Thursday, 3 December 2009

ClimateGate: Links

A couple of days ago you may have read my climategate ranting about how the Shell Oil company were promoting the carbon credit commidity trading market.

It now appears that there are links between the UEA's Climate Research Unit and Shell.

Now the front is peeled away, there seems to be a very intriguing and quite incestuous relationship all round the Man Made Global Warming community. Whether its getting dodgy science peer-reviewed by a sympathetic scientist, to locking out dissenting points of view from scientific fora and now to funding linked to oil companies who promote commodity markets. Those people duped by the whole scam, those misguided climate camp people that actually thought they were the anti-establishment, must now be wondering who they were protesting for. Were they really just duped into promoting a point of view led by the big commodity traders?

I'm sure there's a lot more to come from this, but the mass media must surely now start to pick up on this. This could be a really, really big story, with reverberations around the globe. Not for the effects of CO2, but for the scale of the scandalous manipulation that has been wrought across the scientific and environmental communities in country after country.

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