Monday, 21 September 2009

This is the State of British Education Today

A dinner lady who told a girl's father she had been attacked during break time has been dismissed because she breached confidentiality.

Fuck me sideways, the idiots really are in charge aren't they? Its a typical reaction we've seen over and over again when incompetants run something: if someone blows the whistle, lets close ranks and dismiss them.

Obviously the right of the parent to know what happens to their child in school is secondary to the good name of the school. Well, hopefully the school and the fuckwits in charge will have their reputation dragged down into the gutter where it belongs.

There is no excuse for behaviour like this. Public services including schools must be transparent and honest with their service users.

I've seen with my own eyes how a school can go down the nick when a righteous numpty is in charge... my daughter was at such a school. She's now at a completely different school and doing miles better.

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