Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best Wishes for the New Year

I've just popped back to say Happy New Year to everyone that reads my blog.

I've been horrendously busy over the past couple of weeks, which accounts for the lack of blogging activity. Rest assured I'll start back up in the New Year. Despite my prognostications for a dire 2010, I still hope that you can make the best of whatever circumstances befall us next year.

Anyway, I'm off to provide Taxi service for the family and watch them and friends get er, a little tipsy over the next few hours.

All the best to everyone.

1 comment:

  1. May I wish you and yours good health and contentment for 2010 Del.

    Thankfully my taxi days are over and my other half is fast asleep on the settee, so it's an exciting time for me. I forgive him, he's a Londoner. )

    We postponed celebrations for tonight. Far too much ice about and it wasn't worth walking anywhere. Can you believe the council, when phoned, said they weren't back to work until 5 January and the roads were the responsibility of Bear (the Scottish main route folks).

    It's no longer a joke when my friend's husband, who is head of department for radiology at a local hospital, was told : You'll have to walk to the main road.

    Of course I fired off emails everywhere but what will that do. Council staff off for two weeks? You couldn't make it up.