Saturday, 9 January 2010


Further on from my thoughts about Sharia law, I want to pose some hypothetical questions:

If you were a country heavily bankrolled (by that I mean a large percentage of your country's wealth is created or owned) by counties that are Islamic, want Sharia law and the Islamic faith implemented in your country and told you to implement it or else they'd pull the plug and wreck your economy; if you were the government and agreed to it, how would you go about implementing it?

Would you just tell the population that "The Muslims are taking over" then hand over the keys to power, or do you invent some false war where we reduce personal freedoms and rights to their level, then deliberately lose the war and let them take over after a supposedly lengthy battle when we don't have the freedom to fight back?

I'm just saying, thats all.


  1. Del some super posts today and lots of food for thought. This one in particular I've already thought about and your comments about 'artificial' food is another. I do my best to avoid such foods but as a tomato lover, it's difficult.

  2. This is one of the things that confuses me.

    We all know that Sharia law is being prectised in parallel or instead of our own UK law. So why aren't femeinist groups screaming at the government for allowing such discrimination against women?

    This really, is at the heart of the problem with the Left's pet multiculturalist project. It paralyses them bending over backwards to accomodate cultures that don't subscribe to their politically correct views.


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