Monday, 23 November 2009

Department for International Development

I urge people to have a look at the DfID website. Theres a huge public expenditure there we can cut straight away. It does nothing to directly benefit the people of the UK, which in these austere times is exactly what we should be concentrating on. I concede that Pakistan is a special case, given we need to keep them onside during the Afghan conflict. But some of the things the DfID are doing with OUR money.....

*Health Warning: Those of a nervous disposition or people with high blood pressure should do any more than a cursory access of the website. Detailed searching of the site may induce apoplexy. *


  1. A lot of people like yourself seem to think overseas aid is some form of charity. But its not, its more like a bribe. We want poorer countries to do things which are not their priority such as stopping the drugs trade, providing temporary bases for our military, tracking down criminals from our country or letting go our citizens who have fallen foul of local law enforcement. The list goes on and on.
    If you cut international aid you will quickly find that your diplomats are having many more conversations begining "We would very much like to help you with this matter but unfortunately we are a very poor country"

  2. I don't think its some form of charity. I know very well that its used to coerce countries. Thats why I mentioned Pakistan.

    However, I don't see giving money to Kenyan graduates to make widlife films as a useful use of our money, nor paying to improve road safety in Africa.

    Don't even get me started on the money pumped abroad supposedly for climate change related activities.

  3. Anthony

    Back that statement up with some facts, please.

    And a great deal of the DfID budget goes to quangos in the UK, and some trae unions. Lots of the budget doesn't leave the UK.

  4. I'll also wager a lot of the money never ends up where its supposed to, after being appropriated.

    Its high time we stopped handing out money unless there's a vested interest we need served. Hardly altruistic I know, but we can't afford anything else.

  5. Delphius old man you must try and feel the love. I did not say anything about coercing countries and only said it was more like a bribe. HMG does not bribe people.
    Have you not noticed that the companies purchasing department tends to get more in the way of gifts at christmas than other departments. This is not because all the nice people work in purchasing. It is because other peoples sales people are "relationship building"
    and nothing builds relationships like a nice bottle of 12 year old malt.
    So who are we trying to build relationships with on those two items. The first is the next generation of news/documentry professionals.
    Always worthwhile having UK friendly contacts there.
    The second is obviously the police. Useful in a number of areas I have already mentioned. And road safety is an ideal area as it courts less controversy than say prisoner questioning or riot control.
    As for just aiding countries when you have an immediate need for their help. Thats not practical you need to build relations over time and you want it not to look like bribery.


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