Friday, 10 April 2009

Ian Tomlinson

There has been much debate in the blogosphere about Ian Tomlinson, the newspaper seller killied during the G20 protests.

What seems aparrent is that the police and the Mainstream media are reporting the assault by a Police officer on Mr Tomlinson and his subsequent death as unrelated, or at best linked only tenuously. Basically their stance is he walked away and collapsed at least 5 minutes later, most reports showing a spot several yards down Cornhill as the sport where Mr Tomlinson collapsed.
Also, they state there is no other video like CCTV showing the assault.

However, is that a true statement, because I've reviewed the video here.

Towards the end of the BBC video, it shows Mr Tomlinson being worked on by the Police and paramedics, actually in Royal Exchange Passage.

Now comparing the video of the assult and the tail end of the BBC video, it shows Mr Tomlinson didn't move very far at all, in fact he was being worked on only yards from where he was assaulted.

It also shows there was at least one other video camera covering exchange passage on the day.

I assume the camera must have already been there as its clearly only minutes after Mr Tomlinson collapsed, so where is the footage from the camera? Did it show the assault on Mr Tomlinson from a different angle or was any footage taken prior to the assault?
I for one would be very interested to see what footage that camera took, because it has a birds-eye view of the whole scene.

Google Streetview shows the scene here:

View Larger Map

He is assaulted and lands on the floor in front of Montblanc, then is shown at the end of the video being worked on over by Louis Vuitton.

Not much of a walk away from the scene is it?


Looking at Streetview, the Office Angels entrance the BBC say he collapsed in is 100 yards away from where they are actually treating him on the video at the end of Exchange Passage.
If thats true, why would the Police and Ambulance drag him 100 yards back to the end of Exchange Passage before or during treating him? If the Police had bottles thrown at them as reported, why not dodge into Finch Lane?


I 've emailed the IPCC and they've replied, saying they will look into the video footage from the high-level camera.

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