Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Bigotted Woman?? I think not Gordon.

What a day for Gordon. This exchange of views:

Which you'd think a fair and frank exchange about things that are of concern to a lot of people, ends up with Gordon Brown Expressing this view:

So a concerned pensioner, who (I think quite rightly) asks why she should be paying tax on a pension, who (when Gordon Brown tries to rebutt by mentioning pension credits) quite rightly cuts him off because she isn't eligible to receive them, then asks him directly how he's going to reduce the deficit and takes him to task about education and immigration is labelled by Gordon Brown a bigot.

Well, I must be a bigot too, because I have the same questions for Gordon Brown and a whole load more.

Quite rightly Mrs Duffy is dissapointed. She's quite level-headed and you really need to hear what she says.

Now this goes to the root, the nub of what is wrong in politics today and especially to Gordon Brown's psyche. Happy to tell us what we should and shouldn't be doing, happy to tell smokers to stand out in the rain, happy to tell us we don't deserve a referendum on the EU.

But very unhappy to receive criticism of any kind.

I originally come from near Rochdale. I used to know women like Mrs Duffy: they take no nonsense and no prisoners. They are very sharp when it comes to politics as well.

I know one especially well: my mother. Who asks exactly the same questions as Mrs Duffy. A pensioner who sees the idiocy of paying tax on a pension, who wonders for her grandchildren's future thanks to the national debt.


Gordon Brown has met and apologised to Mrs Duffy. Its unclear whether his apology is accepted. If it was me I wouldn't accept any apology. After all, Gordon Brown wouldn't have said it if he didn't mean it, he wouldn't have apologised if he hadn't been overheard and he absolutely won't change the contempt he has for even core Labour supporters.

Its obvious in his eyes we are sheep to be herded to the polls and massaged and cajolled to vote for him. To be discarded just as soon as those votes are cast.

In essence, Gordon Brown is untrustworthy.


STill no confirmation by Labour staffers as to whether Mrs Duffy has accepted his apology. That'll be a big fat NO then,

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