Even when it was ended, it was by a such a small majority we ended up with a hung Parliament, ushering in a coalition government.

Now we have the Tories and Liberals in power together. So far we have witnessed not a controlled reduction in Labour's money-pissing contest, but instead a percentage-fixated, across-the-board reduction, apeing Labour's fixation with targets. There has been no deep budget cuts, but merely tinkering: window-dressing policy statements announcing cuts of little or no substance compared to the depth of those neded. We've seen no increase in financial control, no repentance from the banks and little in the way of sanctions against those that brought us close to the brink. Without proper oversight, we are looking at reductions in front-line services rather than reductions in unwanted administrators, councils targetting the vulnerable like those with learning disabilities reducing their support services rather than reduce the support to those who should be supporting themselves. We are paying in the most painful way for the vices of the ruling elite, the money-men, the people with power.

Again, the public refuse to act.

Instead, the unions are using this vaccum, this lack of will, this apathy in an attempt to gain political power again. Their voice and viewpoint is as false as the voice of politicians. It is not the voice of the people.

I really do wonder what it will take for the true voice of the people to be heard, just what assault against the body public will finally get this great mass of good people to rise up and make their will be known?

I have no idea, but the longer the silent majority stays silent, the deeper this country slides into the mire, the longer and more painful it will be to extract ourselves from it.

We, the people need to wake up soon.

We need a huge repeal of unfair laws, we need reinstatement of long-fought-for freedoms; we need those who took public money to prop up their institutions to pay us back with huge interest on top in order for them to learn the lesson never to do it again; we need those that took us to the brink to pay dearly for their criminal acts; we need more oversight and a controlled, targetted  reduction in the budget, reducing non-essential services, terminating pet projects and removing the armies of administrators; we need to act soon and in significant numbers before those who fear us most hijack our dissent and use it against us.

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